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  Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet
Posted by: Alex Cardigan MP - 08-10-2020, 09:05 PM - Forum: Speaker's Office - No Replies

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Mr Alex Cardigan, MP for Montgomery

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Matthew Taylor, MP for Truro
-- Also shadowing Trade and Industry, Employment, and Social Security

Shadow Home Secretary, Mr Charles Kennedy, MP for Ross, Cromarty, and Skye

Shadow Foreign Secretary, Mr Paddy Ashdown, MP for Yeovil

Shadow Defence Secretary, Mr Ming Campbell, MP for North East Fife

Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Mr Paddy Ashdown, MP for Yeovil
-- Also shadowing Transport, Energy, and Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food

Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Science, Ray Michie, MP for Argyll and Bute

Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Mr Simon Hughes, MP for Southwark and Bermondse

Shadow Secretary of State for the Regions, Mr Allan Steele, MP for Eastwood

Chief Whip in the House of Commons, Mr David Alton, MP for Liverpool Mossley Hill

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Mr Jim Wallace, MP for Orkney and Shetland

Chief Whip in the House of Lords, Lord Grimond

Shadow Leader of the House of Lords, Lord Jenkins

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Alan Beith, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed

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  Max Power, MP
Posted by: Max Power - 08-10-2020, 08:55 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

[Image: 164905-004-F5A80F44.jpg]

Name: Max Power
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Discord Username: Will Conway

Education: TBA
Career:  TBA

Party: Labour Party
Constituency: Oxford East
Faction: Labour First!
Parliamentary Career: Backbencher TBA

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  Calvin Ward
Posted by: CWard - 08-10-2020, 05:05 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

Name: Calvin Ward
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Avatar: Young Peter Mandelson
Discord Username: Calvin Ward

Education: Masters of Law from Kings College London
Career: Barrister for TUC, MP for Holborn

Party: Labour
Constituency: Holborn
Faction: Tribune
Parliamentary Career: Backbencher

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  Mrs Louise Daikin MP
Posted by: Louise Daikin - 08-09-2020, 02:52 AM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - Replies (1)

Louise Diane Daikin (neé White), born 6th September 1928, is a British Labour Party politician and the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Ladywood.

The eldest daughter of a headmaster, Paul White, and his wife Eileen, Louise grew up in Birmingham and attended a local school for girls. She did not attend university, and instead went into work at the age of 15 - first in a fish and chips shop, and then in a nursing home for the elderly and infirm. Louise married her husband, John Daikin, in 1949.

Louise went on to qualify as a nurse, and continued to work in nursing homes until her early 30s, at which point she became a district nurse attached to a doctor’s surgery in the Aston area. She left work in 1961 as she had fallen pregnant, and gave birth to twins - Maurice and Lorna. During this time, John Daikin had taken up work as a manual labourer in a factory where workers were routinely underpaid and mistreated. Upon Louise’s advice and as a product of her persuasion, John joined a trade union and later became a steward, unionising much of the workforce and campaigning for better working conditions. Nonetheless, in 1973 John died in an industrial accident, and Louise was left alone to continue to raise two twelve-year-old children.

It was at this point that Louise formally joined the Labour Party, and began a five-year campaign for compensation from John’s employers which was ultimately successful in 1977. Seeking to support other victims of workplace accidents, Louise established the Daikin Foundation which, through her brother Henry, offered free legal advice and campaigning support to trade union members. Meanwhile, Louise returned to work briefly as a district nurse - before becoming a full-time typist in the Labour Party’s Birmingham Ladywood Constituency Office in 1980.

Ahead of the 1983 general election, the Daikin Foundation made a substantial donation to the Labour Party - and Louise was successful in securing selection to contest the seat of Birmingham Ladywood. She won handsomely, and entered the House of Commons for the first time.

In 1984, Louise married John’s brother, Andrew Daikin, and introduced a private member’s bill to Parliament which proposed government subsidies for trade unions. In the face of a huge Tory majority, the bill inevitably failed. In 1985, she was elected as a backbench representative to the National Executive Committee, where she served until 1988.

In 1988, Louise was appointed to the shadow cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, in which capacity she continued to argue for more stringent workplace protections and for enhanced recognition of trade unions. She repeatedly pressed the government to adopt a policy of “legal abstention” from union organisation unless it were prepared to offer direct subsidies to unions themselves, arguing that regulation of an independently organising workforce amounted to a breach of civil liberties. In 1990, with the departure of Neil Kinnock, Louise left the shadow cabinet.

