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Aubyn Myerscough - Amelia Lockhart - 06-12-2020

Name: Aubyn Myerscough 
Age: 45 (b. 1st March 1945)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Tristram Hunt
Discord Username: Croslandfan

Education: PPE, Oxford
Career: Banker, Abbey National Building Society and then the Bankers' Automated Clearing System

Party: Conservative
Constituency: Lewisham East
Faction: Tory Reform Group
Parliamentary Career: A known ‘wet’ or potential maverick, Aubyn was elected to Parliament in 1983 as MP for Lewisham East. Aubyn has never sought to serve in government, and Mrs Thatcher has never sought his services. He has focused largely on social issues, including family breakdown, crime, and local government. 

RE: Aubyn Myerscough - Amelia Lockhart - 08-02-2020

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RE: Aubyn Myerscough - Amelia Lockhart - 09-14-2020

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