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Campaign materials
Campaigns Material #4 - Alex Cardigan’s eve of poll appeal - to them, the world ends at the white cliffs of Dover. To me, it doesn’t, and I’m bloody proud to be a patriotic liberal who believes we should make our voice heard abroad

Taking to the stage for the final time in an eve of poll appeal, Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cardigan spoke to Liberal Democrat members in Berwick-upon-Tweed. He is urging anti-Tory voters in Aylesbury, Eastwood, and New Forest to vote Liberal Democrat as a way of stopping Britain’s reputation in the world from being made even worse.

“Friends, what a few weeks. We have been busily out and about knocking doors, delivering Focus leaflets, and joining our friends up and down the country in doing so. I have spent more nights just south of Glasgow this month than I have with my wife and children! I must admit, though, I’m not looking for pity, as I love being on the campaign trail and speaking to ordinary, hard-working people. We are on to a big thing in Aylesbury, Eastwood, and even the former safe-seat of New Forest. I cannot wait for election night - but tomorrow, on polling day, we need the help of every Liberal Democrat in Britain to make sure we win.”

“Tonight, though, I want to make an appeal that extends far beyond this room. As this election is not something that is won and lost by the fanatics like us! It is about people, ordinary people, and the constituencies that from 7 to 10 tomorrow, people will be voting in. I want to make a very simple appeal on those grounds. Frankly, chaps, we just can’t let the Conservatives win this one. We can’t. A former KGB spy as Home Secretary, a Yugoslav-defector in Eastwood, pro-Apartheid MPs still in post, and a shameless set of toffs in power - we can do better. We can’t let them tarnish Britain’s reputation any more”

“You know, as I was saying that bit above, I felt a bit silly. They’ve made me as bad as they are, haven’t they? I believe in the local, in the community politics, and I know that people are just as dedicated and friendly as I am on all sides of the fence. Politics in our country is designed to make people fall in line, though, I suppose. There is never place for compromise or consideration, or compassion. It is all about picking sides and sitting in your trench. I am tired of it. I want reform. Sadly, to change our system so we don’t have this childish rubbish, we need to win within it. I am committed to making the Liberal Democrats do exactly that, whether we feel as uncomfortable as I do or not.”

“I was lucky to do something very few people can do, and travel the world for the BBC. I have been to every corner of the globe, spoken to ordinary people across the world, and you know what, it has made me genuinely optimistic about the human condition. People are good, rational, sensible, and do incredible things to protect the things and people they love. I am also a fervent patriot - I am proud to be British and proud of the fact that we punch above our weight internationally. I want to see that continue, and so does the world - yet our Government makes it impossible for people to look at the United Kingdom and not have to stifle a titter. We are a joke. We can’t stay like this. We need strong international leadership, and strong Parliamentary representation. Why can’t the Tories in Parliament tell me what our plan for defence is? Why don’t they have a strategy abroad? It’s because to them, the world ends at the white cliffs of Dover. To me, it doesn’t, and I’m bloody proud to be a patriotic liberal who believes we should make our voice heard abroad.”

“People, up and down the country, are tired. And in Eastwood, Aylesbury, and New Forest - as well as in many many more seats - the Liberal Democrats are running real campaigns, doing real local politics, and putting communities first. No other party has this commitment to localism. When the Tories spent thousands on Saatchi & Saatchi leaflets to go out near Glasgow - a place they have treated with contempt, as a testing ground - you know they are worried. For a long time, my whole time in politics, I have always felt that when Conservatives attack the Liberal Democrats, you know they are scared. Now, more than ever, I have felt that fear and desperation. If we see them lose Maggie’s old seat in Finchley to Labour, at this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised.”

