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PC10 - South Africa
Closes 15 July 2359
Steve | A-Team
Marcus Drummond-Macbeath is a traitor to his country. No reasonable, sensible, patriotic person can infer anything more from it. Instead of facing justice, he has done the cowardly thing, and fled to a racist, Apartheid regime, amidst their swan-song. Though I am sure the history books will agree with my assessment, in our democracy, such thoughts appear to be disallowed. Today, in the House of Commons, I watched Conservative MPs laugh and jeer as an MP was ejected for the crime of calling the disgraced former Prime Minister a coward. I don't pretend to be a politician with an answer for everything or a great Parliamentary orator, but it is clear as day to me that a debating chamber where you cannot speak freely and openly about a national crisis and point of shame is not one which is working. History, as I say, will make a brutal judgement. Today, though, the Tories showed their true colours - more interested in public school debating society nonsense than in fairness, democracy, and the destruction of tyrannical regimes like that which the people of South Africa have endured for too long.
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Let's cut through the noise and get to the bottom line, shall we? The Government has taken sweeping, unprecedented action to utilize the full power of the state to hold the South African government accountable for their blatant violation of British and international law. We have frozen state assets held in Britain. We have taken rescinded their visas. We have begun to form a coalition of allies around the globe demanding accountability on the part of the regime. When the dust of the debate we just had in Parliament subsides, these are the concrete, tangible actions that will remain. The British people can know with confidence that they have a Government that is fighting for them at home and abroad, and that is united behind the principle that no one is above the law.

*Asked about his stance on Tommy Dawson being removed from Parliament, Croft says* 

Good, I'm glad this came up. Did Mr. Dawson violate the Standing Orders of the House? Yes. Is the former Prime Minister a coward? Yes. Both can be true. But it is my personal position that betraying your country, and then fleeing to a foreign nation to avoid taking responsibility for your actions, is the textbook definition of cowardice. 
It is absolutely disgraceful for any Conservative MP to hide behind arcane Parliamentary protocol to prevent a senior member of the opposition from asking an important question about the disgraceful events of the former Prime Minister who has fled justice and a trial for alleged crimes against Queen and Country. Outside the Chamber I say what all truly Honourable members of this House--from all parties--truly believe but cannot say in Parliament: the former PM is a traitor and if he wishes to avail himself of justice, he is more than welcome to return to the United Kingdom
Labour MP for The Wrekin (1987-Present)

Biography | 3 XP | Constituency Appeal | Issue Champion (The Pound)
I said it in the House of Commons and I'll say it again and again for all to hear: Marcus Drummond-MacBeath is a cowardly crook who sees more in common with the upholders of a vile white supremacist project than he does with the working communities like mine that he pillaged throughout his career as a speculator and in politics. At this critical juncture in the fight against Apartheid and all forms of inequality we stand in proud solidarity with all of the courageous women and men struggling throughout the globe to achieve a better world. Those that have bravely protested and fought for an end to Apartheid - whether in Johannesburg or at marches in our cities and towns will be remembered for their courage and moral clarity while Governments who have actively or tacitly supported the racist Apartheid order - such as Thatcher's and MacBeath's - and those who profited from exploiting an Apartheid-defined labour market like a member of the current Tory Government will be assessed with different  historical judgement.
Tommy Dawson
Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 9 XP. 15 Marx Visits. Media Darling, Campaign Guru, Issue Champ (Econ Equality)
Deputy Leader (1990-1992), Shadow Chancellor (1990-1992), The Most Dangerous Man in Britain (1992)
By hosting a fugitive from British law in their embassy and then in their country, it is clear that South African has no intention of ensuring the British public see justice be done. This government is taking necessary action to hold the South African government to account for their violations of international law. We have rescinded visas, and made it clear that none will be available for those connected to the government will be made. We have also applied deep sanctions against specific individuals in South Africa. This is a necessary course. The government I led is clear: no one is above the law; justice will be done in Britain; and any who seeks to block will be held accountable.
While the Government has been working to impose sanctions on South Africa, Opposition MPs have been busy making political stuns in gestures in the House of Commons. Instead of giving a voice to the thousands of British people they represent, every single Liberal Democrat MP got up and left the House in order to gain short term political points with the media. Our job as MPs isn't to get up and leave when we're upset, it's to stick it and out and ensure we're doing our duty to represent the constituents we serve. All of us are elected to advocate for our constituency, but the Liberal Democrats seem more interested in politicking than doing the work they were elected to do. 

The Apartheid regime could care less if Liberal Democrat MPs stage a walk out, it makes absolutely no material difference to them. Do you know what does? The crippling sanctions this Conservative Government has imposed. I am proud to be apart of a Government that stands for substance over meaningless rhetoric.
The Conservative whips and press office appear to be coming after the Liberal Democrats - in my experience, that is a good thing, and a sign that they know they're in trouble. The Prime Minister may be claiming that "crippling sanctions" have been pursued by his Government, but you only have to scratch below the surface of the Tories to see what they really thing. The Tory MP for Hayes and Harlington called Mandela a "black terrorist" and the Tory MP for Southend East said Mandela "should be shot" - yet the Prime Minister has made it very clear that their "free speech" on this is welcome in the Tories! If a Liberal Democrat MP was expressing such racially hateful bile, they would be expelled immediately. What is the point in having political parties at all if there are no repercussions for your actions, and no accountability? Frankly, I don't understand why the Prime Minister is so keen on having racist pro-Apartheid MPs in his party.
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
The Opposition can try and use the same tired old cliches and make this whole situation about them, playing politics with diplomacy as they always have, or they can engage with us on the detail and actually do something constructive. The fact of the matter is that we have taken multiple steps to escalate the situation in light of the grave violation of international norms and precedent undertaken by South Africa, we have levied heavy sanctions and will levy heavier ones further if they do not release Marcus into our custody immediately. Nothing less than South Africa's complete and unrestricted cooperation will make us even begin to consider altering the sanctions regime in a way that favours them.
Nicholas Eden
MP for Vauxhall (1974/1 - Present)
I remember the dark days of the 'hang Mandela' posters young Conservatives used to stick on walls up and down the country. Despite responding with generic catchphrases and rebuttals - 'political stunts' and 'playing politics' - the Conservatives have not denied their shameful history with South Africa and have failed to respond to it.

On the Conservative backbenches, we continue to have Members of Parliament who view Nelson Mandela as a villain and the treasonous, corrupt former Prime Minister as a hero. Until that changes and the Prime Minister takes a zero tolerance approach to those who endorse this kind of treason, no kneejerk response from this petulant government should be taken seriously.

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