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  Harry Saxon Speech to the King's Fund
Posted by: Harry Saxon - 09-24-2020, 10:10 AM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Conservative Leadership Candidate and former Environment Secretary Harry Saxon spoke to the King's fund, an independent think tank on his vision for the country's healthcare system

[Image: Andrew+Scott+25th+Annual+Critics+Choice+...JXdkZl.jpg]

Quote:Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a pleasure to be here today.

As the Conservative leadership contest begins to draw to a close the party has a clear choice - which one of the Conservative Leadership candidates should become Conservative Party Leader and ultimately Prime Minister. Now, I have been presenting my case these past few weeks to Conservative MPs, to Conservative members and to the British public. 

Tonight, I stand here to tell you my vision for this country, what I would do for this country’s Healthcare system as Conservative Leader and Prime Minister and I will conclude with a couple of statements.

The reason I stood in this leadership contest to become Conservative Leader is because I had a great vision for this country.  I want the people of this country to be able to take home more money in their pocket then they do now, to be able to feed their families at the dinner table. I want to see a country where people can get world class, state of the art healthcare and get treated efficiently and quickly. People shouldn't have to wait over a year to get a knee or a hip replacement. People should not feel like they are just a statistic in a hospital bed. I want to see a country where we are able to help those who suffer from mental health conditions and related conditions effectively. 

The fact of the matter is, although over the time the Conservatives have been in Government we have made progress in improving our healthcare system - but we are just not doing enough, we can do more. 

So I want to revolutionise our National Health Service. A new strategy that builds the foundations for a world class, state of the art healthcare system ahead of its time, so people can  be treated efficiently and quickly without having to wait a significant period of time for operations, a new approach that allows people to feel respected and looked after. 

A National Health Service that really can help those in that hour of need. 

First, I believe the key to any approach is to plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

That is why If i am elected Conservative Leader, the government i lead will develop a comprehensive research and development strategy for our National Health Service. This isn’t just a one stop shop approach, this will be a roadmap to success.  This research and development strategy will provide health authorities and the government with a fact based assessment as to what needs to be done to address any capacity issues in the NHS. It will tell us how we can turn from a reactive to a proactive approach in providing resources to our NHS, the key challenges that are affecting staff and patients and it will also allow us to compare the NHS to healthcare systems in other countries. This research and development strategy will be evidence based and it will allow us to be in a great position to achieve that vision of a world class, state of the art healthcare system ahead of its time.

There are steps however we can take now that we know we must act on. When it comes to mental health, although our NHS staff are working tirelessly hard to help people at the hour of need, we are just not giving those who are suffering from mental health conditions the right treatment at the right time.  NHS staff are doing their absolute best, but there are often situations where NHS staff are facing challenges in helping those affected because of a lack of specialist training in this area. 

We are also not detecting mental health conditions fast enough or providing a facility that is recognised by those who need help. If people are struggling and there is nobody to turn to then they will slide into depression. Depression, sadly can lead to suicide. According to a report*, five years ago the reported death rate per million from suicide was reporting at just under 120 for males, and just above 40 for females. In that same report, in 1986 there were just above 1.8 million mental health illness outpatient attendances. 

How we help those who are affected is already a challenge we must face but if we do not act now, we will be letting those down who need that help. 

I also want people to know that there is no shame or no judgement in asking for help. 

So we must act now and If elected I will seek to establish the National Mental Health Service (NMHS). This will be a brand new dedicated organisation that will be overseen by the Department of Health and will provide mental healthcare to those who need it. The advantage of the National Mental Health Service is it will be separate from our NHS, meaning our NHS doctors and nurses can focus on those patients who require other treatments. Any existing mental health trusts and units will become part of the National Mental Health Service The National Mental Health Service will have dedicated resources such as mental health doctors and mental health nurses, who are trained to a high standard to help those affected.

 It will also have it’s own separate budget to the National Health Service so we don’t have vitally important healthcare systems restricted by one central stream of funding. I can also confirm that GP referrals for National Mental Health Services will not be required alleviating pressure off our GPs. 

If emergency services personnel detect that a patient is suffering from a mental health condition and it is deemed clinically necessary, they will be taken to a NMHS facility for treatment. 

The NMHS will be that lifeline to those who need that help. As i said before, there is no shame or no judgement in asking for that help.

Third, I will also ensure that nobody is just a statistic when they need treatment on our NHS. If elected I will ensure that we establish a programme of personalised care. I pledge that every patient will have a named nurse or a named midwife that is responsible for their care. This will allow patients to have a named point of contact when they require an update on their treatment if they have got any questions or concerns that they want to raise. The days of having to wait the entire day for a doctor to come round to ask a question will be over.

This approach has benefits for both the patient and NHS staff. Not only does it relax the patient and make them feel more comfortable, in the knowledge that there is someone they can talk to who is looking after them, but it also alleviates pressure on our NHS doctors who can focus on their other key priorities. 

This approach, along with my pledge to increase the level of NHS resources, which includes more doctors, more nurses and more beds, will allow us to ensure that nobody, not a single patient will have to wait more than 12 months for a hip or a knee replacement by September 1993. 