“Out on the doors in Eastwood, this campaign, I have been astonished. In a constituency that we lost by some 6,000 last time, we are clearly in the driving seat. The Tories are in free-fall. We need every body we can get there on polling day, or, if you are in the south, to Aylesbury, where much the same is the case. I promise that you’ll get a nice cup of tea and slice of cake before being sent out with a rucksack full of Focus leaflets and calling cards - whether you’re a backbench MP, newbie activist, or me, you’ll be out from early o’clock and putting your back into it. We know how to win - it takes hard work and good local campaigns. And we’re going to win, if we can all pull together.”

“To put an end to my speech, I want to send a simple message. Tomorrow, vote with your head and your heart in tandem. In Eastwood, it is clearly a battle between Conservatives and the local Liberal Democrats. In Aylesbury, it is clearly a fight between Democrats and Tories in the heart of Buckinghamshire. In other seats, with quieter campaigns, the Liberal Democrats are still the plucky, localist, community-first, shoe-leather campaigners that know how to get the best deal for their areas. [b]So vote with your head, vote with your heart, and vote local - by voting Liberal Democrat[/b]!”
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Stump Speech
General Event #2

Ladies and gentleman,

It is a great pleasure to be here in [constituency name] supporting [candidate name] who will be a fantastic advocate for families, for justice, and for economic prosperity. 

The fact that we are having so many by-elections across England and Scotland indicate that all is not well in this country and in our political system. Before I became Prime Minister, the previous government had members who owed their loyalty to other nations, rather than the British people. And then rather than facing British justice they fled the country and hid, seeking to avoid the consequences of their terrible actions.

And over the past few months, this new government has been repairing the damage of the past few months but also building on the wider successes of the past 12 years. We’ve applied unprecedented sanctions and travel bans on those who protect fugitives from British law, we’ve started the process of holding those to account whose job it was to keep us safe, and we’ve continued to finish the job of protecting human rights in Iraq and Kuwait. We’ve also invested in families by doubling child benefit and family credit, we’ve slashed your taxes and abolished the community charge, and we’ve invested in vital public services while creating a new one in Family Hubs.

In just a few short months, this new government has started to make a fresh start. But I know there’s still so much more to do in cutting taxes, creating jobs, and supporting families. I’m asking you to vote for a Conservative candidate who will works with me to deliver this. Because let’s be clear, a vote for the Conservative Party in [insert constituency] is a vote for:

  • A government that puts families first with lower taxes, higher child benefit, and reforms that will allow more parents to spend time with their kids;
  • A government that cuts taxes for companies, invests in our workforce skills and training, and ensures our infrastructure is ready for the modern economy;
  • A government that keeps our nation safe with a well-equipped armed forces, tough but fair sentencing, and action to ensure no fugitive can avoid British justice.

Every vote for a Conservative is a vote for that agenda, while a vote for any other party is for a candidate who won’t support action to put families first, create a strong economy, and keep our nation safe.

We’ve got a lot to do - and it won’t be easy. I’m not a Prime Minister who will pretend it will be simple to make the changes our country needs. The divisions in our nation will take time to recover from and to heal.

So I’m not going to pretend, like Labour and the Liberal Democrats do, that there are easy fixes - because there aren’t. Talk about ‘policies from the grassroots’ or the Second People’s Charter are just slogans to hide the fact that the opposition either has no policies or want to tax you to the hilt.

I’m not going to say, like the Liberal Democrats do, that if I cut MPs wages, your wages will go up - and our nation will be more prosperous. It won’t, and that’s the only idea a Liberal Democrat MP would have for this constituency. 

I’m not going to say, like Labour do, that our prosperity will be earned - and our families thriving - if we provided a £9 billion bailout of the bankrupt companies that result from Labour’s tax hikes. It won’t, and that’s the only idea a Labour MP for this constituency has.

It won’t be easy but if we stay the course piloted over the months since I became Prime Minister, we can move our country towards a reset moment and a fresh start. It means governing in the family and children interest, it means ensuring that no criminal can escape British justice, it means ensuring our nation is strong and secure. No other party can offer that; no other party is prepared to take the steps required. 

