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PC4 - Economy
Closes 23:59 on the 23 June
Steve | A-Team
No decent individual can pretend that the latest economic growth news is anything but disappointing. I hope it is a short term blip, and the UK can continue on its path towards prosperity after the failure of the 1970s. But it is clear that while the economy has grown strong, it isn’t being felt by everyone as unemployment stays high. The new government must implement a long-term comprehensive agenda to promote strong employment growth in every part of the country. A strategy doesn’t mean massive increases in regulation, but a supportive hand to let businesses grow, prosper and innovate everywhere. It’s what Britain needs now.
Britain has been put through economic hell this past decade, and we've had a series of Opposition Leaders so focused on their own internal party-politics that things have gone unquestioned. The recent leadership elections prove that Labour and the Tories are committed to the same old, tired, broken economics. Inflation is sky-high, growth is non-existent, and nearly two million are unemployed - surely it is time for the Government to take note of the situation, and pursue policies not based on pseudo-science from Chicagoan textbooks of yore, but on the real hard economic facts.

Isn't it time the Government treated us like adults? If we want first class public services, then we need to put tax up by a small amount across the board. If we want to tackle rising unemployment, then we need to work with both the private and public sector, not dogmatically backing one or the other. If we want a solution to rampant inflation, then perhaps a stop to constant destabilising experimentation and the free-reign of mad hard-line economic advisers would be the way to go.
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
One way the government can tackle long-term unemployment is to back the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the British public. We should be doing more to encourage those who are unemployed to become self-employed and the next wave of local entrepreneurs. The Enterprise Allowance Scheme has supported the unemployed, especially the long-term unemployed, to start their own business. But currently, the requirement for an individual to have £1,000 of their own capital is a significant barrier to accessing support for many. The government in its next budget should reduce the amount of capital required before someone can receive support under the Scheme. In doing so, we can support thousands more more from unemployment to entrepreneurship and earn, through hard work and dedication, an income to support their family.
The Tories knew from the outset that the result of their craven economic project to de-industrialize and de-unionize our economy would be mass-unemployment and widespread misery in all of our communities so that their boss and banker mates could pillage what were once public goods and exploit precarious labour that was once organised in industry. And they and their boss allies liked the results of this Thatcherite project so much that they just doubled down on it by making a true-believer investment banker her successor in a process that consulted magnitudes less than one per cent of the population - none of whom have had to endure a single sleepless night due to the anxiety and agony this Tory economy has created. 

While the Tories double down on privatisation, on public service cuts, mass-poverty and decay Labour will fight tooth and claw for a bold programme on the path toward a better world. We will restore industry under public ownership and organise it to meet the needs of the working people who create the wealth - not to pad the pockets of a few. We will fully guarantee jobs to all who want them, putting those who have been the victims of Tory political choices to work revitalising our infrastructure so that we are prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century and doing the work necessary to ensure our communities are healthy and prosperous places where parents are proud to raise their kids and where bonds of solidarity flourish. This jobs guarantee will also raise wages across the board by providing increased bargaining leverage to workers in their workplaces. We will rebuild our public services which have been deliberately suffocated over the last decade. We will revive and strengthen the rights that were so callously stripped from workers' just a few years ago so that working people can continue the fight for a democratic, just economy. 

Working people across Britain have figured out the Tories game by now. They offer distraction and nicely sounding platitudes while giving carte blanche to the wealthy few to accumulate more through the raiding of our industry, the destruction of the basis of working class power, and the snuffing out of our livelihoods, communities, and hope. As we dart toward a new century, we cannot and will not settle for profound despair amid great riches. Labour has a clear vision of a just society for the many and has the moral clarity to get us there. We will fight to shift the balance of wealth and power from the few to the many and to build a better world for a better century.
Tommy Dawson
Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 9 XP. 15 Marx Visits. Media Darling, Campaign Guru, Issue Champ (Econ Equality)
Deputy Leader (1990-1992), Shadow Chancellor (1990-1992), The Most Dangerous Man in Britain (1992)
The latest economic figures are embarrassing for a Government which has bragged about their so-called economic credentials for the better part of a decade. As the initial boom ends, we are now able to see Britain at that tipping point in which the deeply ideological mantras of extremist monetarism are taking their toll on the economic health of the country. Rather than taking a principled but practical approach to managing the British economy, the Tories are seeing it over a cliff.

