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Will Black


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Name: William (Will) Black 
Avatar: Jon Ossoff 
Age: 41 b. November 13, 1966. 
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Married to Christina Black. The couple has two children: Madeleine Black, age 12, and Christopher Black, age 10

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Party: Labour
Political Outlook: Progressive, reform minded, a commonsense social democrat near the center-left of the party. 

Constituency: Mansfield 


  • Mansfield local comprehensive 
  • LLB, Cambridge University 
  • Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn


After completing his apprenticeship at the Honorable Society of Lincoln Inn, Mr. Black became a barrister, first practicing as a public defender before eventually taking a job at a private practice firm in order to financially support his growing family. He served as the lead barrister in A vs. Secretary of State for the Home Department, where Mr. Blacks firm won the landmark case and established that the government's policy of indefinite torture of foreign prisoners was in violation of EU Convention on Human Rights. 

Political Career:

  • Member of Parliament for Mansfield (2005-).

Biography: TBA 

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