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Arthur Peter Darlington


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Name: Arthur Peter Darlington
Avatar: Stephen Dorrell
Age: 55 (born April 6, 1952)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: British
Marital Status: Married to Alice Rose (Johnstone) Darlington, 1975
Sexual Orientation: Straight, out.

Party: Conservative and Unionist
Political Outlook: He was described the the Financial Times as "metropolitan and socially liberal. He is a pragmatist in most aspects of public policy, but he is ideologically committed to reducing the state. He is a pragmatic Europhile, but seeks to 'open the doors and shed some light' on the inner workings of Europe."
Constituency: Buckingham
Year Elected: MP for Loughborough 1979-1997; Buckingham 2007-Present.

Education: Educated at Uppingham School, read Classics at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1970-1974.

  • Royal Air Force Reserves, 1969-1974
  • Personal and Parliamentary Assistant to Peter Walker, 1974-1979
  • Board of Directors for Uppingham School, 1997-Present
  • Director, Centre for European Reform, 1997-2002
  • Chairman, Policy Exchange 2002-2007

Political Career: 

  • Contested Labour safe seat of Kingston-Upon-Hull East, 1974 (October)
  • MP for Loughborough, 1979-1997
    • Transport Select Committee, 1979-1983
    • Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Secretary of State for Energy, 1983-1987
    • Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1987-1990
    • Secretary of State for National Heritage, 1990-1995
    • Secretary of State for Health, 1995-1997
  • Member of Parliament for Buckingham, 2007-Present


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