Those steps will build on the work we’ve done that means the average family is £1000 better off, that invests £5 billion in the NHS, that takes strong action against criminals who perpetuate the worst crimes of sexual assault, and that puts in place the mechanisms to hold itself to account on representing children and families. 

There is so much at stake in these by-elections. It’s either a vote for a Conservative MP who will help this country move forward with lower taxes, a strong economy, and greater family support. Or it is a vote for an opposition party, one of which proposes higher taxes and the other offering no policies at all. It’s either about going forward with the Conservatives, going backwards with Labour, or going nowhere with the Liberal Democrats.

So don’t stay at home on [election date], don’t avoid making a choice, and don’t let Labour and the Liberal Democrats use these by-elections to try and turn back the progress we’ve made on national security, on the economy and prosperity, and on putting families first. Vote Conservative, vote for [candidate name].
Stump Speech

Good afternoon everyone,

I am Euphemia Fournier-Macleod and I am proud to be here in [constituency], I have always loved
[in Scotland: summers I have spent in Scotland with my family, my Scottish heritage and 4 wonderful years I have spent in Fife getting the best education this country can offer, sorry England *laughs*. I love Scotland and I love what it offers to people.]
[in Finchley and Chingford: these wonderful areas, very similar to where I represent in Fulham, young, vibrant, full of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit, offering best of Britain in terms of community spirit, though I might be a bit biased *laughs*]
[in New Forest and Aylesbury: market towns and surrounding rural areas that represent the soul of this country, combining entrepreneurship with rural charm, hard work with work ethic and good family values. This is the essence of Britain contained in a small area.]

The Conservative Party has always been strong in these areas, where we offer good governance, strong national defence, and a strong economy. Unfortunately in the past year this has not been the case. I won’t mince words, we have disappointed so many people across this country and it is on us to make it up to everyone in this country. We have made mistakes regarding policy and politics. In terms of policy mistakes such as the poll tax, I believe this comes from while mostly good intentions but bad execution, we are rectifying for it and we are not waiting for it, that is how government should work, I do not believe not a single person in this country expects the government to get it right every single time, in fact that is why we are making sure that people are self sufficient and does not have to rely on government but a good government also has to know when it does make a mistake and take steps to rectify it immediately, that is the difference between a good government and a bad one. Last Labour government made so many mistakes, which as I said can happen but the difference is that the Conservative government is taking immediate steps to rectify it while the last Labour government refused to recognise it and refused to take action on it. Let us remember the famous Sun headline about the response of Prime Minister Callaghan regarding the Winter of Discontent, “Crisis, What Crisis?”. We are still facing the same Labour from 1979 that refuses to believe anything is wrong with them, this is the same Labour whose leadership is so desperate to let Militant back in that they have formed a separate campaign group with their cronies. Now I understand that this is just politics but what it shows to us is that Labour has learned nothing since 1979 and letting them in will lead to another Winter of Discontent, crisis after crisis. In the Conservative Party, we are not afraid to stand up for what is right for this country, whether that being admitting that we were wrong on Poll Tax or taking a new approach in our latest budget to answer problems of today. That is how responsive governments and parties should address issues, not restricting ourselves to a certain school of economics or belief.

