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Full Version: James Davies (LAB)
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James Davies

Name: James Davies
Age: 58 (Born October 9th 1932)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White Brit
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Jeremy Corbyn
Faction: Socialist Campaign Group
Discord: Comrade Nathon

University Degree in Spanish
Teaching Assistant (1963-68)
Spanish Teacher (High School Level) (1968-78)
Councillor in Islington (1978-87)

Parliamentary Career:
MP for Islington North (1987-)

James Davies was born on October 9th 1932 in Bebington, Wirral. James never knew his farther and his mother died when James was 6 months old when she died from skin cancer, so he moved to live with his Grandmother in Islington, London. James attended a local state primary school and secondary school before attending University Collage London, getting a degree in the Spanish Language.

After leaving University, James travelled around the world for a year, visiting many countries and seeing some grotesque levels of poverty. James during this time did a lot of charity work. It was mainly during this time that his political opinions and principals were shaped to fight for those less fortunate, seeing many great injustices across the world which he was appalled by.

When he returned he became a teaching assistant for his local primary school in Islington before teaching Spanish (in the high school he attended) from 1968 until 1978. In 1978 James also became a councillor in his borough of Islington. He served as a Labour councillor from 1978 until 1987 when he resigned to stand as Member of Parliament for Islington North.

In his Parliamentary career, James has been a backbencher who isn’t afraid to vote against the leadership of his party and has said ‘I think it’s important to always stand up for your principals in politics because a politician without principals  is a politician with no real purpose’.

James comes from the left wing of the Labour Party and is seen to be very pacifistic, with a strong anti-war position and support for nuclear disarmament.

James has campaigned against the apartheid and many things during his life, he has always been a passionate campaigner, fighting for his principals of a fairer society, country and world. James has consistently opposed racism and discrimination through his life.

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