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Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall

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Name: Michael Marshall
Avatar: Gordon Brown
Age: 56; June 8th, 1965
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: English
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Party: Conservative
Political Outlook: A Free Marketeer, Loyalist who supported Brexit as the winds of politics demanded it and viewed Brexit as an opportunity to reduce regulation and increase bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements. Primarily interested in advancing British competitiveness in global economic and political competition. A realist in nature.
Constituency: Romford
Year Elected: 2010

Education: PPE, Oxford 1983-1987; Wharton MBA 1987-1989
Career: Conservative Party Activist 1983-1985
Researcher - National Institute of Economic and Social Research 1989-1990
International Investments Senior Vice President - Lloyd’s Banking Group 1990-2003
Director of International Strategy - BAE Systems 2003-2009
Political Career: Elected in 2010 to be the MP for Romford; co-vice chair of the Leave Campaign (2016); Economic Secretary to the Treasury 2010-2016;

Bio: Following his PPE Marshall went on to continue his research in macroeconomics and finance to compose a follow-on to his honors thesis on great debt cycles and tying data on international debt cycles to data on maximum output of economic productivity leading to recessions. He was credited with creating a model to assist governments and businesses in reliably predicting global downturns within 2-3 years following his model in 1988 successfully modeling a downturn by 1990 due to restrictive monetary policy amid inflationary concerns.

Marshall was hired by Lloyd Banking Group as a senior investment analyst and served for 13 years coordinating global risk management and investments. At the onset of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Marshall was offered a position to lead international strategy for BAE systems. Marshall served BAE for 6 years by identifying defence contract opportunities, improving investments in emerging technology, and growing a global list of defence industry clients in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

In 2009 Marshall resigned from BAE Systems to run for Parliament following outcomes of the Iraq War inquiry citing mismanagement by the government in providing oversight to Defence contractors abroad and protesting the awards of defence contracts to unqualified businesses connected to the Labour Party.

Marshall has continued to be driven to provide regulatory easing to international British firms, and create reforms to make civil service and government decisions transparent. He senses the rising nationalism and polarization in politics amid the working class due to wealth inequality, economic uncertainty, and the government sinking the country deeper into a potential debt crisis during the pandemic. However, he has and usually will maintain his political expediency, supporting the government, and views Labour as an unacceptable alternative to the country after viewing them as corrupt in his time as a leader in defence contracting.

Marshall resigned as Economic Secretary of the Treasury upon the departure of George Osborne although being offered a promotion to Financial Secretary of the Treasury sensing a bit of a slight from Theresa May. He believed May’s government had a fundamental misunderstanding of the outcome of Brexit and the shifting political winds of the base in approaching Brexit. He mistakenly privately warned Phillip Hammond that even amid improving economic conditions the larger economic trend of wealth inequality would lead to increasing unrest if the government did not take dramatic steps to address it, and the Government should take the Leave outcome as a warning people are growing angrier at globalism. Hammond passed along details of the conversation to May and subsequently received his appointment as Chancellor.

Marshall has an affinity for military matters and his favoured sport in his youth was boxing. He is very competitive and views competition in politics or business as an opportunity to win utterly and completely. His corporate experience has made him appear diplomatic and discerning, but he will often attack his opponents with mocking humour and derision.

Married to Charlotte Marshall. One son and two daughters. His daughter Helen is heavily involved in his political career as an adviser and Conservative party activist. His Son Mitchell is actively serving in the British Navy following his graduation from Oxford. His daughter Victoria is a Labour Party activist.

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