The Labour Party of today, still believe in answers of 1979 and frankly my friends that is just insane, if answers of 1979 worked back then, I’d have get it, okay it has worked in the past and now there is a chance that it might work again but no these answers did not work in 1979 and it will not work today and it won’t work in the future. Collective ownership, inefficient and bloated bureaucracy and refusal to acknowledge anything is wrong, that is what Labour offered in 1979 and that is what Labour is offering today. As Conservative Party we are offering £13 billion into direct assistance for homeowners, so that homeowners can keep the houses that they worked so hard for.Under Conservatives each family will be better off £1000 compared to Labour. We've put £19 billion down in increased direct payments to pensioners, low income workers, families and more because that is what a responsible government does, takes care of those who are in need and offer them help when they are in need so that they can solve their problems and get back up on their knees once again. In order to help people get back on their knees, we are also investing £700 million into training programs for youth and adults, into programmes to help people find jobs that fit their skills, and into providing support for long-term unemployment. We are starting Family Hubs which is a program that will provide much needed early intervention and support to 200 thousand children between 0 to 3. Early intervention to children is so vital for a child’s development, it will make a huge difference in educational outcomes, in social outcomes and in career outcomes. Family Hubs will help children and families in need, reduce family breakdowns and in the longer term be beneficial to the society by preventing social exclusion, regenerating communities and reducing crime. As the Conservative Party we have made mistakes, nobody is perfect and mistakes eventually are expected but this shows also how to compare and contrast in terms of approaching these mistakes, we have acknowledged these mistakes and took action to rectify it immediately, when Labour was in charge, they put their heads in the sand and ignored it, so much so that they are still keeping their head in the sand regarding what has happened 1979 and try to offer solutions from 1979 in a new packaging. We need a government that is willing to take right actions no matter what, even if that means acknowledging mistakes and changing course if needed and that is what we are offering for this country.
James McCrimmon canvasses in Perth and Kinross.

On Quality of Life: The Tories have hurt the quality of life across our country by systematically cutting spending to the NHS and other social services agencies. As a party, Labour is committed to passing and implementing the Second People's Charter which will restore important functions of our social services and improve our quality of life. Small blips of investment can't work anymore - only Labour will restore funding to pre-1979 levels.

On Foreign Policy: The Tories claim to be against human rights abuses, but will give money to a state where ethnic cleansing is the name of the game. Labour is committed to using Britain's soft power to fight human rights abuses across the world - including in Yugoslavia and South Africa.

On Scottish Devolution: As a signer of the Claim of Right for Scotland and a member of the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly, I am firmly committed to Scottish devolution. When you look at how Scotland has been treated by the Conservative governments since the referendum, it makes clear why there's a need for devolution. If you vote for [Candidate], [he/she] will join the vibrant Scottish Labour group of MPs that is committed to fighting for Scottish devolution. The Tories care about the rights of Russians, South Africans, and Yugoslavs - only Labour is committed to fighting for Scottish rights.

He gives every voter he meets a leaflet detailing the policies of the Second People's Charter - the right to a fair economy, the right to social support, and the right to employment.
James McCrimmon
Leader of the Labour Party (1990-Present)
Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (1990-Present)

Member of Parliament for Glasgow Pollok (1970-Present)
Traits: Campaigning Guru, 2XP

Formerly Shadow Solicitor General (1972-1974), Attorney General (1974-1979), Shadow Attorney General (1979-1980), Shadow Health Sec (1981-1983), Shadow Environment Sec (1984-1987), Shadow Employment Sec (1987-1989), Shadow Social Security Sec (1989-1990)
Tory Stump Speech #4 - All Constituencies - William Croft 

“Women are the backbone of this country, and they deserve a Conservative Government that’s going to back them in and out of the home,” says William Croft, Home Secretary. 

William Croft heads to Finchley, where he tours the constituency with the local candidate and meets with voters. After answering questions and talking with supporters, he delivers a stump speech making the case for a Conservative victory. 

Good evening, Finchley! Wow, has this been an exciting campaign. Campaigning is without question my favorite part of the job, and not just because I get to watch Labour MPs squirm as they’re forced to leave their Ivory Tower that is Westminster. I love it so much because it gives me the chance to meet face to face with all of you, the British people, and hear about what matters most to you. To get a better idea of what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and how each of us can better serve our constituents. 

Now a lot has been said over the course of this campaign, but there is one issue that has gone virtually unmentioned: the need to support British women with their lives both in and out of the home. In fact, the word “women” has only been uttered twice over the course of the campaign, and it’s been done in a vague, general sense. I think that’s wrong, and I think throughout this campaign women have been looked over and considered a non-entity. That ends tonight. 

