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Full Version: Sexual Offenses Act 1991
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Mr. Speaker, 

I rise today to present to the House the Sexual Offenses Act 1991. 

I believe this legislation to be quite simple and to the point, Mr. Speaker, so I am going to keep my opening remarks the same. This legislation has a very simple goal: to enshrine into law the values and beliefs we in British society hold about violence and criminal behavior. This is a Government that has promised the people to have zero tolerance for violent behavior, particularly when that behavior involves children and the most vulnerable members of our society. This legislation ensures we as a Government live up to that promise. Let me tell you how. 

This legislation further defines and codifies a series of behaviors of sexual violence, all of which are now deemed criminal activity and are punishable under the law. With this legislation the Government is increasing the maximum sentences on rape, sexual violence, and sexual violence against children. We are ensuring that victims of sexual assault have legal recourse in all instances of rape and sexual violence, and that the perpetrator will be held fully accountable under the law. Critically, we are ensuring that judges are empowered to hand down life sentences for the most violent sexual crimes: rape, and the sexual assault of a minor. 

Britain is an understanding and tolerant society, which is certainly a good thing. But when it comes to crime, there must be zero room for tolerance. This legislation takes meaningful and powerful steps towards ensuring that the law is on the side of victims of sexual assault, that predators face the appropriate amount of jail time, and that anyone who thinks to violate another's rights and person in such a way thinks twice before engaging in such heinous acts. 

I commend this legislation to the House of Commons with confidence Mr. Speaker, and humbly ask that it be read a second time.
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Mr Speaker, I beg that this bill is printed and read a second time
I rise to support the bill presented by the Home Secretary today. In fact, I congratulate the government on its progressive attitude in this matter given that not so long ago, they were a phonecall from Mrs Whitehouse away from a more conservative take on matters. Seen in this light, I find it very encouraging indeed that the government, in tightening up penalties for sex offenders, has made it very clear that marriage is no defence or excuse.

As such, this bill can only be welcomed by all forward-thinking and fair-minded members of this House. Those who seek to force themselves sexually on another without consent should be punished in a manner according with the way we judge that act as a society - as the severe and gile violation of another's body and civil liberties that it is.

This act is a great step forward for justice and for protecting the vulnerable and that is why I, on behalf of my party, commend it to the House.

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