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Campaign materials
Please state whether the material is general, or what constituency it is targeted at.
Steve | A-Team
Tory Campaign Material - Leaflet/Flier - Aylesbury 

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-07-18_at_1.39.17_PM.png...height=972]
Aylesbury event: Alex Cardigan opens Aylesbury HQ and campaign - “Want to move on from Mrs Carmichael? Only the Liberal Democrats can win here!”

People are moving boxes around and putting big Liberal Democrat posters up inside a formerly disused Aylesbury town centre shop, on a sunny afternoon. Members and activists are stood outside the new HQ, which has a big ribbon to be cut. There is a large sign above the office which says “Michael Soole - Your Hard Working Democrat!”.

Alex Cardigan comes out, having been lifting heavy boxes and mingling, and calls around media and members to deliver a barnstorming opening speech for the campaign.

“Liberal Democrats, thank you for turning up here in such great numbers today! If there is one thing our side can be relied on for, it is tenacity and determination, often in the face of real adversity. Most of you here have seen many a false dawn and woken up after more than one election night feeling absolutely devastate. I think that the numbers here today may mean that in Aylesbury, and up and down the country in these by-elections - caused by a morally bankrupt Conservative Party - no such fate awaits us. This by-election is a real opportunity for us to give people a real offer, and a clean slate, after a horror story from their former Tory MP.”

“That is ultimately what this by-election is about. It is about a fundamental question about the style of politics which we want to be promoting. It is about the openness, transparency, and reform that our nation so badly needs. And, as we all know, part of why we’re all here on a lovely summer’s evening in the heart of Buckinghamshire, change starts locally. It starts at a community, grassroots level. That is why we are going to fight and fight hard here, because we need people to be represented not by the standard Westminster-approved candidates that get in year after year, but by a fantastic local champion - in Michael Soole, we’ve got a man who has fought for this constituency for years - decades, even. We’ve got to fight hard and show that we can win here.”

“I wrote an article in the Mirror last week, bemoaning the quality of MPs. Too many MPs use their role to benefit themselves. Taxpayer-funded holidays, dodgy expenses, and, frankly, an already over the top salary. Those transgressions are nothing in comparison to what Patricia Carmichael has done, though. Nothing. She has brought the very institution of Parliament into disrepute - not that it needed much help, after the last decade of incompetent Governance. She has brought Aylesbury into the news for all the wrong reasons. Our strong, progressive, local campaign is a chance for a fresh start - that is why we need to rally round and put our best foot forward. It isn’t about us - it’s about the people who the Tories have let down. And, the most British revolt of all, could happen here, in the middle of Buckinghamshire. One at the ballot box, not the barricades.”

“Residents across a few disparate corners of Britain have been presented a chance to send a message to the corridors of power, with these by-elections. In a seat where Labour have no chance, and the Tories have let us down again and again, Aylesbury residents have their chance to enter the history books here. I know it’s rather silly, but I always think, when my children ask me where I was admits this chaos - this betrayal of people’s trust - if I can say hand on heart that I was out doing every bit of the hard work on the ground that I could be doing, well, there are much worse answers. And I know that Liberal Democrats will flock here so that they can say the same, and be part of the change we all know we need. Want to move on from Mrs Carmichael? Only the Liberal Democrats can win here!”

“Our offer to local people is clear - more schools, and more bobbies on the beat, yes. We have a clear plan to fund it, too. But it is more important than that, and of greater consequence. Our offer is about trust - trust in politics, that can only be garnered through reform. That is why we will campaign the way we do, at a very human level. Door to door, church to church, Focus round to Focus round, we will battle on, because it matters. The way we do politics matters as much as the outcome. So, Liberal Democrats up and down the country, come to Aylesbury - and be part of the change we need so desperately. Patricia Carmichael and the Tories have put Aylesbury in the news for all the wrong reasons - let’s make sure the next time it’s in the news is when the teleprompter reads LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN!

