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PC12: Iraq again
The Oppositions frankly slanderous lies about the nature of our operation in Iraq are born of ignorance and nothing more. This is not a colonial endeavour, this is not Britain going it alone and taking over Iraq, this is a well thought out, reasoned, and internationally endorsed plan. The United Nations has a clear line when it comes to self-determination, they endorsed our plan. The United States and France have the military and financial ability to help us take the strain, they have endorsed and even joined our plan. Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and indeed every Arab nation in the coalition that is busy engaging militarily with Saddam Hussein's forces, have endorsed our plan. This is a strong plan with the full weight of global powers, regional players, and international law as decided by the United Nations Security Council behind it. The only people who haven't endorsed this plan are Labour, and the war-criminal we're in the process of overthrowing.

The Government have managed to balance the wishes and desires of over 50 coalition members, including nations as diverse as France, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, with the need for regional recognition of our plan with respect to Syria and Egypt, and the need for international legitimacy and respect for the rule of law at the United Nations Security Council. Without perfectly balancing each and every one of these competing priorities we would not have been able to set out our plan for the rebuilding of Iraq, we would have had to leave them to it as Labour would have done when Saddam Hussein fired WMDs at civilians. This plan is a triumph for British diplomacy and soft power, bringing together partners from across the World to put aside our issues and agendas in the pursuit of a singular goal, the liberation of Iraq from tyranny and its reconstruction for a more democratic and prosperous tomorrow. I am personally delighted to see Saddam Hussein consigned to the pages of history so that we can forge a new relationship with the people of Iraq which does not involve them living in constant fear for their lives from impending assault with a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Labour decry the fact that I have made three statements in the House of Commons on the issue of Iraq, what they don't tell you is that they have only asked one question about the situation in Iraq in the last five months. Now I haven't been in post at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a long time but when the Leader of the Liberal Democrats spends more time questioning me about Iraq policy than the Shadow Foreign Secretary, and when my party's own backbenchers ask me more relevant questions than whatever Mr Morrison was thinking about when he spoke about carrier pigeons, I think it's high time that Labour re-examine their commitment to Parliamentary Questions. I have been as open and transparent as I have been able to when considering that there is a war going on, Labour have simply sat idle until they think they can score a party political hit out of the deal.

I grew up during the Second World War and remember very vividly listening to many sources on the wireless warning us that the walls have ears. I make not apology for the secrecy with which we have conducted the war in Iraq to this point because military operations need to remain secret. If I had broadcast to the World that the plan for our invasion of Kuwait was for a two-pronged pincer attack to form the anvil to a US hammer, catching the Iraqi army in a situation from which there would be no escape, I would have no doubt earned plaudits from Labour for my transparency, but I would equally have earned the ire of our nation's generals for betraying our military plans to public television so that Iraq can hear them. When military secrets get out our troops die, it's as simple as that. Our men die, our women lose their husbands, our children lose their fathers. I will never apologise for the way the war has been conducted on this front, it was essential that we kept Saddam Hussein in the dark about our operations so that they would succeed at minimised risk to the lives of our soldiers.
Nicholas Eden
MP for Vauxhall (1974/1 - Present)

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