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James Ward


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Name: James Ward

Avatar: Ed Milliband

Age: 55

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Pale and Stale

Marital Status: Widowered, then remarried- Victoria Ward

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Party: Labour

Political Outlook: Open La

Constituency: Dulwich and West Norwood

Year Elected: 2015

Education: Kings College, Theogy

Work: Founder of Feed My Lambs Charity focused on addressing food scarcity and child poverty

Political Career: Lambeth Borough Council (1998-2012) MP (2015-present, voted Remain on Brexit

-What are their passions? Ending child poverty, making sure that the next generation is equipped to enter the workforce and secure a better future for themselves. Sticking up for common decent people

-What are their goals in Parliament? Reduce child poverty. Improve education standards and open access to better jobs  

-What shaped them into the person they are? Working with the poor. Grew up comfortable in a poor neighborhood. Losing his first wife in a car wreck when he was driving  


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