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M1 - Referendum on the Treaty of Maastricht
Mr. Speaker,

The Foreign Secretary has displayed to the House an interesting case of projection. He talks of a quiet civil war in Labour forcing us to take no position, and using a referendum as a tool to mask over that civil war. Of course, Mr. Speaker, we on this side of the House know that is a much better descriptor of the Conservative Party over the Labour Party. 

Yes, Mr. Speaker, the Labour Party has a range of views on Europe and how our relationship with Europe should proceed - but we are united in the belief that the deal the Tories have negotiated is a bad one. We have taken a firm stance on the euro and on Maastricht. In doing so, there have not been leaks against the leadership and mass civil war. At the most, there has been healthy disagreement. Compare that to the Conservative Party, who have experienced this despite not showing leadership and not taking a stance at all - hoping they can mask over disagreements on the euro with a pledge for a referendum and no firm position. 

I thank colleagues from all parties, with a difference of viewpoints on Europe, in coming together to tell the government that this is a debate that ought to go to the British people. The Foreign Secretary has clutched with excuse after excuse, and it has been interesting to watch those from across the House debunk each and every one of them.

It is clear, Mr. Speaker, the Foreign Secretary takes the British public for fools. They are fools that he doesn't want to have a voice on this important constitutional matter and he wants them to believe they are foolish enough to believe his treaty doesn't transfer a single constitutional power. Lets be frank, Mr. Speaker: the established three pillars transfer constitutional power. The fiscal rules the Foreign Secretary has agreed to transfer constitutional power. And the Foreign Secretary handing the ability for the European Community to give us 'penalties' constitutes a transfer of constitutional power.

The Foreign Secretary may agree with all of these things - I do not disagree with all of them myself, but that does not mean they aren't constitutional powers that he has taken from Britain and handed to Europe. As recent precedent that the Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party and until now Conservative Party had agreed to, that means it should be put to the public in a referendum. If the Foreign Secretary is so convinced that his treaty has public support, he should have no difficulty in doing so. I'm unafraid to make my case. The Foreign Secretary shouldn't be, either, if he can stand by the deal he negotiated for this country.
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