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Trash but everyone reads it so you should probably care.

by Kelvin Mackenzie

After a stunning 48 hours of turmoil from Westminster, the Sun Newspaper has been passed a dossier containing bank statements from a secret bank account of the former Conservative Health Secretary William Croft. These statements show that Croft has been making covert payments for the maintenance of a child - who does not share the same mother as his other children.

Indeed, this EXCLUSIVE story, only in today's edition of THE SUN - has seen some overwhelming evidence that Croft's cash payments have gone to the a love child from an extra marital affair!

We at The Sun think it is very poor form for serial rebel Croft to have mounted his pathetic challenge to the Prime Minister in a time of national crisis, but this only compounds it - the yet unconfirmed rumours of Will Croft being involved in the Tory Briefing Wars aside, the outrageous double standards shown by Croft are reason enough to make him unfit for high office - we applaud and commend the Prime Minister for sacking this LOVE RAT.