Ladies and gentlemen, as I conclude, I would like to say that the Conservative Party faced probably the most critical leadership election in it’s time. It is time for the Conservative Party to decide the leader they want. I have stated my reasons for standing in this contest, not only do I have a vision for a country where we have state of the art personalised healthcare, but I also believe we need a leader that will get the job done. We need a leader who is prepared to stand up for what is right and a leader who is principled. I was prepared to risk everything when I voted against the Government on Maastricht, I thought the acting leadership’s decision to ensure MPs had a forced choice was irresponsible. I am a leader that will not back down and will stand up for this country, no matter what the cost. 

The decision is down to my party’s MPs, but I hope that I will be in a position as Prime Minister to act on this vision, for a better and world class healthcare system.

Thank you.



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  William Croft Speech to the Adam Smith Institute
Posted by: William Croft - 09-23-2020, 06:05 PM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

It is such a privilege to be here with you all this evening, speaking at one of Britain’s preeminent think tanks and to an audience full of true advocates for the free market. I am confident that your namesake would be proud of the country we have become; a free, prosperous, enterprising nation of individuals and entrepreneurs utilizing the free market to better themselves and British society. Yes, I truly believe that Adam Smith would be pleased to see that we have taken many of his lessons to heart, and forged a nation and an economy that aligns with many of his writings about the free market and capitalism.

But I also believe Smith would be the first to remind us not to get complacent. The business of establishing and maintaining freedom is hard work, and yet allowing coercive forces to erode our freedom is quite easy. We must be vigilant, therefore, in committing ourselves to Adam Smith’s worldview, and modernizing his lessons in order to create a more justice, fair, and free society. With a Labour Party that is fundamentally opposed to the free market, this mission has become all the more important. As champions of capitalism, we must work overtime to make the case to the British people that capitalism remains fit for purpose in contemporary Britain.

I want to be this country’s next Prime Minister to make that case to the British people, and to do so by offering a candid argument about the need for freedom. The central creed of my Government’s advocacy for economic freedom will be simple: people must be free to keep what they earn, to grow their own businesses, and to chart their own destiny. Only by empowering the individual, and by removing the meddling hand of the state from their lives, can we truly build a meritocratic society that values work ethic and effort. As Prime Minister, I will spend every day of my time in office following my central creed that I’ve laid out, turning my words into action in order to build an economy where every British person can lift themselves and their families up by their own hard work. Here’s how I’ll do it.

First, I will pursue an economic agenda that puts more money into the pockets of individuals and families, empowering British workers to keep more of what they earn. A simple fact that socialists still refuse to accept is this: people know how to spend their money better than the state can for them. That’s why I’ll keep income taxes low, with a goal to raise the threshold for which taxes on income begins, and to reduce direct taxes through successive budgets. Over the life of the next Parliament I want to see the new introductory base rate of income tax decreased from 15% to just 10%, meaning the vast majority of working class Britons would keep 90% of their taxable income. But when we’re talking about ensuring working Briton’s can keep more of what they earn, the discussion has to go beyond pay packets and taxes. I want to revolutionize capitalism here in Britain, and fully realize our national identity as a property owning, shareholding democracy. That’s why I’ll pass legislation that provides a statutory guarantee that the workers in privatized industries have the first right to purchase shares in their company, and to do so at a discounted rate. That’s also why I’ll revitalize Right to Buy, preparing it for the 21st century by building more homes and working with lenders to ensure aspirational young people and families have the support they need to purchase their first home. I want to enable the British people to invest in Britain, to become part owners in our nation’s collective success. That is what democratic capitalism truly means.

Second, I will seek to reduce the regulatory and tax burdens faced by entrepreneurs to unleash the full potential of British business. Our small businesses are the bedrock of the British economy; they employ millions of people, generate massive amounts of revenue, and ship goods to consumers all around the world. As Prime Minister I will introduce a new band of corporation tax in the upcoming Spring Budget, providing a lower rate of tax specifically for small businesses. Entrepreneurial individuals and families should have a Government that works with them to support their business, not against them. I will ensure that young people, families, and especially women entrepreneurs starting their small business have an ally in 10 Downing. I’ll introduce a new tax incentive that provides a monetary reward to businesses that hire back employees that were laid off as a result of the global recession, ensuring that this country comes back stronger than ever before. And I’ll create the Regulatory Removal Working Group, a team of experts housed out of Number 10 tasked solely with identifying burdensome regulations that can then be altered or repealed entirely. British businesses, especially small businesses, need a Prime Minister that is going to work with them to identify existing challenges and opportunities that lay ahead as we enter the new millennium. I will be that Prime Minister.

Finally, I will endeavour to strengthen freedom of choice in this country so that individuals and families are truly their own masters. Adam Smith understood that only the most arrogant statesman assumes he knows better than his constituents do when it comes to how one should live their lives. As champions of liberty we should reject the state’s ability to dictate or influence decisions made by individuals, and should refuse the suggestion that Governments should play the role of nanny in the lives of its people. As Prime Minister I will endeavor to put action behind the Conservative Party’s previous commitments of supporting school choice, by supporting more Grammar Schools and guaranteeing that parents are in control of where their children go to school. I’ll defend and expand your right to use your own money how you please, including spending it on private healthcare, while safeguarding the NHS as the backbone of the British social safety net. And I will scrap sin taxes on alcohol all together, and begin ridding ourselves of the backwards notion that in Britain the role of the state is to influence “good behavior.” The only good thing Government has ever done, ladies and gentlemen, is get out of the way.

