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Deborah Crowther

Ruth Murphy

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Name: Deborah (Debbie) Ureta née Crowther.
Avatar: Patricia Clarkson (namely in the 90s/early 00s). 
Age: 45 b. 26th August 1962. 
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Married to Nicolás Ureta (m.2000). Two adopted children, Mary Ureta (b. 1999, adopted 2002) and Dominic Ureta (b.2003, adopted 2004). 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
Party: Conservative.
Political Outlook: Tory Reform Group. A respectable Tory through and through. 

Constituency: York Outer.


  • Harrogate Ladies College, 1966-1980.
  • BA Classics, Somerville College, University of Oxford, 1980-1983. 
  • MPhil, Egyptology, University of Oxford (1983-1985).


  • KMG, Consultant (1985-1987).
  • KPMG Consulting, Consultant (1987-1989).
  • KPMG Consulting, Senior Consultant (1989-1993). 
  • Press Officer, Women’s Institute (1993-1996).
  • Head of Press, Women’s Institute (1996-1998).
  • NFWI Chair, Women’s Institute (1998-2001). 

Political Career:

  • Press Officer, CCHQ (2004-2005). 
  • Member of Parliament for York Outer (2005-).


Respectable middle class background. Father was a Vicar in the CofE and her mother a housewife in Harrogate. 


Went to Oxbridge, then networked through the Tory Party and Women’s Institute of which she had always been a member and rose to the top of the WI. Took a career pause to become a housewife after marrying her husband Nicolás, a successful Chilean business mogul a decade her junior, who she met years before while she worked in consulting. Being unable to have children, they adopted two Cambodian children. The adoption later caused controversy from The Guardian because the children were renamed and had contact from their biological parents completely cut off against their will. 

Deborah went into politics, enthused by Cameron’s vision, and became an MP for York Outer. She professionally still goes by her maiden name, even though it is not her legal name. 


Ruth Murphy.

Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton (1974-).

Opposition Whip (1982-).

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