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PC13: Russia / Sacking of Security Minister
Closes at 23:59pm on 8th August
Redgrave | A-Team
When Aubyn Myerscough became Prime Minister after his party presided over months of petty intrigue, scandal, and treason he promised that things would be different. Less than a month later he negotiated a sweetheart quid pro quo deal with Yugoslavia, doling out aid money intended to uplift the neediest around the globe as a bribe to extradite his own Home Minister who fled justice.  Now, a person he deemed so worthy of a frontbench spot, a person who he trusted so much that he manufactured a position for him out of thin air - mind you after he used the term grotesque term "workshy hoodlums" to describe those seeking justice for the Hillsborough disaster -  has ordered a grizzly, mob style display intended to provoke a nuclear power, possibly to the brink of war. Right now, millions of people across Britain have been condemned to unemployment, millions are suffering from precarity, low wages, the obscene cost of living, struggling to get by in a post-industrial society deliberately created by the same Tory Party in Government now, who, instead of displaying even a modicum of concern for the consequences of the economic wreckage that their economic project has wrought are determined to act in an incomprehensibly reckless manner as the Prime Minister's hand-picked Security Minister did. 

The Tories feigned outrage when Labour argued that a General Election was desperately needed so this country could move past the scandal and get to work building a better century free from poverty and despair after the treason that occurred under their last Prime Minister was exposed. They chose to stay in Government and the scandals have only gotten worse while millions still struggle to just get by in their rotten Tory economy. I'm confident that when poll day comes we'll all be able to breath a sigh of relief and that in one year's time we'll all be talking about the budding roses of an economic programme predicated on the good jobs the restoration of our industry and the good will bring, and the many - instead of being burdened with disastrous scandal and economic management which we are all struggling through now - will begin to enjoy the fullness of life which has been hitherto restricted to the wealthy few.
Tommy Dawson
MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Deputy Leader of Labour (1990-Present), Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group. 9 XP. Media Darling, Campaign Guru, Issue Champ (Econ Equality)
Scandal, scandal, scandal. The Government's record speaks for itself. This is a dodgy Conservative Party which is doing dodgy things constantly, and appointing dodgy people to the top level of Government. It can't go on, our country just can't be continue to be governed with such ineptitude, and such shameless contempt and denialism the moment it is brought up. The Prime Minister could be one of the greats - his agenda was meant to be a real departure from failed Thatcherism. But it isn't, it's just as bad, and part of our tired same old politics. We need change and I hope that the Democrats represent the clearest option for reform.
I think my constituents and people across the country would relate to me when I say I'm not even angry. It's hard not to be, as these events have occurred day by day and I've become desensitised. 

We should not have a government that leaves us desensitised to the chaos in Westminster, chaos in Whitehall and chaos across the globe that this government continues to create. While our economy is in freefall, there is a war going on in Iraq and crime is up on our streets we need a stable government that can focus on the bread and butter issues that Britons care about. Unfortunately, this government simply cannot offer that. But Labour can.
Mr Peregrine Messervy-Davis did not act on behalf of the government in attempting such a heinous effort to disrupt our relationship with Russia. I am glad that hardworking public servants stopped this before it was too late. I want to thank them for their effort to stop another attempt to undermine the national interest. As soon as I heard of this action, I fired Mr Peregrine Messervy-Davis and removed the whip.The Conservative Party that I lead takes a firm line against such attempts to harm our nation.
A tricky one for the Government given this is a self-inflicted wound, though in the aftermath of the Carmichael, Drummond-Macbeath and Campbell scandals, the public have rather resignedly become used to such scandal and some are even desensitised to this sort of thing. Despite this, an Opposition win is no surprise.

Tommy Dawson conveys the anger of the Opposition, working the latest scandal in with a wider criticism about the failings of the government. He also does well to critique why Messervy-Davis was appointed in the first place and with the two combined, it's Dawson who leads the Opposition statements. 

However, the Prime Minister does deliver a clear and authoritative statement condemning Messervy-Davis whilst making clear it was not supported by Cabinet colleagues or the civil service. Myerscough doesn't equivocate and so earns praise from those supportive of him and/or sympathetic to the scandal-ridden party he is leading.   

1 XP each to Dawson and Myerscough.
Redgrave | A-Team

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