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Rules: Speeches & Events


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This is the place where you can publish speeches and other events that you are participating in. Likewise, this is a location where you can participate in speech competitions and forums hosted by various groups. In general, to post a speech you must have the permission of an administrator. In the event that you are giving a speech in response to an open invitation (ie, a fringe event at a conference or a forum hosted by a group), then you are assumed to have been given administrator permission by virtue of the invitation.

If you are responding to a topic in this forum (which will generally be the case for speech competitions and events), you should know that moderation is enabled. As such, what you post will not be revealed until after the deadline. So don't worry about people seeing what you wrote or wait for the last minute.

In general, we will aspire to ensure that every speech gets some sort of coverage in the press. It may not be flattering or it might be extremely laudatory: that's entirely up to you, the content, the quality, and the audience of your speech. Some words to the wise: don't preach about the benefits of Europe to the No Turning Back Group. Likewise, don't praise Tony Blair if you're speaking at a Momentum event. While the press is present, your audience is also important. Giving a dense speech a non-technical audience will not necessarily go down well.

Finally, you can always post in two additional threads in this forum: Labour MP Events and Conservative MP Events. These are for statements and comments you want to make that are, perhaps, a few paragraphs long (too long for Discord), but too short for a speech. Maybe you're speaking at a constituency event or offering brief remarks on a policy at a lunch. That is what this is for. In general, you are allowed to say you're speaking anywhere a member of the public could reasonably speak for these short statements (ie, you made some remarks touring your local high street). However, if you're speaking somewhere more regulated (business or a lunch hosted by a think tank), just check with an administrator first.

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