Now freedom, social and economic, is not just the right of the British people, but indeed the inheritance of all free peoples around the world. I believe Britain should unapologetically work for the rights of all persons to experience and live in freedom, because a world free from tyranny is better for everyone. When Adam Smith spoke about the natural rights of man, he wasn’t suggesting that those rights are only to be enjoyed by his fellow countrymen. They should be fully realized for all people, wherever they live. As Prime Minister I will make a concerted effort to use Britain’s moral leadership to expand freedom, free markets, and the free exchange of ideas around the globe. I will personally visit the recently freed, and soon to be freed, Eastern European nations and commit to them in person Britain’s unwavering support for their right to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. I want to export the value of economic freedom we have cultivated here in Britain around the globe, and utilize our leverage as a global super power to expand the free market’s reach around the world.

I believe that when people are free to choose, they choose freedom. History has proven this to be the case time and time again. It happened here in Britain in 1979, and I am confident it will happen once more in 1992. I am confident because I know that the case I will make as Prime Minister about the value and moral good inherent in capitalism will resonate with the British people. I am confident that this enterprising, self-reliant nation of explorers and traders will use their vote to safeguard their God given right to keep what they earn, grow their business and protect their freedom of choice. I will spend the next 100 days, and the entirety of the general election campaign, reinvigorating the age old tradition of British capitalism and economic freedom. And in doing so, I will make a plain, direct, and unapologetic appeal to the British people to protect their freedoms and safeguard their prosperity by giving my party a 4th term in office.

It has been a true pleasure to speak with you tonight, thank you all very much, and may have you all have a wonderful night.

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  Harry Saxon Leadership Launch
Posted by: Harry Saxon - 09-21-2020, 10:56 AM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

At a press conference in West Midlands, former Environment Secretary Harry Saxon spoke to the media and Conservative Party members

Quote:Ladies and Gentlemen, Conservative party members, members of the press.


Today I am here to formally launch my campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

The leadership of the Conservative Party has unfortunately turned its back on our greatest success story in the modern era. We have gone from a winning agenda and a positive narrative to one where Labour looks poised to bring their radical, far-left socialist agenda to 10 Downing Street.

I could sit by no longer when this all-too-real possibility reared its head. I knew that if we were to win the next election and govern under the historic fourth term, we need a leader that is principled, a leader that can deliver and a leader that will see it through to the end. I believe Ladies and gentlemen that I am that person 

Under my leadership the Conservative party will take action, ensuring the values that this party believes in and ultimately the values that represent the country would be front-and-center in the upcoming election. Because make no mistake, we are now on the final lap on the road towards Election Day, months out from an election that will either solidify our policy accomplishments over the past thirteen years, or see them erased by the likes of McCrimmon, Dawson, and Murphy.

Now, there is a defining issue that faces us in this leadership election and ultimately is a major issue for the country in the upcoming election. Europe and Maastricht. 

There has been much focus around Maastricht over recent weeks and there have been major developments in recent days. Now I did play a role in recent events, as explained in my resignation letter as environment secretary  to the First Secretary of State, I didn’t necessarily agree with the way the acting leadership was forcing MPs to back Maastricht, at the risk of expulsion if they failed to comply. I believe Maastricht should have been a free choice, I didn’t think it was right we were forcing MPs to vote a certain way, which was a major factor in why I resigned.

I also had my doubts over Maastricht, although as a member of the cabinet you are tied by collective responsibility, which means that you have to support the government publicly whereas you may disagree with the policy privately, I won’t lie to you, initially I did publicly support Maastricht when the PM signed, but then I very quickly realized that we had all made a massive error in judgement. Maastricht was the treaty that would have signed away powers in this country over to Europe as well as opened the doors to a single currency, I wasn’t prepared to support that, so that is also why I resigned. 

Some have suggested that I resigned for other reasons which just is not true. When I was deliberating about my position in the cabinet I took the opportunity to speak to members of the party which was only reinforced by the decision to quit and to take a stand against Maastricht.

The question I have for the Conservative Party is this, do we want to be the party that implements a treaty that takes away our sovereignty and opens the door to a untested single currency? An action that cannot be reversed once it has been implemented? 

I believe we need a treaty that protects the UK’s sovereignty, keeps powers in this country rather than Europe so we have control over our own country. This treaty, if implemented with it’s current flaws, will keep the United Kingdom locked in with the handover of certain powers, with no way of reversing a mistake we would have made. 

If I become Prime Minister, I will not put the Maastricht treaty before the house in its current form, or even if it was slightly tweaked. As Prime Minister I will ensure that the Maastricht Treaty undergoes major reform if the UK is ever to ratify it.

I will renegotiate the Maastricht Treaty with Europe.  I want to protect this country’s interests, from our powers to our pound sterling. 

First, I will protect the UK’s sovereignty as the current deal that has been negotiated the objective of a federal Europe was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. That is fundamentally wrong. Any negotiation under my leadership will ensure that the top priority is protecting the United Kingdom’s sovereignty. We will not compromise on that.

