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Patrick SP: Flooding Insurance Strike

Sir Grant Kingston

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Outside the offices of a London insurance company office, Labour Deputy Leader and Shadow Home Secretary, Sophie Patrick, made a speech to a gathered crowd of protesters.

"Thank you all for allowing me the time to speak to you today. This isn’t my first protest, I have spent the better half of the past ten years as a union rep, protesting and fighting on the frontline for people like yourselves being treated unfairly. And once again I stand here with you all in solidarity.

To call what happened to your communities during the flooding crisis a major incident or a disaster is almost insulting as to just how bad the devastation to you, and your lives was. What is a disaster is the fact that the fat cats in their ivory towers are laughing down at you, and refusing to pay out the money you are rightfully owed, hiding behind the poor excuse of “it was an Act of God”. Well may God strike them down for their atrocious, uncompassionate actions they are committing here.

People injured, houses destroyed, businesses destroyed, people’s lives destroyed, and these insurance companies refuse to pay out to help support you rebuild your lives. I say shame on them! Shame on them for what they have done.

Those affected by flooding will not be left behind. Labour have called for a support fund for those affected by the flooding crisis, and we call upon the Government today to set aside money to help you rebuild your lives that were destroyed by the recent floods.

I am disgusted by these insurance companies and their actions, and I call upon the Government to ensure that these companies are held to full account for their repulsive actions, and that all of you affected receive the appropriate compensation. While they have promised to do so, Labour will be making sure they stay true to their word for you.

Labour will fight to support all of you affected, and in rebuilding your communities as well as pushing the Government to put in place a strategy to ensure we never see a flooding crisis like this again.

Labour stands in solidarity with all of you affected. And to the fat cats in the building behind me all I can say is - PAY UP, AND PAY UP NOW!

Thank you!"



Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

Shadow Home Secretary


Former Roles:

Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare (December 2007-January 2008)




Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare: Dianne Abbot MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Infrastructure, and the Environment: Barry Gardiner MP

Minister for Northern Ireland: David Anderson MP

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