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Full Version: Kenneth Neil McIntyre
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Quote:Name: Kenneth Neil McIntyre
Age: 45 (b. 1945)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White Scottish
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Nathan Cullen
Discord Username: Kenneth Neil McIntyre

Education: Attended Primary and Secondary school in Edinburgh; Social Theory and Law at University of Edinburgh (1968)
Career: Junior-associate legal council, NUM (1970-74); AFL-CIO UK Liason Member (1974-76); private civil law practice (1976-80)

Party: Labour
Constituency: Kilmarnok and Loudoun
Faction: Socialist Campaign Group
Parliamentary Career: Labour Party Parliamentary Legal Research Supervisor (1980-1982), Labour MP (1983- )

I want to couch this proprosed bio in the fact that I am Canadian and have very little knowledge of UK politics. If I have done something here to make my life more difficult please let me know.  Wink
Looks good! Welcome to the game!
A Canadian? I'm not alone.