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Constituency Claim Thread


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The Constituency Claim Sheet is live. You all have comment access so you can use the suggest function to put your names in and then an admin only needs to accept the suggestion when your bio has been approved. Enjoy!


The sheet has been sorted by party with the largest majority by seat at the top of each party's section. So for the Tories their safest seat is South Holland and the Deepings (majority 62.7% of the vote) and for Labour their safest seat is Liverpool Walton (majority 74.83% of the vote)

Please do not select the seat of a person who was a a prominent member of the May or Corbyn frontbenches, contested the last leadership election, or are a current/former member of the Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet.

Arnold J. Appleby

MP for North Bedfordshire (1979-Present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary

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Hackney South & Shoreditch plz

James McCluskey- Labour Member of Parliament

Member of Parliament, Liverpool Riverside (1983-Present)
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (1986-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Employment, Trade & Industry (1986-)

Member of Parliament, Liverpool Scotland Exchange (1974-83)
Minister for Industry (1974-75)
Minister for Environment (1975-76)
Minister for Energy (1976-79)
Shadow Secretary of State for Industry (1980-81)

Member of Parliament, Liverpool Exchange (1970-74)

Liverpool City Council, Dingle Ward (1959-68)

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14 minutes ago, Michael Marshall said:

Uxbridge and South Ruislip. 

I'm afraid that seat is unavailable. You can see which seats are available in the spreadsheet linked in the first post of this thread.

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