It was women who in the 1930s and 40s watched their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers go off to war against the tyranny that was Nazi Germany, and without hesitation, stepped up to keep the factories running here at home. Their contribution to the national effort was of paramount importance, and was one of the key reasons we won the war. It was women who in the post-war period led the effort to reposition the family unit as the center of life in British society, and who raised a generation of strong British people. And today, it is women who are making incredible contributions in business, science, politics, and across society that are pushing our country into the 21st century. 

The fact is this: women are the backbone of this country, they play a vital role in and out of the home, and they deserve a Government that is going to support them 100%. Let me tell you why I believe the Conservative Party deserves to continue to lead that Government, and is prepared to fight for a better future for British women. 

I am immensely proud to represent a party that stands alone as the only major political party in Britain to have been led by a woman, and the only political party to have made a woman Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. Today, I am equally proud to be a Conservative because of our policies that support women and ensure they have an equal shot at making the most out of their lives. 

I believe that the hardest job anyone can do is being a mother. In my childhood, my mother was undoubtedly the leader of our household. Like her, mothers across Britain keep their families running, and that is no easy task. That’s why the Conservatives have been committed to doing our part to make it a bit easier. It’s why we’ve increased maternity pay, and the Marriage Tax Allowance, to help both working and stay at home mothers. We never want a mother to choose between keeping her job, or taking the time off that she needs and deserves to be with her newborn child. The job of a mother is hard enough as it is without having to worry about sacrificing one part of your life for another, and so this Conservative Government is fighting to make sure you don’t have to. 

This is also why the Government has introduced the revolutionary policy of Family Hubs, which has provided support for 200,000 families right across Britain. We know that the global recession has created challenges for many, and has made it necessary for families to tighten their belts. That’s why we’ve created and championed the Family Hubs scheme, which ensures that those families struggling the most receive the leg up and assistance they need. No mother should have to choose between getting butter or milk when they’re doing the weekly shop, and the Conservatives are delivering pro-family policies that ensure they don’t have to. 

Unlike the Labour Party, that seems desperately stuck in 1979, our Government recognizes that a strong economy means evolving to meet the challenges of a modern era.  Let me be the first to say that the modern economy will be one defined by the participation of the many smart, hardworking, industrious British women. To support them, the Conservatives are working overtime to build an economy where hard work is rewarded, and where the only thing standing in between you and success is your determination. By cutting corporation tax by 5%, we’re massively reducing the tax burden for women owned businesses across the country, like the ones I visited here today in Finchley. We’ve also invested £700 million in job training for adults and young people, placing a great emphasis on training for women that want to enter the workforce. Britain’s economic growth must be a tide that raises all ships, and certainly those sailed by women. 

And critically, the Conservatives are doing the necessary work to ensure that the law remains resolutely on the side of women and their rights. It is a very sad fact that the vast majority of victims of sexual assault in this country are women. While there is no way to reverse the destruction and damage an act as evil as sexual assault does to a woman, there is certainly work we as a Government can do to support victims. That work begins by ensuring Britain’s legal system guarantees justice for every woman harmed by sexual assault, and that is precisely what we have done with the Sexual Offences Act. Our legislation increases penalties against perpetrators of sexual assault, provides women with the legal assistance they deserve, and does away with the backwards “marital defense” in cases of rape. This isn’t radical, it’s simply the right thing to do. As your Home Secretary, I will continue to spend every minute of my time in office fighting to prosecute those who attempt to take advantage of women to the full extent of the law. 

With your support, and with your vote, we will have six more Conservative MPs who will work tirelessly to enact our pro-woman agenda. And let’s be clear, the choice is really quite simple. In tomorrow’s by election, voters here in Finchley and across the United Kingdom will have a clear decision to make. Do you want an MP who can do nothing more than shout from the Opposition benches, or do you want to be represented by a Conservative MP who is part of a Government empowered to actually make decisions? To me, the choice is quite clear, and I have a feeling it is for you as well. 

