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Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis

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Name: Claire Lewis (nee Murray)
Avatar: Sarah Hanson-Young

Age: 38

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: White British

Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Party: Conservative

Political Outlook: Economically right wing, socially-moderate to moderate right, populist, pro-Leave.
Constituency: North Cornwall
Year Elected: 2015

Education: University of Bath (2005), Falmouth University (2007)

President, Murray Hospitality Ltd. (2006-2015)

Political Career: 

Secretary, Bath University Conservative Association (2004-2005)

Cornwall Council (2009-2016)

Member of Parliament for North Cornwall (2015-)


Claire Murray was born May 1, 1984 in Bath to Robert and Andrea Murray. Her mother was a school teacher and her father founded a hospitality business. Her grandfather, Albert Murray, served in the Royal Navy and retired as an Admiral.

Claire graduated with a degree in business from the University of Bath in 2005 and upon the sudden death of her father in 2006 she became President of Murray Hospital Ltd. Over the next 9 years she rapidly expanded the company which now operates several bed & breakfasts, restaurants, catering and recreation & tourism entities. She repeatedly was named in Business Cornwall magazine as a top 40 under 40.

In 2015 she stood for Parliament and soundly defeated Dan Rogerson, taking the seat held by the Liberal Democrats since 1992. During her time in Parliament, she advocated for “responsible Brexit”, additional support for rural communities, “common sense Green policies” and lowering taxation. She frequently takes a populist position, advocating for working and middle class families and is critical of Westminster for being out of touch.

She married Cole Lewis in 2006 who was a professional rugby player and former soldier. She has two children Andrew and Sarah. Cole now serves as President of the hospitality company and runs a youth sports league. The family resides in Padstow.

Rt Hon Claire Lewis MP PC

Member of Parliament for North Cornwall (2015-)

Foreign Secretary

Secretary of State for Brexit Opportunities

Chief Whip

Conservative Party

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