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24 April 1990- MORI Poll puts Labour +23 points over the Conservatives

A MORI poll taken after Mrs Thatcher's flagship poll tax policy came in to force in England and Wales has put the Labour Party twenty three points clear of the Tories. This comes amidst a campaign to refuse payment of the new levy. riots across the country to protest at its introduction, in particular the gathering of 200,000 people in Kennington Gardens which quickly resulted in police dispersal and multiple non-fatal injuries.

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30 April 1990- Exclusive Poll finds only 12% in favour of the Community Charge

A special MORI has found that only 12% of the electorate want the poll tax, with most people as a percentage favouring return to the Rates system, but with a plurality in favour of some sort of reform of domestic rates. 

35% wanted 'Rates'
29% a local income tax
5% a 'Roof tax' combining property values with ability to pay
12% the Community Charge also known as the 'Poll Tax'
9% in favour of neither of these options