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PC8 - Budget
This is a Budget that puts the UK's defence and foreign affairs interests at its heart. We are doubling funding for our intelligence services to keep our nation safe, protecting our front line servicemen from the cuts proposed by Labour, and invests over £2.1bn in funding into our armed forces as they fight abroad for freedom and democracy. This is a budget for our soldiers that keeps them safe so that they can keep us safe and it rejects Labour's cuts worth nearly £2bn in lost funding when compared to the Tory alternative. That says it all really.
Though even Margaret Thatcher cannot defend this government's budget, the rollercoaster economics of the past ten years continues: the government will pump cash into the economy to bail themselves out of a recession of their own making before inflicting more cuts and misery afterwards when they feel more comfortable doing so. 

The British public need economic stability and security, and this budget is nothing more than a short term reaction that will create more harm in the long term. Instead of quick fixes that kick the can down the road, the government needs to show it has a serious plan to deal with inflation, unemployment and wages.

To guarantee long term stability for communities across Britain, we need an ambitious jobs strategy that will get the British people back to work - benefiting them, their community and the nation's economy in the process.

It's important we have a strategy designed not just to create jobs, but to make sure we are producing good jobs in areas most left behind by the Conservatives so we can boost people's wages, productivity and prospects. This budget spends a lot, but does very little. There is no strategy for assisting the long term unemployed, no strategy for wages and no strategy for revitalising the areas the Conservatives destroyed through deindustrialisation. 
Steve | A-Team
A very strong Tory win this one. You get the feeling that - probably fairly - Labour didn't really know how to respond to this kind of Tory Budget and its attacks often came off either as weak or faltering. The Leader of the Opposition's wasn't bad, but it wasn't killer either.

The Chancellor put in a strong performance, although at times you were erring towards saying the same thing too many times. But there was enough variety, and enough focus on responding to the other side's criticisms.

Good PRs from Croft and Macmillan highlighting what the Budget did for their areas. Labour could have stood to do a bit more of that on their portfolios, since it widens the Budget debate into other areas and lines of attack.

The single Lib Dem response on the Budget did not attract any attention - if you're going to make one point, I'd suggest making it about substance.

XP for the Chancellor and the Prime Minister.
Steve | A-Team

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