Industry in this country is stagnating, having a huge impact on the livelihoods of the families dependent on them. Labour set out, at the Policy Review, a set of economic proposals that would see us take a more practical approach to the economy than the Tories, in turn being able to better support people in tangible ways. Labour has laid out an alternative route; supporting businesses to invest in manufacturing, answering unemployment with reskilling programmes, expansion in house building to boost construction, and keeping vital public infrastructure in the public domain. Labour has set out a plan, it's time this tired idealess Government did the same.
Gruffydd Rhys Morrison MP
Leader of the Labour Party
Member for Easington
Biography  | XP: 7 | Traits: Safe pair of hands
Issue Champion: Britain’s place in the world
What the Labour Party wants to do is to take away long years of progress and innovation from the British people. British workers and British businesses are very productive compared to what we can see on the continent, for example, and the wages have significantly improved. This is undeniable. Yes, we are indeed facing certain challenges but there are good ways to tackle them: namely, investing in the economy. Socialist experiments would lead to massive inflation. And healthy economy means the very opposite. Inflation has to be fettered and what we have to do are targeted investments. That's the healthy conservative way -- and one that actually works. I believe that the British people don't want to see their success undone by the Bennite Marxists who would love to use the opportunity of the current situation to force their vision of planned economy upon the British society.
Vivian Beale
Conservative MP for Shoreham
(Monday Club / 0 XP)
Over the past 11 years this Conservative Government has transformed The United Kingdom from one of the worst performing economies in Europe, to an economic powerhouse that is the envy of the world. Yes, we have run into some short term economic hardship, as every country is expected to do from time to time and these issues must be addressed. I must be clear that the answer to the trouble we face is not a return to state-mandated socialism, but a renewed support for the free market, for job creators, and for the ingenuity of the British individual. I am proud to be apart of a Government that is preparing a pro-growth budget that will deliver on the progress we've made over the last decade. Investing in British business, supporting the private sector, and ensuring the British people keep more of what they earn is the foundation for returning our country to economic prosperity.
Under Conservative leadership, the economy of the United Kingdom has made great strides, particularly compared to some of our closest economic neighbors. We've seen the benefits of a more open economy as productivity per hour worked has increased from where we were in 1979, and as wages for workers has increased as well. We've seen the impacts of a dynamic economy across all the regions of the United Kingdom and bringing prosperity to so many more than would have had it had Labour been at the wheel- especially with what they're proposing now.

It's true that there needs to be a course correction given the latest economic indicators- that we've grown so much so quickly that inflation is high and our interest rates have had to increase to match. But what our economy needs is a tinkering, and adjustment. Labour proposes hitting our economy with a hammer, proposing policies that will hit investors, savers, and workers at every level of our economy. This Government is committed to doing what we can to avoid any downturns, and more importantly to doing what we can to help those that have lost jobs or that are looking for work. We need to ensure that Britain remains the best place to save, work and invest, and this Government is working on new policies that will do just that- all without the need to take the sledgehammer to what we've built.
Victor Wolfe MP
MP for Stirling (1983-) | Conservative
Chancellor of the Exchequer (1992-)
The fact remains that despite what Labour might try to sell, the fundamentals of our economy are strong. We have a system where businesses and workers are more productive by far than they were ten years ago. We have more opportunities available for workers and for those that want to start their own businesses. We've seen amazing growth over the last ten years, and of course that means the economy has been heating up- and it means that this Government is ready to come in with the right tools to ensure continued growth and opportunity.

What weren't not in is a situation where we collectively throw up our hands and say it's time for a completely new structure as Labour are proposing. Their proposals will kill confidence, they'll kill investment, and they'll kill wages. Their investments in skills won't mean anything when everyone is out of a job, waiting for the grand reveal of this supposed new economy.

This Government is actively working on plans- that will be presented in the new budget- to offset the dire economic news and more importantly to ensure workers and the businesses that employ them aren't left behind. Now's not the time for snake-oil socialism- that's all that Labour has to offer.
Victor Wolfe MP
MP for Stirling (1983-) | Conservative
Chancellor of the Exchequer (1992-)

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