Second, the United Kingdom will retain the pound sterling - no ifs, or buts, we will never abandon the pound sterling under my leadership. A government I lead will not allow this country to join a single currency that is untested and carries significant risk. To paraphrase the parable of the wise and the foolish builders from the bible, building your house on rock would be effectively retaining the pound sterling, you know it’s stable and you know it’s affordable as it’s a tried and tested and tested method. On the other hand, adopting a single currency would be building your house on sand, it’s untested, potentially volatile and the cost from the damage it could cause will be dear. 

Third, there is no current legal mechanism to reverse any changes that have been negotiated with Europe or indeed exit the organisation formed under Maastricht - if it passes. If this country decides in 10 years time that actually, we aren’t as happy with our relationship with Europe as we were when we joined, then we can’t do anything about it. It makes logical sense for a legal mechanism to be in place which would allow the United Kingdom or any member state to renegotiate it’s position in Europe, or even leave the organisation. As Prime Minister I will negotiate this with Europe. 

However, once we achieve the amendments required, I will not just put Maastricht to a vote to back it. I will put Maastricht to a referendum, for you, the British public to decide if the terms of the treaty that we have renegotiated are what you want for this country,

I will however not just stop there. If I am elected Conservative Leader and become this country’s Prime Minister, I will ensure that for every treaty change by Europe we put that change to the British people to decide. I will bring forward legislation for a referendum lock to ensure that the people of this country always have their say, regardless of who is in Government. I believe this is key to the future signing of any treaty and I am glad that colleagues in the Conservative Party agree on this. 

The question we all need to ask ourselves is whether or not we should sleepwalk towards a unified European state under the current terms of the Maastricht Treaty, as negotiated by Mr. Macmillan and supported by Mr. Croft. Or should we, as I strongly believe, put the United Kingdom first, by seeking to preserve our nation’s independence and sovereignty under Her Majesty the Queen. 

This choice should be apparent, it should be obvious, especially for members of our Conservative Party. Unfortunately, we have failed to heed a famous warning from Bruges: “We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them re-imposed at a European level with a European super-state exercising a new dominance from Brussels.”

This leadership contest and ultimately the future of this party is not just about Europe. If we are to have strong public services, we need a strong economy.

We need a sound fiscal future so we do not pass an insurmountable burden of debt to our children and our grandchildren. 

I want to see the United Kingdom as a low tax economy and I strongly believe that the most responsible way to grow our economy is through the twin pillars of tax cuts as well as budget cuts. The government I led will maintain the Income Tax introductory rate at 15% which was introduced by this government in the Finance. We must however continue to build on our success.

Under my leadership we will also create a brand new introductory rate for Capital Gains tax and I will personally commit to reducing inheritance and corporation tax over the term of the next parliament after the general election. 

Now over recent years we have seen automatic budget increases in certain areas year and year and whilst I believe we do need to provide further support to certain areas this approach should change moving forward, such as considering smart spending, targeting areas that need investment rather than a blanket approach.  We need a sustainable low tax economy which will greatly benefit all in this country and that is what the Conservative Party will deliver under my leadership. 

When it comes to security at home, we must be prepared for every eventuality. Which is why as your Prime Minister, I will put a focus towards more  front line policing to deter crime. A Conservative Government under my leadership will put 4,000 frontline police on our streets over the next five years. Each police force in the country will also be responsible for producing a charter to inform local citizens how quickly they will respond to emergency calls. A Conservative Government I lead will give our police the resources they need to tackle crime on our streets and protect the public. 

In conclusion and before I take questions I want to just highlight this 

The Conservatives today face a choice, when it comes to Europe do they want to be the party that sacrifices our sovereignty and potentially even our currency to join a federal Europe that we will not be able to get out of, or do we want to take the sensible, pragmatic approach that I can offer which ensures there is a focus on putting this country first in any negotiation, protecting our sovereignty, preventing Europe from forcing the United Kingdom into new treaties via a referendum lock, a legal mechanism that allows us to review our membership in years to come and to we keep our pound sterling. 

When it comes to the economy do we want to follow an approach where we have automatic budget increases and we aren’t targeting spending effectively, or do we want a program of smart-spending, backed by a sustainable low tax economy?

When it comes to protecting our country do we want to follow an approach where we are focusing more on what the threat is that is facing our country or do we want to provide reassurance and security by introducing more front line policing? I of course recognise that police isn’t just going to solve the problem, but providing the police with the resources they are calling out for will go a long way to keeping people safe. 

As Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, I can offer all this, a long term vision for our country. It is not just about Maastricht or about how much we can get done in 100 days with no thought of what happens after, it is about the bigger picture - that I can offer. We need to focus on how we address the problems in our society, and together we can tackle that. 

Thank you, I will now take questions.

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  PC21: Maastricht Results
Posted by: Redgrave - 09-20-2020, 10:01 PM - Forum: Press Cycles - Replies (10)

What do you think about these parliamentary shenanigans? 

