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Government Release: The New Prime Minister


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Prime Minister William Croft arrives at Number 10 for the first time, having just returned from Buckingham Palace. The Prime Minister directs police officers to open the security gates, allowing supporters and party members to flood into the street and join the assembled press. Exiting his car, Mr. Croft smiles, and joined by his husband and children begin to meet the assembled crowd. Turning finally to the assembled reporters, Mr. Croft walks away from the podium that was set up and instead walks directly over to the reporters themselves, and makes the following comment:

The British people, rightfully so, have had enough of politicians who talk endlessly and achieve very little. So instead of delivering a formal speech outside Number 10, a generally modern convention that Prime Ministers have only recently begun doing, I've decided to take a page from Maggie's book and leave you with a brief quote that summarizes the motivations and aims of the Government I will lead. In the words of Saint John Paul II, 

"Have no fear of the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that He is with you, therefor no harm can befall you. All is very, very well. Do this in complete confidence and faith."

Our country, and indeed the world, has been plunged into chaos. The crises we suffer from are not of our making, but have no less caused the British people great suffering an anxiety. Saint John Paul II reminds of that, in the face of fear and uncertainty, we can and we must move forward fearlessly. We must be bold, brave, and confident in our approach. We have no need to fear the unknown - our cause is righteous and our ambitions are just. You, the British people, deserve a Prime Minister that won't shirk from making the hard decisions in fear of the unknown consequences on my own political career. I promise to be that Prime Minister. 

Thank you for placing your trust in me - the weight and magnitude of this responsibility is not lost on me. I have complete confidence and faith in our country and her people. Together, we will rise to meet this moment, vanquish evil abroad, and unleash prosperity and individual opportunity at home. The work begins now. 

Edited by William Croft
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