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Webster in Aberavon for Campaigning for Ruan Preston
Scott Webster giving a Speech to the Aberavon CLP campaigning for Ruan Preston

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming out today. This leadership election will define who we are as the Labour Party. We have a chance to Renew Labour, with a bold progressive vision forward that broadens the base of the party as well as retaining our core values. We need to fight for things that help every Briton so that we can broaden our coalition and bring the Labour Party a victory. I strongly believe in the vision and changes to the Labour party that my good friend Ruan Preston has and that is why I have endorsed him for Labour leader and will campaign for him here today and throughout the process. He saw the flaws in the last election and tried to guide the ship of the campaign in a better direction. He was a strong voice as the Shadow Home Secretary and did a great job holding the Tories to account. I have no doubt that he would continue that fight against the Tories as the leader of the Labour party. When we take on the Tories we need to focus on the issues that will improve the lives of as many Britons as possible. We need to focus on issues that can directly improve the lives of the average Briton. I believe that one of our best issues for that is the minimum wage, why? 

The Minimum wage helps every worker. For starters it provides a sense of security for those of us who work for it, that no matter what you will have enough money for a place to live, food, and all your other needs. The second thing is that it increases the value of people who do not work for minimum wage. A rising tide lifts all boats. Economists have seen in studies of the US that the employment rate goes up when the minimum wage has been increased over there. Not only that but it also means that people spend more growing the economy by having it move around the economy.  When you bring home more pounds, are you not better off? We have to fight for policies that help both the middle class and the working class. A minimum wage does just that, by making sure that everyone works for a minimum wage we can decrease the number of people who need governmental assistance which means that the Government can use that money helping those who really need it more. A minimum wage is a way to help people by and allow them to help themselves. No one should have to be cold in the winter and a minimum wage will reduce the number of people who need government help to do so. Which would allow those in need to get the help faster and better help.

I know Ruan Preston will fight for ideas like the Minimum wage, he believes in a strong labour party that works for both the working and middle class. He wants a Renewed Labour that fights to improve all our lives. He wants to help those who aspire to succeed, but he doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. He is a principled man that wants to see the strongest possible Britain, one with a strong healthcare system and world class education. As Preston said himself, why can’t strong unions go with strong business? Why can’t we be tough on crime and be tough on the causes of crime? It is my belief that we need to unite the strong Labour values that we all have with the knowledge that we need to work for both our current voters and those who’ve never voted for us before possible if we ever want to get back into government. We have to acknowledge the future, that we need a leader that can not only unite the all sides of the party, but also broaden the electorate we appeal to. We need a leader of our movement with a vision that opens up the possibilities of this party. I will vote for Ruan Preston because I believe he is that leader. 

We have to strive to end the divisive politics of the past elections. In the end the one thing we cannot do after this year’s election is fall into a trap of further polarization. Preston will boldly lead a Renewed Labour towards the victory we, and all those who rely on our movement, are yearning for. Why because he is ready to take the fight to the Tory fearmonger while expanding the base of the party. We have to take the lessons we learned from the general election, but not just be introspective, we have to look outward and understand how the Labour party should move forward to the next general election.  We might be staring one down, the Tories alliance with the Liberal Democrats could last 5 years or 5 weeks. The Tories might call an election when they see their poll numbers go up. If they do that we need to be ready with strong leadership with a forward thinking vision. Ruan in my opinion has that vision and the ability to be one of the great labour party leaders. This is our best chance to look forward into the future with pride that we might finally end that streak of losing general elections. I didn’t get into Politics to fight battles that were easy. I got into Politics to fight for what I believe in and that’s what I’m doing here. I’m fighting for a leader and a vision I believe in. I’m fighting for a leader who I know will deliver results for all those who count on us. Thank you all!
MP for Aberavon (1987-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Health (1992-Present)
Chair of the Welsh Labour Party (1992-Present)

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