Louise’s son Maurice took over the running of the Daikin Foundation in 1991, after securing legal qualifications with Louise’s encouragement.

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  Myerscough SP: A Future for Parks and Open Spaces
Posted by: Aubyn Myerscough - 08-07-2020, 04:24 PM - Forum: Marked - Replies (1)

Aubyn Myerscough, the Prime Minister, spoke to a group of National Trust employees, volunteers, and others on parks, green spaces, and the countryside.*

[Image: TristramHunt1.jpg?w968]
Ladies and gentleman,

It is a great pleasure to be here. The National Trust is the institution of Britain. Close to 100 years of history and over 2 million members, you have defined the face of our nation and brought many of us together with a shared purpose and common endeavour - to protect historic places and places of our most beautiful countryside. You are an avid defender of important green and open spaces. From this admirer, thank you.

Over 150 years ago, something truly amazing happened. A petition was sent to Queen Victoria signed by 30,000 people. Not necessarily amazing in itself, Victorian Britain was a hotbed of petitioning. But this petition was special, it  simply called for the formation "within the Tower Hamlets, of a Royal Park”.

This petition was successful and the first public park in Britain was legislated for in 1841. It was the first park in Britain - and indeed the world - to be intended for one purpose: to meet the needs of local people and the surrounding communities. It was so popular that people used the park before it had even opened. Britain experienced a seminal moment in the way we all lived.

And in the 150 years since, millions of people have enjoyed our parks and green spaces, both deep in the countryside, along our coastal boundaries, and in our cities or towns. We have reaped the rewards of the wisdom of generations who fought to create vital spaces that are green and vibrant. And we are reaping the rewards of another generation who had the foresight to protect vital green spaces, even when our demands for housing grew.

I know from my own constituency the importance of parks and larger green spaces. Part of my constituency has very easy access to Blackheath. It is one of the largest pieces of common land in London, the alleged home of English golf but also the starting point of the London Marathon. It is the centre of a community, bringing families together and allowing the forging of connections between people who may not otherwise interact. Being outside in this space has enormous health benefits, encouraging physical activity including walking, running, cricket and rugby. And it makes us happy; being outside and surrounded by green is an uplifting experience.

These benefits are not just for the people of Blackheath or my constituency. They are countrywide. Our green spaces, countryside and parks do an enormous public service. And they do so because successive generations realised, just as we do today, that green spaces, the countryside and parks dramatically improve our quality of life. They make life worth living, and places worth living in. They should be a local and national priority.

Yet for too long, we have neglected our green spaces - particularly our parks. For too long, we have presided over a national decline in their quality, leading to a falls in usage and accessibility. As Prime Minister, I am committed to working with local government, community groups, and the general public to reverse this.

Firstly, I want to make it a statutory duty of local government to provide and protect green spaces and parks - and ensure that people have access to them. It is time they become a priority for every local government, and not just the most visionary. The community should be brought into decision making if the council wishes to sell a green space or park; only with public consent should it be disposed of. I also want local government to think seriously about securing parks in the future as more housing is built. They should not be an afterthought or a nice to have: they should be seen as a core part of the infrastructure required to create good and beautiful places to live.

Secondly, if the government is to place a new duty on local government then we should be prepared to provide the cash to enable them to do so. Today, I am announcing that in the next budget we will make £150 million over three years available for the improvement of green spaces and parks. This investment will be split between local government and community groups, and will seek to encourage collaboration of both. From replacing park furniture to purchasing new plants, from making the paths accessible to putting on new community events, this money will be there to back ambitious plans to get all of Britain enjoying all our parks and green spaces. We will also continue to fund local government adequately to meet this new duty.

Thirdly, we also recognise that repairing our existing fabric of green spaces and parks is only the start. Too many people are unable to access green spaces, free and democratically. They are unable to enjoy all the benefits that we know. I want more places where people can go, enjoy the benefits of the countryside, outside and urban green spaces. So we should be far more ambitious and bring more into community ownership.

Therefore, ladies and gentleman, this government is committed to providing £100 million over five years for community groups - supported by local government - to purchase land to turn into parks and accessible green spaces. Ranging from pocket parks to potential new parks on the scale of the original Victoria Park, I don’t want to limit the ambition of these community groups. We could see community groups reclaiming derelict ground that poses dangers to families and children, turning it into fantastic community assets that bring people together.