Closes 23:59pm UK on 23rd September

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  Unsafe - 11 years of Tory underfunding
Posted by: Joseph Hollidge - 09-20-2020, 12:20 PM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

* Speaking to Press outside Birkenhead Labour Club*

Ladies and Gentleman,

In a recent statement to the Commons William Croft, the Home Secretary announced a range of counter-terrorism measures. After Russian espionage, IRA bombing and IRA espionage the government are floundering to place a sticking plaster over a wound contributed by 11 years of Tory misrule. The fact is this Conservative government has undermined and underfunded our security. Because of this Conservative government we are fundamentally less safe as nation.

Let’s examine the last budget. Security Services funding was cut in real terms. Funding did not go above inflation. This severe cut in real terms, and years of Conservative underfunding has left us weaker and suffering from foreign espionage. Spies in the Home Office, Spies on the Foreign Office and the IRA empowered, killing again and undermining peace. In this mess you cannot ignore the underfunding of the security services. Conservative underfunding has left us feeling more unsafe and contributed to leaving us unguarded against domestic and foreign threats.

The so-called party of security has left us fundamentally insecure. If the government was serious about counterterrorism, they would publicly apologise for underfunding the security services over the last 11 years. Instead Mr Croft in attempting plug holes in the swiss cheese of bad governance and cuts. Failing to take responsibility for security crises made worse by this government.

Many good working voters feel concerned about the security and safety of their families. They may have felt that somehow, they could sleep safer at night by putting a cross in the Tory box. It is clear that they and the whole country has been badly let down by an inept government. We surely cannot trust a government to fix a problem that 11 years of Conservative governance has contributed towards.

After a few pints in the Labour Club and some good debate it is clear to me that there is a lot of fear and anger. When hard working people pay their taxes the basic expectation is to be kept safe. The Tories have failed. Failed by underfunding public services, pushing working people to the poverty line and almost cherishing the high unemployment rate. It is no surprise that through putting the richest first and underfunding our security the government has made us less safe.

The Conservative government has time and time again taken it’s eye off the ball when it comes to our national security. They cannot solve a problem made worse by their chronic underfunding. We badly need a Labour government, with well funded public and security services and good democratic socialist economic policies we may one day begin to feel safe again. I will of course take any questions.

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  William Croft Leadership Launch
Posted by: William Croft - 09-20-2020, 04:29 AM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Good morning Mid Staffordshire! 

I am so happy to be here today with all of you as I formally announce my intention to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and to become the United Kingdom’s next Prime Minister. 

Before I begin, I hope you will join me all in commending our incredibly brave soldiers, police officers, and intelligence officers who are working around the clock to keep Britain safe in light of the attempted IRA terrorist attack in London. We are not simply safer, but in fact freer, because of their hard work, dedication, and love of country. 

I want to start my speech, and this campaign, by offering something politicians very rarely offer: an apology. As you all know, last year it was disclosed by the national media that I had an affair some 20 years ago, when I was first married to my wife Emily. My wonderful wife is with me today as are our three children. I often say that I became the luckiest man in the world when Emily agreed to marry me, and the luckiest man in the universe when she forgave me for the foolish mistake I made. She is the one that insisted I make this apology today; an apology not to her, as she forgave me long ago. But an apology to all of you, the British people, who deserve to know the truth about the people who seek to represent you. For concealing this from you all, I am truly, truly sorry. 

I know many were disappointed in me. Believe me when I tell you I was first among them. But my wife, and my family gave me a second chance. My party, and my country, gave me a second chance. Britain is not just a land of opportunity and freedom, but also of second chances. Of dusting yourself off when you’ve fallen, picking yourself back up, and having another go at it. We are a nation of second chances, of relentless optimism, and of the belief that we can make a name for ourselves no matter our past. You, the British people, gave me a second chance. Now I am running to be your next Prime Minister to give you my all, and to serve you with every fiber of my being no matter how long my term in office may be. 

The task ahead of us as a party is crystal clear: we have 100 days to convince the British people that we deserve the honor of continuing to lead their Government. Failure in succeeding in this endeavor is not an option, because the consequences of failure are simply far too great for our country to endure. Because failing to fully take advantage of each of these 100 days, to use them as a chance to prove to the British people that we have earned their vote, would mean to hand over control to the socialists. The modern Labour Party is the most radical, hard-left, socialist political force this country has seen in a generation. They are hell bent on expanding the power of the state at the expense of the individual, renationalizing industries that have benefited from the freedom of privatization, and shrinking our status on the global stage. They are led by a man, Sir James, who spends most of his time in obscurity, only to re-emerge from the shadows to suggest that Britain should “re-evaluate” its relationship with NATO. These people cannot be given the keys to 10 Downing, for allowing them to will mean the beginning of the end for Britain as we know it. 

We are not simply engaged in an exercise to determine the next leader of the Conservative Party, but also gearing up for the fight for the future of Great Britain. I am here today, in a constituency my party lost in a very recent by-election, to make it clear that I intend to fight to regain the trust of those who fear we have lost our way. That is why I am running for Prime Minister; because I want to use the next 100 days to prove to you, the British people, that we can do so much better than the socialist dystopia Labour has planned for us. Let me tell you why I believe this to be true, and what I plan on doing to prove it. 

