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MS8 - Trade Tensions and British Resilience

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Mr. Speaker,

Today I have finished our negotiations with the Chinese government and I am proud to announce the divestment of China from our nuclear plans in Hinckley C with redoubling in investment from the Government in our exporters. I am proud to announce that amidst trade negotiations we are announcing a Billion Pound tax exemption to British exporters to close in on lessening our trade deficits. Workers were placed under a lot of fear from some in the opposition in a moment of international brinksmanship. Rather than reassure workers and stand together on the side of the United Kingdom some in the opposition took it as a moment to instill fear and attempt to gain political advantage at a time workers faced a foreign threat. This government not only responded to the threat and did away with it by having all threatened tariffs removed, but we found a way to expand and grow our trade and competition abroad.

I want to extend my gratitude to our partners abroad for assisting in the diplomatic effort with China. The responses we saw during recent tensions demonstrate the dangers of international misunderstandings. I would like to take a moment to give my thanks to those in Parliament who supported Britain foremost during recent tensions with the Chinese government, regardless of their party.

I want to also thank our friends at home and take note of those who tried to exploit the moment to attack the government and make Britain out to look weak on twitter. It is no secret I am a fan of twitter to engage the public and the opposition in an open and transparent way. I will be direct, passionate, and trade barbs in debates that are at the core of our future while engaging the opposition at home. Ultimately, they are also Britons, and despite terrible ideas from the opposition this Government wants the success of all Britons. However, Members of Parliament attacking and blaming Britain for the disproportionate actions of a foreign power during a crisis was also noted, and it was disheartening to say the least. When the going got serious some in the opposition did too, including the Shadow Chancellor, who expressed his dismay to the government on British workers potentially losing their livelihoods as he should. The Shadow Chancellor left it at that when asked to cease instilling fear in the public before we could respond. However, many in the opposition instead jumped to announce they immediately expect money be sent from the helicopters again rather than taking a sensible diplomatic approach to preventing job losses or tariff increases at all. 

Now the government has prevented job losses entirely while maintaining our steadfast decisions to protect the privacy of British citizens. So, credit to my counterpart, and shame to those that decided to attack the Prime Minister and Britain as weak in a show of disunity for the CCP to enjoy in the middle of tensions. You know who you are.

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Mr Speaker

I may have missed it among the length of the Chancellor's very political and largely unnecessary statement. But has he published this deal struck with the Chinese Government, and if not, why not?

Harry West - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Labour MP for Coventry South (2010 - )

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