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Steve | A-Team
Macmillan can end the Eurosceptic impulses of the Tory Party
Britain's future lies in Europe and only a passionately supportive European Tory PM can achieve that

[Image: Michael-Caine-930370.jpg]
Foreign Secretary Dylan Macmillan, right, accompanied by a CCHQ media adviser

With decades of war behind us, whether outright conflict as in the Second World War or in the espionage and intrigue of the Cold War, it is clear that the ultimate destiny of Europe still hangs in the balance. With the Soviet Union on the verge of collapse and the European Union on the verge of formation, the time is critical for Britain and its relationship with Europe. The resignation of Aubyn Myerscough has intensified matters even more, creating the prospect of his replacement being more Eurosceptic and inclined to try and tweak or even dismantle the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty.

If Europe is to be prosperous and unified in future, if it is to stand up to existential threats through a union of still independent nations working together in the heart of Brussels, Maastricht must pass. It means that there is only one choice to become Leader of the Conservative Party if that is to happen - Dylan Macmillan.

With a Conservative Party tearing itself apart over Europe, only a passionately committed Europhile can provide the vision and drive to unify warring MPs on such an issue. Macmillan's stances on Russia, South Africa and Iraq prove he is no soft touch, able to stand up for British interests but in a smart, reasoned way, ensuring that British power is represented whilst not being overbearing or obtrusive. 

Aubyn Myerscough had a commitment to internationalism, as does Dylan Macmillan. The successes of the Myerscough administration in terms of tempering the Eurosceptic excesses of the Conservative Party must be continued under Macmillan if Britain is to continue to be governed by reasoned, rational thought and leaders. A commitment to international order and global economic institutions is paramount in the next Prime Minister if Britain is to meet the critical European moment ahead.
Redgrave | A-Team

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