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  1. Name: Nicole Sutton Avatar: Christina Ricci Age: 28 Sex: Female Ethnicity: White Marital Status:Single Sexual Orientation: straight ((currently single)) Party:Conservative Faction/Subgroup: Maybot Political Outlook: Cultural conservatism and Pro Leave Constituency: Clacton Year Elected: 2017 Education:High school graduate Career: Model 2007-2017 Political Career: None Bio:Nicole Sutton was Born in Philadelphia PA on 4/1/1989 to Caroline and John Sutton her mother died in childbirth and her father would remarried a year later her father and stepmother both would be very abusive to Nicole. As soon as she turned 18 she moved in with a friend and as soon as high was over moved to The United Kingdom for a fresh start. She would settle down in Clacton and soon found some work in modeling Nicole would have started paying attention to the local politics and though a no ex boyfriend got involved with the local Conservative party. in 2017 Nicole was selected to be the candidate for Clacton. There has been some controversy with her such as her opening admitting she prefer to date older men leading to some allegation she sleep her way to getting selected for the seat and there have been rumors of a drug problem and a drinking problem.
  2. Mr Speaker, First of all I like to Thank not only the British troops but though of the Americans the afghans that fought and supported us and are other allies for there service in this long war and who help during this evacuation and I send my Prays and condolences to the families of though that didn't survived this war and toughs that did but suffer from the effects of injuries and Ptsd. Second of all I would like to thank to not only the government but our allies and our troops as well for doing the best they could in regards to a terrible of situation. Third I am hoping that We along with our nato allies and the world learned a lesson from this and steps can be taken to ensure something like this never happens again. Fourth the Leader of the Opposition try to play both sides by both acknowledging the success of operation Pitting and claiming the government Should have seen this coming. Of course the Leader of the Opposition seem to forget no one foresaw this the American President and his defense department claimed that the tailban takeover was not inevitable. The Afghan Army had the means to defeat the tailban the weapons armor vehicles all of it but lacked a will not event he army but the government expect for the Vice President Amrullah Saleh and his National Resistance Front of Afghanistan who effort I salute. The President fled his country at the time of need with as some reports claimed "four cars and a helicopter full of cash". This is why tailban won not because of the Her Majesty government or the united states government or any Government expect the Afghanistan government. Fifth I do hope this government do intend on making sure the the Refugee are vetted as best as possible in regards to the current situation as well ensure the refugees are integrated as best as possible as well.
  3. Blue Collar ConservatismEvent I am different from other Tories MPs for alot of reason being born and raised in america is one of them but that inst really what I am here to talk about. Unlike most I grew up poor I don't even have a college education i was a waitress a drug addict at one point years ago but not that many perhaps as far back as 2015 you would never imaged someone like me being a tory mp or even voting tory maybe ukip but not a tory then 4 year laters 2019 happen. Labour stabbed the working class in the back by supporting the remainers undemocratic idea of a second vote on brexit but that wasn't the first time Labour under Corbyn a man who on paper you think would be able to hold these voter instead threw them out in favor of the champagne socialist trust funds kids who larp as working class people and pretend to care about them but when they vote in a way they dont like would turn on them fast saying things like "They voted against their own interest" Heck one argument for a second brexit vote I heard was that "they didnt know what they were voting for." in the end in they were punished now I warn you all here today that the same could happen if we make the same mistake as labour by taking these voters for granted. But how do we avoid making the same mistake as labour did? By investing in the red wall areas bringing in more jobs upgrading infrastructure and controlling immigrations and being tough on crime. We do these things and the working class will become a tory voting block!
  4. Name: Nicole Sutton Avatar: Christina Ricci Age: 28 Sex: female Ethnicity: English Marital Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Straight Party: Conservatives Political Outlook: Red waller Constituency: Dudley North Year Elected: 2019 Education: High school Career: Waitress Political Career: MP for Dudley North Bio: Born in Philadelphia PA to a british mother and american father as Nicole Harrison childhood was not good her parents were poor and abusive to one either and to her. S he would used drugs as a way to cope after high school she would move to the uk where she was aduel citizen and move in with a cousin she would as a waitress but have not kick the addiction that would changed at age 21 when she had a near death experience in regard to a drug overdose she would enter rehab at Atlantic Recovery Centre Dudley there she would meet a man called Nigel Sutton who was a Tory former MEP but resign because of a drug addiction himself the two would get along very well and would start to date once both were clean Nigel would convince Nicole to join the tories the two would have gotten married in 2018 Nigel and would have a son Edward Sutton in early 2019. Nigel make a political comeback by being Elected to the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council in 2019 he encourage Nicole to run for Dudley North and helped her get elected with the intention of her "holding the seat" until the 2024 general election in order to not risk looking like a ladder climber and losing the seat Nicole would win the seat in the 2019 election by 31 points with 63% of the vote one of many "red wall seats" to flip that night. Sadly Nigel plan did not work out shortly after the first lockdown started Nigel with his son would get in to a very bad car Sadly Edward was dead on the scene and Nigel would go in to coma dying a few hours later the restrictions for the hospital and the funeral gravely effected Nicole.
  5. Name: Nicole Sutton Avatar: Christina Ricci Age: 28 Sex: Female Ethnicity: White Marital Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Straight Party: Consertives Political Outlook: Moderate conservative with populist tendencies Constituency: Hexham Year Elected: 2007 Education: College dropout Career: Waitress Political Career: MP for Hexham 2007-Present
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