As your Prime Minister, I will spend the next 100 days unleashing the full power of Britain’s free market, supporting business and aspirational people in realizing their greatest potential. The cornerstone of my Government’s economic agenda will be our Spring Budget, which will be a testament to the Conservative Party’s commitment to ensuring hardworking Britons keep more of what they earn. The budget will keep income taxes low, reduce regulation and support small business, and keep finances in check to promote responsible Government spending. I’d like to see a new rate of corporation tax created specifically for small businesses, to make it easier for young people and families to start their own business without being crushed by tax burden. Our Government will create a tax credit scheme aimed at getting people back to work, by reducing the tax burden on businesses that rehire employees laid off during the 1991 recession. And I will commit the Government to ensuring women are able to fully enter the workforce and access economic opportunity just as men are, by supporting female entrepreneurs and providing greater access to after school child care. The Government I lead will use these next 100 days to show plainly to the British people that the Conservative Party is the party of opportunity, of aspiration, and of meritocracy. We will continue to build a society where the only factor in determining success is one’s desire to work for it. 

I will spend the next 100 days leading a Government that defends your freedoms, while prosecuting those who seek to deny you of them. As Prime Minister, I will introduce the Freedom of Information Act 1992, allowing citizens to request documents and information from their Government. For too long, under both parties, successive Governments have operated in the shadows, free from oversight. That ends on day one of my Premiership; we will empower the people to know what their Government is doing in their name, and allow the people to be our judge. I will also pass legislation that enables the people to recall their Member of Parliament in the event that the MP has committed a minor crime, misled the House or the public, or changed their political affiliation. While the Government will work to extend greater democratic freedoms and powers to the people, we will also strengthen the law against those wreckers in society who seek to violate our laws and the freedoms of others. As Prime Minister I will hire thousands more police officers this year, back Community Policing schemes, and see through the recently announced RUC recruitment campaign. I will also commit the Conservative Party to backing the re-introduction of the death penalty in our election manifesto for murderers and child rapists, ensuring that our party stands up for the silenced. 

And as your Prime Minister, I will work over the course of these next 100 Days to strengthen British institutions and pride in our country. Our great outgoing Prime Minister, Mr. Myerscough, announced his National Service scheme shortly before becoming ill, committing to enact the program if re-elected to another term. The Prime Minister’s idea is an excellent one, and I don’t think we should wait for the next election to conclude in order to make progress on it. As your Prime Minister I will set up a series of pilot programs for the scheme across the country, allowing any British citizen to sign up for a job and begin getting paid to improve their communities. This program epitomizes what Conservatives understand society to be; individuals, families, and communities working together to uplift one another without the oppressive hand of the state dictating what one must do, where they must live, and how much they can earn. To protect our sovereignty and financial independence, I will fight to keep the pound and reject a European single currency, while also working to keep Britain at the core of Europe’s future. And as the Prime Minister of our United Kingdom, and leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party, I will fight to ensure the benefits of our free economy reach all four corners of our country. In the next 100 days, I will reduce regulatory burdens and break ground on infrastructure projects that will support manufacturers, farmers and fishers, and businesses in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

My plans for the next 100 days are certainly bold, they are certainly ambitious, but they are nothing less than what the British people deserve. Why, at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, would I offer anything else but a Prime Minister who is ready to hit the ground running? Everything our Government does will serve to highlight the fact that Britain works best when people and markets are free, and to contrast that world view with Labour’s plans to take us back to the days of the Winter of Discontent. When I started this speech I said Britain is a nation of second chances, and I meant it. In 1979 our country was given a second chance to once again become a powerful nation, a nation that believed in its people, and a nation that deserved to be called Great Britain. Today, we face a similar opportunity. To reclaim our destiny, our power, and our birthright as British citizens. Together, we will use the next 100 days to show what Britain looks like at its best. And at the end of these 100 days, we will again act together to vanquish socialism from the shores of our island nation once and for all. 

Thank you, and it would be my privilege to now answer questions from all of you who have come here to hear me speak. I’m far less interested in the reporters, I want to hear from all of you directly.

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  MS17: Government Counter-Terrorism Measures
Posted by: William Croft - 09-19-2020, 10:17 PM - Forum: Ministerial Statements - Replies (1)

Mr. Speaker, 

As this House now knows, our country was subjected to a reprehensible terrorist attack earlier this week. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) attempted to infiltrate the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spy on the Foreign Secretary and his staff, and collect top secret national security information that they would use to jeopardize the safety of the British people. What we now is this: the IRA are hellbent on going to war with the people of the United Kingdom. They stand in opposition to our democracy, to our freedom, and to our desire for peace. They have attacked our country time and time again, and now we must respond. 

Worryingly, the attacks executed by the IRA are becoming more sophisticated. Like this attempted wire tapping, the bombing in Boyle that took the lives of police offices and innocent people was made possible as a result of a complex IRA counter-intelligence operation. The IRA is an organization that can no longer simply be managed and confined. They are ramping up their attacks on Great Britain because their intent is to destroy our nation. We must do everything in our power to stop them from even getting close, and to show the world what happens when you threaten the wellbeing of the British people. 

Alongside our plan to shore up our national security remains our ironclad commitment to achieving a lasting peace in Northern Ireland. As the First Secretary of State announced earlier this evening, the Government is presently working to solidify a commitment amongst all relevant parties to renew peace talks as soon as physically possible. While protecting the British people and deterring terrorism is of paramount importance to this Government, we recognize that the only permanent solution to this problem is to win a lasting peace that will ensure the people of Northern Ireland are able to live safe, free, and prosperous lives. 

