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Name: Phoebe Lynch
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White (Northern) Irish
Sexuality: 100% Straight
Avatar: Enya
Discord Username: LegolasRedbard

Education: PGCE Education (Science) from Queen's University
Career: Flight attendant, teacher, hotelier

Party: Conservative and UNIONIST Party
Constituency: Tynemouth, first elected in 1987
Faction: Bow Groiup
Parliamentary Career: Fairly anonymous backbencher

Phoebe Sarah Lynch is a British politician, currently serving as the Conservative Party Member of Parliament for South Thanet.

Born on 14th January 1951 in Belfast, Lynch was the only child of Mary and Thomas Kerr, the former a maid originally from Glasgow and the latter a local businessman and latterly a DUP councillor. She attended a local grammar school, before graduating, and becoming an air hostess for Irish airline Aer Lingus. She would leave that job, going on to study Biology at Queen's University Belfast, before qualifying as a teacher in 1977, and spending 6 years teaching in Belfast and Londonderry, before moving with her new husband to Durham in 1983.

Her husband, Michael was the owner of a number of local businesses in County Durham and in the city of Newcastle,
including a hotel, which he appointed his wife manager of in 1981. These ties with the local community put her in the position to enter local politics, being elected to the Durham County Council in 1985, and the following year becoming leader of the Conservative group on the council, a position she held for a year until her election as MP. Lynch's ambition to become a politician was driven by her deep desire both to make a difference in the community that had welcomed her, and a desire to see the eradication of Republican terrorism in Northern Ireland. She attempted several times to be selected as an MP, trying first in South Thanet, where she and her husband own a hotel in Margate, and also in the safe seat of Hexham in Northumberland. Finally, she was successful off the back of her and her husband's influence in ousting Neville Trotter as the Conservative candidate for the marginal seat of Tynemouth, being elected in 1987, but in a worrying sign with a majority down from 22% to 4%. Since joining the Commons, she has spoken mostly on local issues, and is a member of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee.

Lynch is a devoted Christian, and was formerly a member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. She is on friendly terms with the Northern Irish unionist parties, the UUP and DUP, and describes Ian Paisley as a "great man." She worked on the by-election campaign of Enoch Powell in 1986, and considers herself to be quite hard-line on social issues, although is not a dyed-in-the-wool economic conservative. She is associated with the Orange Order, connections which have been slightly controversial amongst some of her constituents in the past and featured quite heavily in Labour's campaign against her. She has two children, and the family live in County Durham.