Cardigan heads off to talk to activists and lead teams out to deliver Focus leaflets neatly stacked on the tables.
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Tory Campaign Material - Billboard - Eastwood 

[Image: Screen_Shot_2020-07-18_at_9.43.01_AM.png]
Tommy Dawson stump speech. Labour General Event #1 across all constituencies.

Hello [city]! It’s an honour to be here at this crucial moment in our history as we turn the corner from this dark decade plus of miserable Tory rule and begin to lay the foundation for a better century, one free from alienation, poverty, and grotesque inequality - one where the fullness of life is enjoyed by all as opposed to being an experience confined to those in mansions and yachts. 

Now, when I say this is a crucial moment - I mean it. We are living amidst an economic crisis in which millions have been condemned to unemployment, millions are forced to endure precarity and poverty, millions are suffering from sleepless nights anxious about how they’ll pay the rent, how they’ll keep food in the pantry for their children, millions living on a day-to-day basis not sure how they’ll get by in the next month. This is an economic crisis that has laid bare the utter cruelty and callousness that has underlied the Tory economic experiment that they’ve enthusiastically foisted upon us for the last 12 years. In the Tories’ eyes our communities have been nothing but laboratories for their monetarist, deindustrialising programme. Now, to any reasonable person millions of unemployed, depressed wages, mass misery, communities savaged with cut after cut, and marches in the streets for economic justice are indicators of immense failure, of an economic programme that not only deserves to be condemned but one in which its initiators should feel immense shame and guilt for implementing, given the pain it has caused to real people. But at their elite dinner parties the architects of mass misery and incalculable anguish receive nothing but praise for a job well done. Behind all of the spin and rhetoric they used to justify their so-called “restructuring” is the reality that the real intent of the Tory economic project was to break up the power of ordinary people, to make their lives more difficult, to sell off the industries that provided the jobs which sustained them for generations, to tear apart the fabric that held communities together so that the wealthy few could enjoy even more. And in that regard, Thatcher, Westcott, MacBeath, Myerscough and every other Tory that voted with them time after time in the Commons have been extremely successful. They’ve forged the most unequal British society in generations - and they want to be rewarded for it! 

Well [constituency] you have an opportunity -  with the whole country watching this by-election - to send the Tories the message that they’ll never get as they pop champagne at their fancy galas and receptions. You can say quite clearly on [election day] that mass-suffering so the few can grow richer is a repellent program and it’s time for a Labour Government that will fight tooth and claw to uplift the many who have suffered for far too long. Labour has a plan to save the jobs at risk in this Tory recession by giving workers at businesses the opportunity to run them in a cooperative manner. The Prime Minister and Chancellor may scoff at the idea of saving jobs that are vital to our communities, that support families, that allow working people an opportunity to do more than just miserably scrounge by in life, they may smirk at the idea of the people who create the wealth having a say in how their businesses are run, on what wages they are paid but Labour understands that rescuing and bettering jobs must be the utmost priority of a Government. Furthermore, the Labour Party is committed to restoring industry to Britain which the Tories have shamelessly sold off to wealthy speculators. We are not only going to create jobs across Britain and start producing real things again, but we’re going to organize that production for the benefit of all instead of it just serving as a vessel for the profit of the few. Labour is committed to reviving our public services which have been brutally cut over the past years of callous Tory budgets. In our first year, our budget plan calls for hiring 5,000 nurses, 15,000 teachers, 2,500 police officers, and 3,000 firemen and increasing wages by 10% to ensure that our public services are properly supported and our servants who ensure they run are paid a wage that reflects the hard work and dedication they show each and every day. The Labour Party is committed to universalizing our public services so that all may receive their benefits without worrying about pocketbooks. While the Tories want to keep the sickness tax, Labour will scrap it, ending prescription fees which disproportionately harm working people. The Labour Party will scrap optical and dental inspection charges to ensure these vital aspects of care are free to all - as they ought to be. We have a plan to revolutionise transport by eliminating bus fares so that the ability to get where you need to go can be enjoyed by all without the fares that add up to a considerable amount at the end of the month. The last decade of Tory economics has been about making the few richer to the detriment of the rest of us. Let’s make the next decade and indeed the 21st Century one in which we put uplift the many, restoring our industry, building good jobs which can sustain an economy built to meet human needs, tackling the scourges of unemployment, poverty, and despair so that every child born can know what a full, enjoyable life means. 

