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How to Sign In

To sign in, start by creating a new topic in this forum. The topic title should be your character's name. In that post you should copy the form below and fill it out. However, before you do so, please take a look at the Character Creation Guidelines and the information about the political parties. Also, please note that the game is starting in Mid 2017 so the last general election was the 2017 election. Seats are largely as they were at that election, but there are notable exceptions resulting in Labour being the largest party, so please consult the Constituency Claim thread carefully.

Name: [your character's name]
Avatar: [the avatar your character uses]
Age: [how old your character is (and their birthday if you want to]
Sex: [your character's sex]
Ethnicity: [your character's ethnicity]
Marital Status: [your character's marital status]
Sexual Orientation: [Your Character's Sexual Orientation--please indicate if not "out"]

Party: [your party]
Faction/Subgroup: [Please look at Party Information and indicate what faction and subgroup (if your faction has subgroups) that your character belongs to. If your sign-in does not contain this information you will be assigned a BBS of 1.]
Political Outlook: [You can also elaborate on additional parts of your political outlook should you so choose. Examples might include whether you supported Leave or Remain, key votes in Parliament if you were a rebel, etc.]
Constituency: [your constituency - don't forget to claim your constituency]
Year Elected: [the year your were first elected]

Education: [your character's education, this can be as simple as "attended university" or a detailed educational history]
Career: [your character's career, this can be as simple as a one work description ("Banker") or a detailed description of their work history]
Political Career: [your character's political history, including local, frontbench (requires admin approval), and parliamentary positions - or none of the above if you choose not to have them over than being an MP]

After this information, you are free to create a narrative style biography for your character or bullet point a few fun facts or key points that you wish people knew. These can include things like your Brexit position (how did you vote on those meaningful or indicative votes...), your aspirations, or the names of your significant other and children and the pets you have.

Some questions that you can answer in this more free-form section include:

-What drives your character in politics?
-What are their passions?
-What made them run for office?
-What are their goals in Parliament?
-What shaped them into the person they are?
-What shaped the views they have?

These questions aren't meant to be limiting--the sky is the limit.

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