With that in mind, the Government would like to announce the following list of actions we will be taking immediately. This list is not exhaustive; further action will be taken, and addendums to this list with specific pieces of information will be made, and when they do Parliament will be the first to know. Let us begin: 

1. In accordance with a request received from the leadership of the RUC, the Government will be launching a full scale recruitment campaign aimed at bringing new talent into the  RUC. This will be the biggest recruitment campaign in a generation, bringing in competent, hardworking, professional police officers determined to serve their country and keep the people of Northern Ireland safe. A concerted effort will be made to ensure individuals from across Northern Ireland, and across the political spectrum, are successfully recruited as police officers. This campaign will be a testament to the fact that all people, of all faiths, and of all political persuasions are united in their fight against terrorism and in their determination to keep Northern Ireland free from terror. The financial resources needed to hire these new officers will be made available as soon as needed, and the campaign will be funded in full within the Chancellor's upcoming spring budget. 

2. The Government will be significantly increasing security at ports of entry, railroads, and airports for the foreseeable future. This will mean increased police presence, increase presence of plain clothes intelligence officers, more bomb sniffing dogs and other bomb detection technology, and checkpoints used to intercept any potential terrorist threats. The security around airports and ports most frequently used for travel between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, will be particularly strengthened. 

3. Effective immediately the Government will be significantly increasing security at all Government buildings throughout the United Kingdom, and conducting routine bug sweeping activities. A new protocol for visitors entering Government buildings will be put in place. Bugs and wiretap sweeps will be conducted every two days for the foreseeable future. Additionally, the Special Branch will be conducting a specific investigation into how the IRA was able to place a bug in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in order to determine holes in the existing security system. 

4. Effective immediately the Government will be creating a National Terrorism Hotline, a number that every British person will be able to call to report suspected terrorism activity. We are encouraging the British people to join together in what is a national effort to defeat terrorism. If you see something, you have a duty to your family, your friends, and your country to say something. By calling 555 you will be connected with a police desk specifically tasked with recording, tracing, and intercepting terrorist threats. This new desk will be properly staffed and funded with £2.5 million pounds being made available to ensure we have the proper financial support. We will also be launching a marketing campaign in order to help the British people know when to, and when not to, report information. This enables all of us, whoever we are and wherever we live, to remain vigilant in these troubling times and to ensure that our police and security services have the information they need to tackle terrorism. We have a duty as Britons to work together to defeat terrorism, and the National Terrorism Hotline enables us to do just that.

I will be the first to admit, Mr. Speaker, that these proposals represent a significant escalation in the Government's fight against terrorism. I know that some will be worried about the financial burden of hiring new police officers, but the cost is necessary. I know that some will be upset by the inconvenience caused by increased security checks, but this inconvenience is necessary. At the end of the day, there can no cost or convenience spared when it comes to fighting and defeating the Irish Republic Army and the terror they seek to inflict upon the United Kingdom. 

As always, I join the whole House in thanking our police officers, soldiers, and intelligence officials for all the incredible work they are doing to keep the United Kingdom safe. I know I speak for the whole country when I say I will never be scared into silence or paralysis by the likes of cowardly terrorists, and I know you won't be either. In the coming days it is my hope to visit the border personally, to visit the new police officers working to further secure our country and meet with those living in border towns to hear their concerns directly. This is not a moment where politicians can afford to be holed in Westminster, we must get out there ourselves and see the work that has to be done. All of us are in this fight, and we are in it together. This is the issue of the day, the crisis of our time, and we are all called to rise to the occasion. 

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  MS16 - Northern Ireland cross-party talks
Posted by: Alun David Williams - 09-19-2020, 08:54 PM - Forum: Ministerial Statements - No Replies

Mr Speaker,

With your leave I wish to inform the House of the Government’s intention to reconvene cross-party talks in Northern Ireland with the aim of securing peace for Northern Ireland and a cessation of violence.

I would first like to pay tribute to the brave men and women who serve in our police and security services, they are the vanguard that protect us all against this violence. The move towards reconvening these talks is long overdue, and a failing that the Government must accept, but I hope that the spirit of cross-party work and hopefully consensus will drive us all forward to peace.

The recent action by the IRA in bugging the office of the Foreign Secretary demonstrates a new escalation of the capabilities of the IRA, and that must be a cause for concern for all of us. It most certainly is for the Government, and as a result of this the Home Secretary will be outlining further security measures that the Government will be undertaking to ensure security is paramount. I will allow the Home Secretary to detail these in his statement.

However, I am informing the House that I have extended invitations to parties from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland Government and representatives of the Labour party and Liberal Democrat party to engage in frank and honest discussions on how to secure peace in Northern Ireland and the transition away from the violence we have experienced for too long. I am certain that all members will agree with me that peace in Northern Ireland must be achieved, and I hope that these talks will be the beginning of this process.

The parties that have been invited are: the Ulster Unionist Party, the Social Democratic and Labour Party, Sinn Fein, the Democratic Unionist Party, the Ulster Popular Unionist Party and the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland. These six parties represent a cross-section of the political opinion in Northern Ireland and are all essential to any peace process moving forward successfully. While we may find ourselves sitting across the negotiating table with people we have long mistrusted or opposed it is imperative that we set those feelings aside to deliver peace.