Now the disastrous Tory economic project isn’t the only reason why this is such a pressing historical moment. While so many were struggling through economic misery the Tories were preoccupied first by leak after leak, pursuing petty drama and personality battles and then by scandal after scandal ranging from high treason, to illegal wiretapping, to quid pro quo extradition deals, to a former Tory Prime Minister fleeing the country to escape justice. I think I join the vast majority of people in this country from all political persuasions in saying that I can barely articulate just how exasperating these last six months of treason, scandal, and psychodrama have been and how embarrassing it is to have a rudderless Government pretend to enjoy the confidence of the people as ordinary people are treated with more scandal each and every day. Even when the Tory Government attempts to take action to resolve the scandal and treason they have presided over they have behaved incompetently at best and maliciously at worst. Such as their on the fly, uncoordinated South Africa strategy that not even the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Foreign Secretary can seem to agree the goal of is and Myerscough’s quid pro quo arrangement with Yugoslavia in order to resolve a scandal that occurred under his watch. This Tory Government’s shamelessness and out of touch intrigue must end and Labour is committed to restoring dignity and acting in a manner that is in step with the needs of ordinary people. Under Labour there will be no more psychodrama, no more leaks in battles of personality, and certainly no treasonous actors. The Tories have brought us all three and cannot be rewarded for it with by-election victories. 

Now, I am sure that Tories are flooding into your community acting like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, promising that they’ve changed, that things will be different, that they are back on track. That’s exactly what Aubyn Myerscough said when he began his premiership after the resignation of our cowardly, traitorous former Prime Minister. Yet Myerscough has continued the Tory backroom deal-making scandals of old, negotiating a sweetheart deal with Yugolsavia’s government in order to return a minister he had appointed that had fled justice abroad. He claims to be turning over a new party leaf but the reality is that he and his ministers stood with Thatcher and MacBeath as they pursued vicious cuts, sold off our industry, and created the vastly unequal, cruel society millions are suffering through, today. No window dressing policies will excuse that. No fancy turns off phrases will rescind the pain that their party has caused so many, the anxiety that parents feel when thinking about how they can ensure a good foundation for their kids, the hurt of unemployment, the suffocation of future prosperity in communities throughout our country. They are responsible for this mess and we need a new direction under Labour to clean it up. A vote for [the Labour candidate] on [by-election date] will put us on a new direction to achieve a fairer, just society as we stride toward the 21st Century. Thank you [city]. 
Tommy Dawson
Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 9 XP. 15 Marx Visits. Media Darling, Campaign Guru, Issue Champ (Econ Equality)
Deputy Leader (1990-1992), Shadow Chancellor (1990-1992), The Most Dangerous Man in Britain (1992)
Alex Cardigan joins Cllr Allan Steele to launch Eastwood by-election campaign 

Today, outside the party’s Eastwood by-election HQ in Newton Mearns, Alex Cardigan spoke to a large crowd of press and activists. Liberal Democrats from across the country had trudged up to the Scottish town, to take part in what was being billed as a major by-election.

Cardigan, a fairly short man, wearing a shirt with no tie, slightly creased trousers, and boots more for leaflet delivery than Parliament, spoke atop some boxes of Focus leaflets, with the party HQ emblazoned with “CLLR ALLAN STEELE - WORKING HARD ALL YEAR ROUND” behind him. The atmosphere is warm, jolly, and basically what you’d expect of the beardy sandal-wearing following that quite like the leader.

