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Dissolution / Election Traits
Following on from the major events in the last few months of the recent Parliament, as well as the election campaign, the A-Team have decided to award a series of traits based on player performances.

You can find these traits below. To note, these trait awards are not for contributions in press cycles or for press office events, as these have been marked separately. For example, Tommy Dawson and David Williams both received traits in the recent batch of press office marking. The below traits have been awarded for the general election campaign, parliamentary contributions, live events and actions in office for the recent IG periods. 

Dissolution/Election Trait Awards
Campaigning Guru
  • Bibi Lauria
Parliamentary Star
  • Ruth Murphy
Safe Pair of Hands
  • Alun David Williams¬†
  • Julia Deighton
Party Favourite
  • Ruth Murphy
Constituency Pariah
  • David Williams
Viral Meltdown
  • James McCrimmon
2XP also awarded to Scott Webster for contributions during the brief Labour deputy leadership race.
Redgrave | A-Team

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