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James Alexander MacBeath
Name: James Alexander MacBeath
Age:  January 25th 1928 (62)

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Religion: Roman Catholic

Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital Status:
Married, 2 children

Avatar: Stephen Dillane
Discord Username: CDW

Education: Ardvreck School (1933-1941) Eton College (1941-1946), Oxford University – BA in History and Politics (1946-1949)
Career: Recruited by Foreign Office (1949), Consular Attaché - British Embassy Berlin (1951-1954), British Embassy Washington D.C. (1954-1957/1972-1976), Foreign Office London (1957-1960/1966-1968), British Embassy Moscow (1960-1963/1968-1972/1976-1979), British Embassy Vienna (1963-1966), 

Party: Conservative Party
Constituency: Windsor and Maidenhead
Faction: Bow Group
Parliamentary Career: Elected 1979, Foreign Affairs Select committee chairman (1987-Present)

Born in 1928 James Alexander MacBeath was the second son of Charles MacBeath and his wife Isabel in Perthshire, Scotland. His older brother also named Charles was the father of the former Prime Minister, Marcus Drummond-MacBeath.
James was educated at the local prep school Ardvreck, a feeder school for Eton College where James and older brother Charles would go on to be educated. James went up to Oxford University in 1946 following the end of the Second World War. Here he studied History and Politics, and in his final year he was recruited into the Foreign Office. He spent a number of years in Eastern and Central Europe at the height of the Cold War. During his time there he is said to have held several important posts in the British embassies but he had a very backroom orientated role.
He resigned from the Foreign Office to stand for parliament in 1979. He was initially very sceptical of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership but nonetheless he became very loyal to her and supportive of many of her policies.  In 1987 he was elected chairman of the Foreign Affairs select committee. He has been very vocal in supporting Britain’s interests including supporting the protection of British overseas territories and called the Sino-British joint declaration “a great betrayal”.

He is a staunch Roman Catholic. He now resides in his constituency of Windsor with a second family home in his native Perthshire.
He was very supportive of his nephew’s leadership bid despite their disagreements over social issues and often advised him after his victory in private. Like his nephew he is very anti-European integration, perhaps even more so.

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