“Liberal Democrats! Good Lord! There are a lot of you here today! Look, I’ve been to a lot of by-election campaigns in my time, and believe me, they don’t all look like this. This is really, really, really something, guys. We are on to something here. But go on then, let’s do what we do best first, and take a trip down memory lane. Who was with me out delivering leaflets & knocking doors in Glasgow Hillhead, just up the road, when the fantastic Roy Jenkins got in?”
Sections of the crowd cheer

“That is a lot of you! Come on then, who was in Liverpool Edge Hill? Still a few, right… this one is trickier, how about Berwick-on-Tweed in 73? Pointing at someone in the audience cheering Well I know you were there Ken! Liberal Democrats, the point I’m trying to make here is simple - we’ve got a by-election, we’re in second place here, and we’ve got a fantastic local candidate. I can’t think of a better opportunity to show people that we can win again, and that we are back on the political map!”

Pavement pounding, shoe leather wearing, Focus delivering, fundamentally human and decent liberal community politics. That is why I am proud to be a Liberal Democrat. And that’s why we’re all here today, and why some of us have travelled far and wide to come here and back Cllr Allan and his campaign to be our newest Liberal Democrat MP. Because we know the impact that a local champion can have for our communities. It isn’t all potholes, bins, and lampposts - a good local MP is the difference between a new school for our kids, more GPs and beds in hospitals, more good quality jobs in the local area. And I know that Cllr Allan Steele would be far better as Allan Steele MP, to make that happen.”

“Now, I want to tell a quick story before we get out there. I remember, one of the worst days of my political life was in October 1974. I’d taken a year out of work to be the Liberal candidate for Shrewsbury, and having got the Tory majority down to nowt in February, not only had I managed to lose a thousand votes - but we’d also lost our leverage, and seen a useless Government elected. Not only that, but we lost two fantastic MPs and colleagues - Paul in Cornwall, and Michael in South Manchester. That morning, I felt like I wanted to go to bed and never get up. But there is one thing that Liberals and Democrats can never be criticised for - pure, raw, campaigning tenacity. Especially when MPs, like Lance Campbell, have put this area in the news for all the wrong reasons” 

“I got out of bed, I dusted myself off, and I got campaigning again. In 79, when we lost Montgomery, I decided to go for it. I decided to say sod it to the comfy BBC lifestyle I’d become accustomed to, and to put my community first again, and fight. We fought, we won, and we gained Montgomery. The casework that our hard-working little local office has done then has made a difference to people. Farms have been saved, jobs have been brought to our area, and we’ve stopped unfair deportations. And you know what, yeah, we’ve done the potholes too. 

“The point I’m making here is not some self-congratulatory point about my corner of Mid Wales. It’s that whatever the polls say, whatever the last few years have felt like for you - as they haven’t felt great for me either - a good, community-first local campaign can change lives. And we’re going to change lives, and we’re going to get a big blob of amber on the map here in Scotland, and we’re going to win - and Allan is going to be a fantastic local MP!”

Big cheer from Liberal Democrat activists in the crowd, waving diamonds in the air.

Now, these Focus leaflets I’m standing on aren’t going to deliver themselves - who needs a lift out to somewhere to deliver them, I’ll get my Volvo!

Eastwood Poster - The Tory MP for Yugoslavia

Eastwood Leaflet - Focus: Allan's Always Been On Our Side, say local people



Eastwood Leaflet - The Conservatives have let you down


Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Marcus Redgrave MP stump speech - Labour General Event #2 across all constituencies

It's a pleasure to be here in [city/town name] today and yet it's sad to see the effects of the government we're currently being ruled by.

Just two short years ago, Margaret Thatcher hailed the tenth anniversary of this Conservative government as a time that had delivered prosperity, opportunity and security to the United Kingdom.

Her words were flawed then but now, two years later, they are far removed from reality.

The government of Aubyn Myerscough is no better than Thatcher’s, a government adrift and without purpose, still repeating the same old tired policies and lines whilst failing to heal our country and take it forward. Time and time again, the Prime Minister and Chancellor have proved that they have little idea about how to actually help the people of this great nation. 

