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Marcus Drummond-MacBeath
Name: Marcus Drummond-MacBeath
Age:  November 30th 1958 (31)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: Christian Bale
Discord Username: CDW

Education: Craigclowan Prep School - Perthshire, Strathallan School - Perthshire, University of Oxford - BA in Economics (1977-1980)
Career: Investment Banker - Rothschild & Co. (1980), Assistant Vice President - Rothschild & Co. (1985)

Party: Conservative Party
Constituency: Perth and Kinross
Faction: No Turning Back
Parliamentary Career: Elected 1987
Marcus Drummond-MacBeath was born on the 30th of November 1958 to Charles and Isla in Perthshire, his family were a fairly well off Upper-Middle class one. His father was a local Sheriff and the family had enough money to send him to local Independent Schools. Upon leaving School at 18 he went to Oxford where, after three years, he attained a first class BA in Economics.

In his final year at Oxford he interned at Rothschild & Co. which he secured due to a family connection in the form of an older cousin. He impressed during his time there so much that upon graduating he was approached for a job with the company. He spent much of his early career working at the Bank's London headquarters before being sent to New York to work for the company on Wall Street.

It was in New York that he made a name for himself as a shrewd investor. But it was also here that he became accustomed to the excess and vice that American investment bankers became notorious for. In 1984 following the Thatcher government's agreements which started the changes to the London Stock Exchange he was recalled back to London to take part in the Bank's leading effort in privatisation. The following year he was appointed Assistant Vice President of Rothschild & Co.'s investment banking department in London. It was during this time he started to take a more active interest in politics and became a fervent supporter of Margaret Thatcher's policies, particularly her approach to the economy and other financial matters.

1986 brought with it the biggest change to his career at the Bank, the deregulation and reforms of the London Stock exchange. As assistant Vice President of the Bank's Investment division MacBeath was at the forefront of Rothschild's actions on the LSE following this.

Eventually he became bored of his job and wishing to do something more exciting he decided to return home to Perthshire and became very involved in the local party association. He successfully convinced the local association to adopt him as the parliamentary candidate for the 1987 election and won.

Since the election he has been quite vocal in his support of Mrs Thatcher and further privatisation. In addition he is an avid anti-socialist and Atlanticist. On Europe he is not in favour of further integration and thinks it has gone too far, though he supports inter-European co-operation. He thinks that any decision on further integration has to be decided by the electorate and that if the UK is to delve further into the European project that they must be the leading nation and not simply taking orders.

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