I look forward to working with all parties involved in an open and constructive manner, and I will update the House once talks convene and progress is made.

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  Joseph Hollidge
Posted by: Joseph Hollidge - 09-19-2020, 08:50 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

Quote:Name: Joseph Hollidge
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: David Miliband
Discord Username: JosephRB (Joseph Hollidge)#6397
Education: Law (LLB), University of Cambridge
Career: Barrister, Crown Prosecution Service
Party: Labour
Constituency: Birkenhead 1987-
Faction: Labour First
Parliamentary Career: Shadow Solicitor General 1990-1991

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  Dylan Macmillan Speech to the Centre for Policy Studies
Posted by: Dylan Macmillan - 09-19-2020, 08:42 PM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for coming.

Throughout this campaign I have spoken about the United Kingdom being at a crossroads, but the same is equally true for the Conservative Party. In three months the electorate will have the chance to decide what sort of country it wants to be, whether we continue on the forward path we have charted for the last thirteen years or whether we will turn the clock back to the 1970s. But just as the country needs to move forward our party must do as well, which is why I am here at the Centre for Policy Studies to outline my plans to lead the Conservative Party, plans that will see us continue to advance and develop many positive areas of policy, but plans that will also see us tack in new directions to help unite our country and propel it forward into the 21st Century.

Aubyn Myerscroft was a great leader for the Conservative Party because he had a vision, a vision of the United Kingdom built around the family unit. It was this vision that saw the creation of the Family Hubs programme and the unveiling of the National Service scheme, both excellent policies that I intend to advocate and argue for into the next election. But as with anything, in the pursuit of excellence there is no finishing line, and there is always more that we can do to build families up. At the last election the Tories delivered a tax cut to families worth hundreds of pounds while Labour’s plans would have seen your gross tax bill increase by £150. In a family with two parents working and earning the average wage the Conservative Party cut your taxes by £600/yr where Labour raised your taxes by £300/yr, I want to continue this momentum. Labour are the party of high taxes, under my leadership the Tories will be the party of high incomes. My double lock for Income Tax will see tax bills slashed for ordinary working families and incomes soar giving the nation’s poorest a higher quality of life than ever before. I have also already unveiled the Child Trust Fund scheme that I would create, £500 to every British child increasing to £2500 for the least well off. Under my leadership the Conservative Party would put money where it belongs, in your pockets, not the taxman’s.

But there is more we can do to help build a society oriented around family values. If I am elected to lead the Conservative Party and become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom then before the next election I will legislate to increase maternity leave to a 14 week statutory minimum and entitle all women to the same protection. There is no place for anti-woman and anti-mother discrimination in the workplace and I am committed to stamping it out. Protecting women so that they can avoid having to choose between having a career and having a family is as innately a conservative principle as there can possibly be. I would also prepare a consultation on giving men a maximum two weeks’ statutory paternity leave that could be taken from the birth of the child to help his wife with adjusting to their new life and further father/child bonding in those earliest stages of development. Furthering the ability of women, and men too, to have both a family and a career I would make grant funding available to schools who put on before and after school clubs/childcare for children both of whom’s parents work. Many parents would work longer hours and earn more money for their families if they could afford additional care for their children, this plan would eliminate that concern for parents in term time allowing extra hours to be worked and extra money to go into their pockets for the betterment of themselves, their children, and their families.

Finally if I might I would like to discuss crime and punishment. The Conservative Party have always been the party of law and order, we have always been on the side of the law abiders not the law breakers, and we have always been the party of the police. We have done great work as a Government under Aubyn’s leadership, especially around the tightening of drug laws helping to clean that scourge off our streets, but we must never rest on our laurels as there is always more to do. I have made clear before my position on police numbers but it bears repeating, I will hire no fewer than 2000 extra police officers every year that I am in office if I am elected to lead the Conservative Party and our nation. As population increases and as crime becomes more complex we need manpower every bit as much as funding, manpower I would deliver if I were successful in this election. Any Government or party that I lead would advocate for tough new legislation to keep our communities safe, whether that be strong new laws against dangerous or reckless drivers or the creation of a new criminal offence for squatting. But we must also do more to build trust with communities who feel that they are not represented in modern policing. If elected I will work with minority communities, civic leaders, and police to rebuild the trust that has been damaged between police and minorities. I will instruct the Home Secretary to create a working group to this effect in the Home Office.

Ladies and Gentlemen this leadership election is critical, it will set the tone for the next three months and will inevitably impact the final battle with Labour. Polls suggest that Mr McCrimmon is not a popular chap, the people don’t want him. What they want is a vision that unites the country and empowers our communities. My vision does just that. It empowers the individual with  tax cuts putting more money in your pocket, it empowers families by strengthening parents’ rights and the rights of women more generally, and it empowers society by giving police more powers but also ensuring that relationships are built and strengthened with the left behind communities. This is the vision best placed to defeat Labour in June, a vision that is firmly rooted in Conservative ideals and principles, but a vision that also develops those ideals and principles for the World of the 21st Century.

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