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Grace Saunders

Ruth Murphy

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Name: Grace Saunders

Avatar: Sidse Babett Knudsen

Age: 52 (b. 29th August 1955).

Sex: Female

Marital Status: Divorced, 2 children.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Party: Liberal Democrat.

Political Outlook: Socially democratic liberal. Was in Labour and then the SDP. 

Constituency: Kingston and Surbiton.


  • Primary School (1959-1966).
  • Grammar School (1966-1973).
  • BA History, University of Cambridge (1973-1976).
  • MA Political Science, University of Stanford. (1976-1978). 


  • Head of Policy, Shelter. (1980-1984).
  • Director of Campaigns, Policy and Communication, Shelter. (1984-1990).
  • Chief Executive, Shelter. (1990-1994).

Political Career:

  • Political Advisor to Charles Kennedy. (1994-1997)
  • Member of Parliament for Kingston and Surbiton (1997-). 


In short, came from a middle class family from Kensington, London. Father was a headteacher. She was very bright and went to top Universities and excelled in the third sector, becoming the Chief Executive of Shelter. 

Got married to a successful lawyer in 1980 and divorced in 1990. Has a son (born 1985) and a daughter (born 1988). 

Always been centre left in outlook. Parents were Labour supporters in the 70s and she followed, but moved to the SDP in the 80s in protest of Labour’s leftward turn and never left. 

Ruth Murphy.

Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton (1974-).

Opposition Whip (1982-).

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