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PC6: Iraq
It is absolutely reckless and reprehensible for the new Prime Minister, as one of his first acts, to sack the Foreign Secretary who has been leading both the diplomatic and military operations concerning Iraq. This action shows yet again what we already know: this Government is in shambles and it's no longer just embarrassing to the Tory party--it's becoming a threat to the security of our Kingdom. 

One would think, now more than ever, our new Prime Minister would understand the importance of burying his political rivalries and looking out for the best interests of the British people. The Prime Minister's sacking of the Foreign Secretary shows that backroom political deals and backstabbing remain the focus of this lost and wayward Government. Our troops deserve better. The British people deserve better. The world deserves better. It's time for a General Election.
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A bit of a mixed bag of a press cycle with no clear winner.

On Parliamentary accountability - a bit of a win for the Labour/Lib/Backbench coalition calling for it, and making the Government look a little controlling. Which with what happens next, wasn't the best look to have.

On the march to conflict itself, both the Foreign Secretary and Shadow Foreign Secretary come off well but with a slight edge to the Shadow Foreign Secretary whose constructive opposition gains positive reviews from most of the press (and questions on how much he carries his party with him...). But there was more backup on the Tory side, handing a slim win to them on that aspect.

Attempts to attack the Opposition's stance on the military are a little too soon, especially when followed by a very effective and measured set of statements from the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

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