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  1. The lovely North West Cambridgeshire
  2. Barclay

    Miles Stone

    Name: Miles Heathcliff Stone Avatar: Patrick Grant Age: 51 Sex: Male Ethnicity: White Marital Status: Married (Gwyneth, 49), two children (Parker, 23, and Lilly, 21) Sexual Orientation: Straight Party: Conservative and Unionist Political Outlook: Although a Free Marketeer and a Wet, Miles is characterized by his loyalty. He has never voted against the party whip in his 11 years in Parliament, and is usually willing to follow the leader's talking points, even when the leader is on his or her way out. Behind closed doors, Miles advocates a liberal worldview of social liberalism and monetarist, free market, Austrian-school economics. Constituency: North West Cambridgeshire Year Elected: 2010 Education: Educated at Harrow, read economics at Oxford (Balliol). Career: 1992-1996 | Fundraiser, Conservative Central Office 1996-1997 | Chairman, Carlton Dinner 1997-2001 | Special Assistant to Francis Maude, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Shadow Foreign Secretary 2001-2002 | Policy Advisor, Conservative Central Office 2002-2008 | Chairman, Policy Exchange 2008-2010 | Campaign Coordinator, Conservative Central Office Political Career: 2001 | Contested Manchester Gorton, lost. 2005 | Contested Bradford South, lost. 2010 | Elected, North East Cambridgeshire 2010-2012 | Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for the Cabinet Office 2012-2014 | Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for International Development 2014-2016 | Minister of State for International Trade Policy 2016-2019 | Financial Secretary to the Treasury 2019-Present | Backbencher (sacked by BoJo due to ties with prominent Remain voices) Conservative Leadership Election Support: 1997 | Kenneth Clarke 2001 | Michael Portillo 2005 | David Cameron (Campaign Committee Member) 2016 | Michael Gove 2019 | Jeremy Hunt (Campaign Committee Member)
  3. Forgot to claim Buckingham
  4. Name: Arthur Peter Darlington Avatar: Stephen Dorrell Age: 55 (born April 6, 1952) Sex: Male Ethnicity: British Marital Status: Married to Alice Rose (Johnstone) Darlington, 1975 Sexual Orientation: Straight, out. Party: Conservative and Unionist Political Outlook: He was described the the Financial Times as "metropolitan and socially liberal. He is a pragmatist in most aspects of public policy, but he is ideologically committed to reducing the state. He is a pragmatic Europhile, but seeks to 'open the doors and shed some light' on the inner workings of Europe." Constituency: Buckingham Year Elected: MP for Loughborough 1979-1997; Buckingham 2007-Present. Education: Educated at Uppingham School, read Classics at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1970-1974. Career: Royal Air Force Reserves, 1969-1974 Personal and Parliamentary Assistant to Peter Walker, 1974-1979 Board of Directors for Uppingham School, 1997-Present Director, Centre for European Reform, 1997-2002 Chairman, Policy Exchange 2002-2007 Political Career: Contested Labour safe seat of Kingston-Upon-Hull East, 1974 (October) MP for Loughborough, 1979-1997 Transport Select Committee, 1979-1983 Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Secretary of State for Energy, 1983-1987 Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1987-1990 Secretary of State for National Heritage, 1990-1995 Secretary of State for Health, 1995-1997 Member of Parliament for Buckingham, 2007-Present
  5. Name: George Arthur Marley-Evans Avatar: Alan Sugar Age: 62 Sex: Male Ethnicity: Jewish Marital Status: Married Sexuality: Straight Party: Conservative and Unionist Political Outlook: Maggie T Did No Wrong Constituency: Totnes Year Elected: 1997 Education: Educated at Harrow, read Economics at Cambridge Career: Investor Political History: Elected as an MP in 1997, lifelong backbencher.
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