This Conservative government still continues to benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else. They believe that everyone should be the master of their own fate and yet when it comes down to it, they make it harder for working men and women to do just that.

Cuts to public services, mass unemployment, rising inequality, limited opportunity and sinking wages are the legacy of this government. They have utterly failed to help the people they swore to help. The role of a government is to support every single one of its people, to give them a helping hand when they need it and to support them with access to good quality public services. In every single one of these instances, this government has failed.

In years gone by, we could at least rely on this government to stand up for Britain’s interests abroad and to act in the national interest on the world stage. And yet, even this government has managed to utterly humiliate Great Britain to her friends and enemies.

The brief tenure of Marcus Drummond-Macbeath is undoubtedly the most disastrous government in British history. It’s a government with the sole legacy of secret assassinations and illegal wiretapping that has only served to make our country less safe. It allowed a traitor into the position of Home Secretary and thus saw the biggest security breach in our history. If that wasn’t bad enough, it ended with Macbeath himself fleeing the country to escape British justice. 

There has never been any authority more disgraceful or humiliating to this country than that government.

And even now, despite his many pronouncements as the man to turn it all around, Aubyn Myerscough in no way has shown the ability to make Britain respected once again. He is leading a government that is no longer taken seriously by our partners or enemies. He has failed to establish himself as a clean break from the past and his very inaction is compromising our future power on the world stage.

It is an utterly depressing state of affairs and it is clear that we need a new, fresh government more than ever. Not one that is just more of the same but something genuinely different and progressive.

That means a Labour government.

A Labour government that stands for a fair and equal society within a safe and dignified United Kingdom.

With our Second People’s Charter, we have a way forward that will improve our country and mean genuine prosperity for everyone.

We will make sure that the NHS is better funded and focused on your health, not for the profits of private companies.

We will increase pensions to make sure your hard work is rewarded and your retirement is secure.

We will guarantee jobs for the unemployed by restoring the industries that have been wrecked over the last ten years.

We will hire 5,000 nurses, 15,000 teachers, 2,500 police officers and 3,000 firemen.

We will guarantee better incomes for those who work long hours but get little reward for their labours by restoring the power of trade unions to stand up for workers and by increasing wages 10%.

We will give workers at all businesses the chance to run them in co-operation with their bosses.

We will restore our national pride by being a government free from the scandals of the past on the world stage

We will stand for the weak and oppressed in the world and not endanger our people with a reckless foreign policy.

Now, we know that many voters in this constituency have voted for the Conservatives in the past, either as a loyal party voter or as someone inspired by Margaret Thatcher.

We also know that you’re worried about your futures.

You’re worried about paying the next set of bills and you’re worried that this Conservative government will impose more charges like the Poll Tax.

You’re worried that our schools are not good enough and that our hospitals are falling apart.

You’re worried that the government, which has the sworn duty to keep you safe, is in fact making you far less safe through aggressive actions.

Whilst this is not a general election, your vote still matters more than ever.

It’s a chance to begin the final chapter of this disastrous Conservative government and to show that their failures will not be rewarded any longer.

It’s a chance to stand for something better than what you’re being given by Aubyn Myerscough.

It’s the first step on a road towards a Labour government. The Labour government that will improve the NHS, increase pensions, guarantee jobs and restore our national pride.

Join us in this journey, take the first step to something better, a Labour government that will put this country on the path to respect, prosperity and equality for all.

A vote for [Labour candidate] on [by-election date] will do just that and I hope we can rely on your vote!
Marcus Redgrave
Labour Member of Parliament for Durham North West
Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Science
General Material #1 - 3 Liberal Democrat pledges to our area

General Material #2 - Cardigan's letter to residents, "Decline or Renewal"
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Eastwood Canvassing - Alex Cardigan comes out canvassing with Cllr Allan in Newton Mearns

Local media were invited to follow Cllr Allan and Alex Cardigan out today on the campaign trail. Canvassing in residential Newton Mearns, in the Council ward that Allan represents, they were expecting to come across a traditional Tory stronghold with local Liberal credentials.

