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Full Version: Isaac Westcott (CON, Clwyd North West)
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Name: Isaac Westcott
Age: 41 (born 12 August 1949 in Pretoria, South Africa)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British (technically British and Spanish, but they’re white too)
Sexuality: Undisclosed/Closeted
Avatar: Rodrigo Santoro
Discord Username: aboltik

Education: University of Pretoria, Graduate School of Management
Career: Management Intern, Westcott Diamond Mine (South Africa, 1969 - 1971); Business Director, Westcott Diamond Mine (South Africa, 1971 - 1977); Pit Manager, National Coal Board (Bersham Colliery, Wales, 1977 - 1986); Owner, Westcott Farm (Wales, 1979 - Present)

Party: Conservative
Constituency: Clwyd North West
Faction: Bow Group
Parliamentary Career (if applicable): MP for Clwyd North West (1987 - Present), Paymaster General (1988 - Present)


Isaac Westcott was born in Pretoria, South Africa, the son of a UK-born and educated diamond mine owner (James Westcott III) and his Spain-born mistress (later wife). The wealth and privilege coming from a white mining family in South Africa meant that Isaac never hurt or needed for anything. He grew up with tutors, nurses, and nannies. He had no problems getting into schools or universities, and ended up with a higher degree from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Pretoria. He had similarly available opportunities available with the smaller mining company owned by his father and his family, going straight into management programs given his education and his relations. The nepotism certainly helped more.

Isaac worked as a business director of the Westcott Diamond Mine outside of Pretoria until 1977 when he returned to the United Kingdom. It’s not clear what led to the transfer; the Westcott mines continue to operate (while being overshadowed by larger companies such as DeBeers). Some rumors circulate in the well-to-do in the UK and in South Africa that it was to avoid some measure of scandal. Isaac’s father James used a number of connections with the National Coal Board to get Isaac a position overseeing modernization and transportation at the Bersham Colliery in North Wales, where Isaac worked with a number of other managers overseeing the declining output and employment at the mine. When the mine was closed in December 1986, and when the National Coal Board ceased to exist shortly after that, Isaac decided to move on from mining management.

Using a rather sizeable transfer of funds that he had gotten from his father when he moved to the UK, Isaac bought a small livestock farm in Northern Wales in 1979 to try his hand at farming- he found it was far easier for him to hire workers than to do most of it himself (considering his job at the National Coal Board). But it has at least given him a comfortable estate and a modest income, and he decided to focus more on that after leaving the mining industry for good. He was also a long-time supporter of the Conservative Party through fundraising and other forms of support, and used those connections, the wealth, and his ties to the wealthier communities of Northern Wales to be elected as MP for Clwyd North West in 1987.