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Gruffydd Rhys Morrison
Name: Gryffydd "Griff" Rhys Morrison
Age: 56 (b. 05.02.1934)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Ralph Fiennes
Discord Username: Aaron

Education: PPE, Durham
1956 - 1960 - Freelance Writer
1960 - 1968 - Journalist, New Statesman
1968 - 1974 - Researcher, Labour Party
1974 - Elected to Parliament

Party: Labour and Cooperative
Constituency: Easington
Faction: Labour First

Political Career:
1974 - Present - Member of Parliament for Easington
1975 - 1977 - Parliamentary Private Secretary, Anthony Crosland
1977 - 1979 - Parliamentary Undersecretary of State, Foreign Office
1979 - 1985 - Member, Foreign Affairs Select Committee
1985 - 1990 - Shadow Minister for Overseas Development

Gruffydd "Griff" Owain Rhys Morrison, also known as Griff Morrison, was born in Wales in 1934. The son of Owain Rhys Morrison, a coalminer and his North East-born wife Enid, Rhys Morrison was brought up in a relatively stable family home. His father left his job at the mine in 1939 and joined the British Army. He never returned from war and in 1945, Enid moved the family back to her home village of Seaham, County Durham.

Rhys Morrison was fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship to attend Durham University as a member of St Cuthbert's Society where his uncle was a rector. Rhys Morrison worked as a Freelance Writer when he left University, during which time he also completed National Service during the Suez Crisis.

Rhys Morrison joined the New Statesman in 1960 and spend much of the next decade focusing on Foreign and Defence policy, first as a journalist and later for the Labour Party. He unsuccessfully ran for Parliament in the  1970 general election.

He was elected for Easington in 1974 where he very quickly became Parliamentary Private Secretary to Anthony Crosland, with whom he shared several agreed policy positions. Crosland became a mentor to Rhys Morrison, while the former was serving as Foreign Secretary. Upon his mentor's sudden passing, Rhys Morrison was moved to the Foreign Office proper where we worked as Parliamentary Undersecretary of State.

After Labour went into Opposition, Rhys Morrison's direction changed somewhat. On the right of the party, and feeling alienated after the loss of a mentor and then government, he opted to remain on the backbenches during Michael Foot's Leadership of the Labour Party, becoming a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Later, he became a Shadow Minister for Overseas Development under Neil Kinnock.
Gruffydd Rhys Morrison MP
Labour and Cooperative
Member for Easington \ Shadow Regions Secretary
Biography  | XP: 5 | Traits: Safe pair of hands
Issue Champion: Britain’s place in the world

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