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Name: Ruth Elizabeth Murphy
Age: April 19th 1933 - 57.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: Kathy Bates
Discord Username: TrashPotato

Education: Seafield Convent Catholic Girls' School (1939-1945). 
                  Apprentice Drycleaner (1945-1947). 
Career:       Drycleaning Assistant (1947-1962). 
                  Union Rep, USDAW (1960-1962). 
                  Organiser, USDAW (1962-1964).
                  Convenor, USDAW (1964-1970). 
                  Policy Officer, Fawcett Society (1970-1974). 

Party: Labour
Constituency: Liverpool West Derby
Faction: Tribune
Parliamentary Career: Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby (October 1974-Present). 
                                    Parliamentary Private Secretary to the SOS for Employment (1975-1976).
                                    Minister for the Arts (1976-1979). 
                                    Shadow Whip (1980-1985). 
                                    Shadow Secretary of State for Health (1985-1990).
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Issue champion on the issue of the Hillsborough Disaster.