Now, it wouldn’t be a true William Croft speech if I didn’t take at least a brief moment to acknowledge my party’s opponents. Those in the media are going to call this bit of my speech “negative campaigning,” but I like to call it telling the truth. So let’s get to it. First we have the current Labour Party, that doesn’t seem to have a clue about what they’re for, but certainly knows what they’re against. Just look at the speeches being given by the hard-left Labour leader and deputy leader. A Labour Government would be against privatization, and would tax you to renationalize entirely successful private industries. A Labour-led Government would be totally anti business, which is why their Shadow Budget raises taxes on every single business in the UK. And a Labour Government would be against our incredible military, a fact they made clear when they announced plans to slash the Armed Forces’ budget and cut thousands of troops despite Britain being in the middle of a war. Labour is the party of opposition, of pessimism, and of the past. Don’t reward their narrow-minded view of Britain’s potential with your support. 

And that brings me to the Liberal Democrats. I’m going to make my comments about the Liberal Democrats as brief as their list of policies are. If failing to show up was an Olympic sport, the Liberal Democrats would take the gold. The Liberal Democrats walked out of the House of Commons during the Government’s update on South Africa. Not a single Liberal Democrat MP bothered to show up to the vote on the Government’s budget. And, most damningly, every single Liberal Democrat MP has been absent from the debate on the Sexual Offences Act. Simply put, their behaviour has been shameful. I think I’ve already said enough. 

So tonight, to the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters and sisters in the audience, I say thank you to all of the work you do to keep Great Britain great. And to the men here tonight, I say thank you as well… thank you for sitting through a speech that had very little to do directly with you. As my wife reminds me, we are certainly the less important half of the equation. As I conclude, I’d just like to leave you with this message. Vote for the candidate who wants to fight for you in Parliament. Who wants to listen to your concerns. That is ready to, and has the power to, make a difference in your life. I confidently believe that candidate here in Finchley, and in every by election, is the Conservative candidate. I believe that because when the dust of the Parliamentary drama settles, our Government’s track record over the last year has been one of results and decisive action. I want to keep up that good work, and with your vote, we will do just that. 

Thank you, goodnight, and tomorrow, remember to vote!
Canvassing - Finchley:

In Finchley, the Shadow Health Secretary Ruth Murphy spoke to voters about key issues.

She spoke to one voter about her brief, the NHS:
"The Labour Party has long made the case that the Conservatives have been damaging the NHS with their persistent underfunding and marketisation of the health service, which has led to clinic closures and increased waiting times all around Finchley. But they have also failed to tackle illness at its roots, leading to a worse economy, a more strained NHS and larger waiting times for you and your family.

We'll invest an unprecedented level of funding in the NHS to tackle these issues and remove the multiple taxes on sickness the Conservatives have raised or introduced since they've been in power, but crucially we will make the National Health Service a health service, not a sickness one. We've done that by investing millions more into public health than the Conservatives, but where they make a one off £200 million investment into 'Family Hubs' we'll have a cost neutral, fleshed out plan to reduce health inequality, which benefits you and your family."

When another expressed concerns on crime, she responded: "We understand the worry and anxiety families across Finchley have when they see rising crime. Nobody wants their hard work, property or even life taken from them by criminals who have no respect for the rule of law. The Conservatives' messing around with their disastrous Terrorism Bill and cuts has done nothing to tackle crime. Labour's Shadow Budget has proven we will. We'll put more bobbies on the beat but also invest so that we tackle crime from its very origins. It's a comprehensive strategy that will keep the people of Finchley safer."

She discussed having a candidate that can proudly represent London with another constituent:
 "When London was empowered with a voice, our previous Prime Minister and outgoing Member of Parliament Margaret Thatcher decided it didn't deserve one and was quick to take that voice away. 

We think people in Finchley should make decisions closer to home. And that is what we'll do - unlike the Tories we'll focus on decentralising, not centralising, power, and that starts in the nation's capital."

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