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Samuel Gallagher

Samuel Gallagher

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Name: Samuel Gallagher
Avatar: Alex Greenwich (NSW politician)
Age: 39 (born June 13, 1982)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White Australian
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Gay (out)

Party: Liberal Democrat
Political Outlook: A little more associated with Liberal Reform than others might be, but still adheres to the tenets of the Social Liberal Forum. Believes that climate is the defining issue of our generation.
Constituency: Richmond Park
Year Elected: 2016; 2019

Education: BA (Economics with Politics and International Studies), University of Melbourne, 2001; MPhil (Economics), Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 2003; MBA, Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 2004.
Career: Analyst, Bank of England, 2004-2006; Civil Servant, HM Treasury, 2006-2009; Consultant, McKinsey & Co, 2009-2014; Programme Manager, Adam Smith International, 2014-2016; Fellow, Overseas Development Institute, 2017-2019.
Political Career: MP for Richmond Park, 2016-2017 (defeated), 2019-present; Member of the European Parliament (London), July-December 2019.

Samuel Gallagher was born to academic parents in Sydney, Australia in 1982. His mother, Kate, was Australian, while is father, Anthony, was British by nationality and "Australian by choice". He was the youngest of four children and resided in northern Sydney - a convenient location as his father taught at Macquerie University. His mother managed the longer commute to the University of New South Wales and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Samuel was a dual citizen from birth. As Samuel grew older and the family's finances became more strained with four growing children, Anthony left academia to work as the principal economist for Macquarie Group, an Australian investment bank.

Growing up in an academic family, achieving good marks was part of the lifestyle. His success in school led to Samuel attending the University of Melbourne ("I had to get out of Sydney") to study economics, like his father, with a minor in politics and international studies. His mother was terminally disappointed that he failed to pursue a career in the sciences. He graduated with honours and earned a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford, where he was admitted to Pembroke College. At Oxford, Samuel continued his studies in economics, even branching into business! However, his personal highlight would be competing at part of the Oxford University Boat Club and, in 2004, being invited to trials to row for Team Australia in the Olympics. He did not make the team.

Disappointed by his Olympic result, Samuel returned to the United Kingdom where he had secured a position working as an analyst with the Bank of England. He eventually left the Bank to work at the Treasury in their financial markets unit thinking it would be a "quiet, respectable place where [he] could do some good." As his three years at the Treasury panned out, it was certainly not a quiet place - though he did get to do a "some good", particularly working on an international finance portfolio and the IMF's response to the financial crisis. However, by 2009 it was time to go and he joined McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant. It was during his time at McKinsey that he became more involved in Liberal Democrat politics.

Inspired by their commitment to the environment and climate action, Samuel became more and more involved with the Liberal Democrats. He was even convinced to leave his job at McKinsey to work at Adam Smith International in their climate, energy, and infrastructure practice. Saddened but resolute by the 2015 election, Samuel sought to become a Lib Dem parliamentary candidate - being selected on the fly for the Richmond Park by-election caused by Zach Goldsmith's resignation. Considering Goldsmith to be "a bit racist" and "a traitor to the ecological cause", Gallagher ran a spirited campaign and managed to best Goldsmith. He went on to lose the seat in the 2017 general election. In the doldrums, he took a position as a fellow at the Overseas Development Institute and a visiting fellow at Chatham House. However, the mayhem that was 2018-2019 saw Samuel stand for a seat in the European Parliament and, eventually, reclaim the Richmond Park seat for the Liberal Democrats. He is rumoured to have cried when Jo Swinson lost her seat.

Samuel came out as gay in 2009 after leaving the Treasury, though it was a bit of an open secret since his days at Oxford. He prefers to keep his private life "as private as possible". His Hinge profile indicated that (circa 2017) he "wants children". In the meantime, he lives in his constituency with his two dogs: a Labrador retriever named Bindi and an miniature goldendoodle named Kylie. Samuel enjoys playing tennis and rowing and is an accomplished sailor, having competed in the Bermuda race and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race multiple times. He keeps a boat on the Isle of Wight.

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