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  1. Name: Calvin James Ward Avatar: Jim Murphy Age: 50 October 19th, 1967 Sex: Male Ethnicity: Scottish White Marital Status: Married Sexual Orientation: Straight Party: Labour Faction/Subgroup: Tribune/Open Labour Political Outlook: Soft left. Supports renationalisation for utilities and transportation. Euro-friendly and Unionist. Focuses on kitchen table issues. Constituency: Edinburgh South Year Elected: 2010 Education: Royal High School, Edinburgh (1981-1985) University of St Andrews (BA 2001 Education) Career: Footballer: 1985-1995 (retired due to injury 1985-1990 Hearts 1990-1993 West Ham United, Scottish National team 1993-1995 Wimbledon Political Career: Member of Scottish Parliament 2003-2010 Member of Parliament 2010-present Opposition Whip 2011-2013 Shadow Minister for Scotland 2013-2015 Shadow Secretary of State for Education (2015-2017 The son of a Church of Scotland Minister and an NHS Nurse, Calvin James Ward grew up in a middle-class home in Edinburgh. Though an average student, Ward found success on the football pitch; earning himself a spot on the Hearts of Midlothian Academy team, being promoted to the senior team at seventeen. Calvin had great success in his professional career as he transferred to the English League, and even played in the 1990 World Cup. However, after ten years he was forced to retire after a string of knee injuries. He then decided to start over and teach after getting his degree in 2001. However, seeing his students and their family’s struggle inspired Calvin to not just stand by and ask for more. The minor celebrity status gave him the tool to do something, so he had the obligation to act. He stood for Scottish Parliament as a Labour candidate and won easily. His time in Holyrood molded him as a fiery debater and loud advocate for working people. He stood in 2010 for Edinburgh South, and while he was victorious Labour was not. He has since served in Shadow roles, rising as high as Education Secretary under Corbyn. He supported Better Together and Remain in their respected referenda. He voted for strikes in Syria in 2015. He has been adamant that he would not support either a Hard Brexit or No Deal Brexit. He is married to Chelsea Ward and they have two sons Michael and Peter. Ward still enjoys golf and jogs most mornings. He is known to also enjoy spirits and cigars in moderation
  2. Name: James Ward Avatar: Ed Milliband Age: 55 Sex: Male Ethnicity: Pale and Stale Marital Status: Widowered, then remarried- Victoria Ward Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Party: Labour Political Outlook: Open La Constituency: Dulwich and West Norwood Year Elected: 2015 Education: Kings College, Theogy Work: Founder of Feed My Lambs Charity focused on addressing food scarcity and child poverty Political Career: Lambeth Borough Council (1998-2012) MP (2015-present, voted Remain on Brexit -What are their passions? Ending child poverty, making sure that the next generation is equipped to enter the workforce and secure a better future for themselves. Sticking up for common decent people -What are their goals in Parliament? Reduce child poverty. Improve education standards and open access to better jobs -What shaped them into the person they are? Working with the poor. Grew up comfortable in a poor neighborhood. Losing his first wife in a car wreck when he was driving
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