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Dear All,

PolUK is a community that consists of many people from different backgrounds. We often all discuss other matters in and outside the game. The point is we are a community, whilst there have been past incidents which have caused grief and upset, we have therefore decided to outline some general rules for the overall benefit of the community.  

- The A team welcomes and respects everyone from all backgrounds

- Treat others how you feel you should be treated. Basically, respect each other. We all live in a world where everyone is different, it's completely wrong to cast a negative opinion on that about another.

- There is a ZERO tolerance approach to comments which are homophobic, racist, sexist, offensive to religion or extremist , they are not wanted in this chat or in the game. The A team takes offensive comments related to the above very seriously.  If you have such beliefs then either don't share them with the community or take them elsewhere, they are not welcome here.

Any member who does make such a comment which is deemed offensive by the A team will face disciplinary action.  The A team will then launch a formal investigation into the incident, where those involved will be interviewed by member of the A team. The Head Admin will also sit on these interviews.

After Interviews have concluded and the A team has reviewed the investigation we will then decide on the appropriate form of action, ranging from a formal warning or even expulsion from the game. The A Team's decision is final.

- If you intend on causing an argument with another, take it outside the chat, no one else wants to hear it.

We urge all players to read this and understand the policy. The A team will continue to review this policy on a regular basis, if the policy is amended the entire community will be made aware by the A-Team, we want to ensure it stays current and ensures that everyone in the community, regardless of age, sexuality, gender, race, or even religious beliefs can and will be respected.
Steve | A-Team

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