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The Guardian
An Unnecessary Evil: Ending Presidentialism

The latest twists in the Marcus Drummond-MacBeath Ministry saga are more blows to our nation. A nation we have an extradition treaty with has taken in the former Prime Minister so that he can evade justice. Patricia Carmichael, his first Home Secretary, could be executed for treason. Another Home Secretary, Lance Campbell, fled to Yugoslavia, and the Myercough Government had to bribe them with foreign aid for his return. So, where do we go from here?

Over the last forty years, our government has become too much like America’s. Our Prime Ministers have started to act more like a directly elected President than as a leader whose power is dependent on the support of the Commons. They feel free to wiretap at will, inform the media of policy before the Commons, and, as Baroness Thatcher’s tenure shows, direct all policy.

Our Prime Minister is not a Commander in Chief. They are not the Head of State. Both of those titles rightly belong to Her Majesty. We need leaders who are willing to give up their own power and restore it to the people’s democratically elected representatives.

In my Shadow Cabinet, I am not a dictator. Outside of the policy proposals I established during my leadership campaign, I am not coming in with a long list of things that I believe we need to get done. I seek to empower and support my Shadow Cabinet to think through ideas, test them out with their staff, and share with the rest of us. Take our Shadow Budget for example. While I was a supporter of scrapping the prescription charge and increasing investment in our social services, Shadow Chancellor Tommy Dawson came up with the ideas to scrap bus fares, quadruple adult skills initiatives, and support the creation of a Democratic Workplace Center. Shadow Health Secretary Ruth Murphy is cooking some great stuff up, Shadow Home Secretary Ruan Preston’s speech against the Terrorism Act pulled back by the then-Prime Minister, and Shadow Foreign Secretary Gryff Morrison is one of our best performers in Question Time and is a phenom at pressuring his opposite number. 

Imagine what we could do if our Cabinet felt as free to work as my Shadow Cabinet does. Imagine what we could do if our Cabinet was empowered to develop policy, think through policy, and lead the country instead of following the directives of their all-powerful leaders. It wouldn’t fix all of the problems that we’ve gotten over the last year, but it would be the best way for us to start and heal.

James McCrimmon, the MP for Glasgow Pollok, is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party.
Steve | A-Team

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