I want to set our ambitions even higher. In just over 8 years, we will be celebrating the next millennium. We will be at the start of a decade of wonder, change, and hopefully human progress. And we should use that year - that celebration - to set out what our nation stands for and what we want our future to look like. And I believe we should look backwards first, recognise our history and where we have come from in this millennium, and look forwards. Let’s be inspired by those individuals who fought for the first public park, a cleaner and more humane future.

So, fourth, I want a new Millennium Park to be at the centre of our millennium celebrations. I want to reclaim and regenerate a vast tract of land to create a shining beacon of green spaces and celebrate the new millennium. Victoria Park is over 200 acres in size, so should the Millennium Park. It should bring public, private and community investment together, give an area a new asset to be proud of and make it clear that our nation stands for a green future. I will be establishing a Commission to implement this ambitious task, and select the site as soon as possible.

Finally, I have listened to the calls of many Members of Parliament about the needs to create some new national parks. I pay tribute to their dedication and tenacity in raising this issue. I agree that there is a need to designate places as areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs) and as national parks. As the Secretary of State for the Environment said in the House, the Wrekin will be designated part of a national park alongside the wider Shropshire Hills. We will also be designating the New Forest and the South Downs as national parks. We will also be designating Tamar Valley, the Yorkshire Wolds, and Nidderdale as AONB. Our announcement today is a significant expansion of both national parks and AONBs, preserving our countryside and green spaces for the next generation.

This is an ambitious and forward looking strategy for parks, green spaces and countryside. It puts a commitment and the investment required to improve the quality and accessibility of these spaces, after decades of decline. And it is a prudent investment, paying off in the long run as people being healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Past generations have given us a wonderful inheritance. It is up to us to look after it, to nurture it, and to pass it on to the next generation. I hope that when future generations look back, they recognise the work Victorian campaigners did and celebrate, they recognise the work of the campaigners in the 1900s and celebrate, and they recognise the work of this generation and celebrate the parks legacy we give them.

*Permission from Redgrave

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Wink Roger Brigham
Posted by: Roger Brigham - 08-07-2020, 03:35 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

Name: Roger Brigham

Age: 38
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: John Redwood
Discord Username: Roger Brigham
Education: PPE (Oxford) 
MBA (Warwick) 
Career: Financial Markets Analyst (Schroders) 
Founder and CEO of Brigham Capital (Small Investment Fund) 
Party: Conservative Party
Constituency: Kingston-upon-Thames
Faction: No Turning Back Group
Parliamentary Career: MP for Kingston-upon-Thames (1987-)

Backbencher (1987-)

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  Bibi Lauria
Posted by: Bibi Lauria - 08-06-2020, 06:38 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

Name: Beatrice "Bibi" Lauria
Age: 35 (b. 1955; Camden, United Kingdom)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Anglo-Jewish
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: Omer Yankelevich
Discord Username: @JunkyardCat

Education: Dropped out at 16
           Camden Council Social Housing Support Worker (1973-1980)

           Shelter Housing Coordinator for Inner London (1980-1985)
           Shelter Housing Coordinator for London and the South East (1985-1987)
           MP for Hampstead & Highgate (1987-Present)

           Liberal (1981-1984)
           Conservative and Unionist Party (1984-Present)

Constituency: Hampstead and Highgate
Faction: Tory Reform Group

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  Alun David Williams
Posted by: Alun David Williams - 08-04-2020, 10:33 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

[Image: 20170317_PollyThomas_Conservatives_388.j...k=ChEUjhkP]

Name: Alun David Williams
Age: 55 (12/01/1937)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: David Melding MS
Discord Username: Morgan

Education: BA History, Balliol College, Oxford
Career: Barrister

Party: Conservative and Unionist Party
Constituency: Monmouth
Faction: Tory Reform Group
Parliamentary Career: MP, Monmouth (1970-present); Member, Foreign Affairs Select Committee (1970-1979); Assistant Government Whip (1979-1981); Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales (1981-1985); Secretary of State for Wales (1985-1989)

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  PC13: Russia / Sacking of Security Minister
Posted by: Redgrave - 08-04-2020, 10:19 PM - Forum: Marked - Replies (5)

Closes at 23:59pm on 8th August

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  Alexander Portela
Posted by: Alexander Portela - 08-04-2020, 07:22 PM - Forum: New Players & Character Creation - No Replies

[Image: U7t74Py.jpg]

Name: Alexander Portela
Age: 45 (b. 1st March 1945)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Mel Gibson
Discord Username: @eddyplolz#1987

Education: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Oxford
Career: Civil servant

Constituency: City of London and Westminster South
Faction: Tory Reform Group
Parliamentary Career: First elected as MP in the 1987 general election.

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