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PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Redgrave - 09-16-2020

What do you think about all this intrigue?

Closes 23:59pm GMT on 19th September

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Tommy Dawson - 09-16-2020

The central question of this Tory leadership contest is whether the next Prime Minister will attempt to window dress the fundamentally rotten economic project they support like Myerscough or whether they'll proudly tout it like Drummond-Macbeath. Either way the millions upon millions of people that have been devastated, alienated, and exploited so that the few could rise to even grander heights due to the Tory experimenting of the last 13 years have no dog in this fight.

I hope whoever wins doesn't get too comfortable in Number 10.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Wilfred Hart - 09-17-2020

In relation to the Times' reporting in the press lobby.

I certainly am disappointed in some of the public commitments made by the two MPs who have thrown their names into the ring to be our next Conservative Leader, and would be interested in seeing a different voice enter the race. For the time being, I can only make it clear that No Turning Back Group MPs, including myself, will back a Conservative who has the vision to lead us into the upcoming elections while backing business, sticking with sterling, and maintaining a bright fiscal future. Unfortunately, we've seen the recent procession of wet Cabinet Ministers appear all-too-eager to abandon the winning agenda that has carried us to electoral victory since 1979. That is a mistake we can afford no longer, and that is why it is so important we get this Conservative leadership contest right.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - William Croft - 09-17-2020

The Conservative party has been my political home since the beginning of my career in politics. I believe deeply in what it stands for, and for the freedom and opportunity we seek to provide to all British people. The values upon which our party is built, and through which we have transformed Britain, are now under threat by the most radical Labour Party we have seen in a generation. I am proud to announce my intention to serve as our party's next leader, and our country's next Prime Minister, and lead the fight against the socialist resurgence. The future of our party, and more importantly our country, is at stake. Both matters will be decided by this upcoming election, and therefor it is an election we simply cannot afford to lose. As leader, I will ensure we are returned to a 4th term in office. 

Even when removed from the party by a corrupt former leader, I fought tooth and nail for the betterment of the Conservative Party, and now I want to continue to do so as its leader. I look forward to this campaign, and I look forward to getting to work on behalf of the members of the Conservative Party and the British people.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Ruth Murphy - 09-17-2020

It seems like the Conservative Party have given the country two options: on one side we have an adulterer... on the other we have Europe’s favourite technocrat. Pick your poison.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Alex Cardigan MP - 09-17-2020

I think it is fair to say that Aubyn was cut from a slightly different cloth to a lot of his colleagues, and had perhaps learned from the mistakes of the Thatcher era more than most of them. I wish him and his family all the best as he recovers, and will be leading a prayer for him tonight at Welshpool Methodist Church. This leadership election, yet another one, feels a bit more subdued than others. Perhaps that is because it appears the Conservative Party are running out of ideas, and out of talent - they have lost their sense of purpose. I only hope, for the country's sake, that some talent emerges, and quickly. Otherwise we are in for an especially nasty election, and some noises from the extremists in "No Turning Back" which will only attempt to turn people against one another.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Dylan Macmillan - 09-17-2020

I am truly very sorry to see my good friend Aubyn have to retire from frontline politics due to his health concerns, he is a good man and has been an excellent Prime Minister for this country. The task to replace him is an enormous one given both the opinion polls and the narrow time span which we have at our disposal to turn them around, but I have accepted my nomination and have allowed my name to go forward to be the next leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party. The scale of the task in front of us is foreboding, but the road ahead is filled with twists and turns and with the right vision and policies we will be returned to Number 10 and majority government, I am campaigning for the chance to lead that push so that the Conservative Party can once again lead the country.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Alun David Williams - 09-18-2020

Aubyn was a great man and a fine Prime Minister, he will be missed. Now we look to elect a new leader, again, and we as a party must ask ourselves very serious questions. Who do we want leading us and leading our country. The Conservative Party has long been the natural party of Government, and we must act like it if we are to regain the trust of the British people and members of the Conservative party must take this responsibility very seriously. As interim head of the Cabinet during the Prime Minister's I have made the decision that I would not endorse any candidate in the race for it would be highly inappropriate for me to do so. What I will say is that implore all members to look closely at the actions of all candidates, how they have performed in Government and ask "are they the man to lead us forward?". I wish all candidates the very best of luck.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Dylan Macmillan - 09-20-2020

The next Conservative Leader must continue to build upon Aubyn's legacy by providing a fresh vision that, while rooted in Conservative ideals and principles, prepares the United Kingdom for the 21st Century and the new Millennium. The platform I have been outlining throughout this campaign is rooted in five such principles: Respect for law and order, promotion of aspiration and opportunity, a strong hand on defence, caring and nurturing family values, and a positive outward looking vision for a United Kingdom that leads in the World. These principles are universally held and strongly conservative in nature, I believe that with my leadership and these values the Conservative Party will win the next election with a post-war record equalling four consecutive terms in office.

RE: PC18: Conservative Leadership Contest - 1992 - Alex Cardigan MP - 09-20-2020

What do Dylan Macmillan and William Croft have in common? They both served under Thatcher. Make no mistake, though there may be some new words and rhetoric flying around, these are two former Secretaries of State in a Government so unpopular that they deposed their own ideological founder and leader. The Conservative Party are tired. Tired of fighting and being divided on every big issue, like Europe, tired of the merry-go-round in cabinet, tired of having to keep up the charade. We need an injection of life, fresh new ideas, and bold policy directions that put people first. Only the Liberal Democrats offer that boldness and clear purpose - to reform our institutions and to put people first.

Of all that has been said in the Conservative leadership election so far, the rhetoric that reveals the most is from Alun David-Williams, our first Prince Regent since 1820, and his attitudes that reflect that. Mr Williams claimed that the Tories were the "natural party of government". Having had this country be governed so badly for so long, I first question why he'd be so proud of that. My second question though, is why he thinks that any party could possibly make such a brash claim. It says something about British democracy when the best the governing party can do is claim that they simply win through being a mix of the last man standing, and, let's be frank, due to our ridiculous voting system pushing voters in directions based on a postcode lottery. If the Conservatives are the party of primitive nature in politics, then the Liberal Democrats are the party of modern civilisation, and I am perfectly proud of that.