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This will be updated when we tally key votes

The updated BBS totals are below, with a few things to note:

Inclusion in BBS and use in voting
  • Any player who has signed in a character and either not signed out and/or not left the server has been included. This includes players who may not have appeared for a while but until the A-Team gets a formal signing out notice on the board or in private then players shall have BBS totals regardless of when they last posted.
  • This is to ensure that players may not come back from a period away and find that their previous IG progress has been wiped out. We will retain the BBs totals and XP of players on the list until we receive a formal signing out notice. 
  • Going forward for tight parliamentary votes, we will not be utilising former rules about unused player votes. This means that if a player does not vote in a tight division then their MPs under BBS will not necessarily obey a three line whip. This is because we believe such a policy rewards inactivity and encourages players to rely on people not voting rather than actually making sure to whip or making deals with other players. 
  • Therefore, the voting policy will be that if a player has not voted by the time a division is over then dice rolls will be done to determine how many of their MPs chose to rebel against the party whip. This will not apply to players who were absent for legitimate reasons during a division period (e.g. someone was on holiday for a week and not on the server) and in these circumstances, their MPs will obey the whip. 
  • Realism will be considered with the dice rolls however when determining the votes of absent players. For example, if a Tory player affiliated to TRG doesn’t vote and the dice roll means that all their MPs will vote against the TRG line then this isn’t really realistic. Instead, we’ll consider what does a bad roll look like within the confines of that faction's line, e.g. does it mean more abstentions or absences over a full-throated rebellion?
  • As has been the way in the past, the BBS algorithm doesn’t necessarily include all MPs within a party, though outstanding MPs are a minuscule number. These outstanding MPs may or may not later choose to follow a certain player character but in the interim, their votes will be determined by dice rolls. 
Your BBS score 
  • As ever, your BBS score comes from a combination of your faction versus your own earned XP and traits. For example, an abundance of players in one faction means that BBS numbers will be lower for some if other players in said faction have higher earned XP. Alternatively, if there is one player in a smaller faction who has a significant amount of XP then they will dominate numbers for that faction. Finally, if players in one faction all have similar levels of XP then the numbers will be distributed fairly evenly.
  • You are able to change faction at any time but any attempts to switch faction for purely political gain (e.g. to try and boost your BBS numbers ahead of a vote) will be treated with appropriate starting penalties. You can earn XP and get more BBS in a new faction to your starting one but you can’t expect to walk into a new faction and immediately gain new MPs as a result. 
Updated as of 15/09 

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-09-16_at_12.47.24.png]
Updated as of 22/09 

Reflecting Cabinet resignations, appointments and new players who registered before the nominations deadline ahead of the Tory leadership election.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-09-21_at_11.51.43.png]
Updated as of 10/10

Now including Liberal Democrat and Referendum figures too

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-10-10_at_17.53.45.png?w...height=508]
Updated as of 16/10

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-10-17_at_09.48.21.png?w...height=504]
Updated as of 17/10

Factored in recent player departures and also removed players who have not appeared in a matter of weeks/months for key votes and events.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-10-17_at_17.46.07.png?w...height=442]
Updated as of 24/10

Final BBS update before the general election - any outstanding speeches or events at present, along with election contributions, will be marked by the A-Team and accounted for in the first BBS of the new Parliament

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-10-24_at_13.28.46.png]
Updated as of 3/11

Preliminary ahead of the new Parliament and pre-marking outstanding speeches (before anyone asks)

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-11-03_at_00.01.53.png]
Updated as of 7/11

Incorporating marking of all outstanding press cycles and press office events as well as scandals, frontbench changes and awarding of traits following recent major IG events.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-11-07_at_20.10.23.png]
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