On the doorstep:

Alex Cardigan: Good afternoon, is that Mrs Norris?

Mrs Norris: Yes, hello

Cardigan: I’m Alex, I’m the leader of the Liberal Democrats, and I’m just calling round from Councillor Allan Steele, who’s your local choice in the by-election going on. We were wondering if you had any local issues, or if you were planning to vote at all?

Mrs Norris: Oh yes, I know Allan, he got the lighting sorted on our road! It works well now. Lovely man. I usually vote Labour but I did go for him last time, I think

Cardigan: Ah, Labour, they didn’t do especially well round here I don’t think, it’s a bit of a two horse race in Newton Mearns. Especially given Allan’s won locally before, and it’s been him or the Tories

Mrs Norris: I heard, yeah, people seem to be saying that.

Cardigan: Tell me then, will you vote for Allan to be your MP too? He is really tremendous, I have to say, I wish he was my MP!

Mrs Norris: Oh go on then, you’re very charming, alright. I’ll vote Liberal again.

Cardigan: Thank you very much, you shan’t regret it, he is a tremendous local candidate

Next door along:

Cardigan: Hello, sorry to bother you, I’m Alex, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, and I was just calling round fro-

Resident: Aye I know who you are! Is Allan around, I wanted to chat to him about the library in town, he’ll know who I am

Cardigan: Hang on, let me grab him

Cllr Allan: Oh, hello Stewart, how are you doing today?
Resident: I’m good pal, just wondered if you had an update on the library, I was meaning to write to you actually so glad to see you around - never see any of the others here

Cardigan: I may leave you two to it, but before I go, you’ll be voting for my friend here won’t you?

Resident: Of course, he’s done lots for us, and nice to meet you too

Cardigan goes over to some of the local press who have been following around

Cardigan: Look at that! Two Liberal Democrats in a row, one of them usually Labour backing us as everyone knows we’re the only ones who can beat the Tories. It’s an absolute joy campaigning up here, people really know the score! Come on, watch one more door.

Cardigan bounds over to another door, at such speed that it gets a few grins from the media

Cardigan: Good afternoon, I’m Alex, the Liberal Democrat leader. Is that Mr Joseph?

Mr Joseph: Yes, it is, nice to meet you - are you an MP, I thought you did travel shows?

Cardigan: In a past life, yes, that’s right! But today I’m here because, you might have seen, your former Tory MP defected to Yugoslavia, so there’s an election on.
Mr Joseph: Ah, aye, that was mad! What an idiot, I liked Lance too.

Cardigan: So do you normally go Conservative, in elections here?

Mr Joseph: Historically, yes.
Cardigan: So I won’t waste too much of your time - are you going Liberal Democrat this time. Your next-door neighbours are, so if it’s three in a row here we will really be on to something!

Mr Joseph: Ha, funnily enough, probably yes. I do like the new Prime Minister but Lance has made us all look stupid for voting for him. It’ll be Liberal for me - this time, at least, you’ll have to do a lot of work to win me next time!

Cardigan: I promise we won’t let you down Sir, and thank you for your time

Mr Joseph: No problem, and let me know if you’re doing any more of those shows, the wife likes them a lot

Cardigan: I’ll be sure to!

Back over to the media

Cardigan: Three Liberal Democrat houses in a row! I can’t remember that happening since about 1982, chaps. Allan and the team work so hard, and people clearly know Labour can’t win, so I think we’re really on to something here. Can’t wait to stay out all day! I’ve missed a good full-on campaign with momentum. If you don’t mind, we’re going to get on with it properly now, cameras off!

Cardigan heads off to knock more doors, practically jogging this time, again to the amusement of assorted activists and the media.
Alex Cardigan MP
Deputy Prime Minister (1992-present)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1990-present) | MP for Montgomery (1983-present)
Former BBC Broadcaster | Liberal Party | XP: 20 | Issue Champion | Safe Pair of Hands
Tory Campaign Material - Billboard - Eastwood 

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