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Character Creation Sheet


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To sign in you must post a sign in thread in this forum. At a minimum the post should contain the following information.


Name: [your character's name]
Avatar: [the avatar your character uses]
Age: [how old your character is (and their birthday if you want to]
Sex: [your character's sex]
Ethnicity: [your character's ethnicity]
Marital Status: [your character's marital status]
Sexual Orientation: [Your Character's Sexual Orientation--please indicate if not "out"]

Party: [your party]
Political Outlook: [Instead of formal factions this round, we will have general political outlooks. This doesn't need to be too detailed, unless you wish it to be. It can be as simple as just describing your general tribe]
Constituency: [your constituency]
Year Elected: [the year your were first elected]

Education: [your character's education, this can be as simple as "attended university" or a detailed educational history]
Career: [your character's career, this can be as simple as a one work description ("Banker") or a detailed description of their work history]
Political Career: [your character's political history, including local, frontbench, and parliamentary positions - or none of the above if you choose not to have them over than being an MP]

[After this point you can have a narrative-style biography of your character]

As a general rule a more fleshed out biography will earn you more influence in the early parts of your career this round however there will be plenty of opportunities for you to compensate later if your biography is a bit shorter or simpler.

If you wish to add more narrative to your character, consider these questions:

-What drives your character in politics?
-What are their passions?
-What made them run for office?
-What are their goals in Parliament?
-What shaped them into the person they are?
-What shaped the views they have?

These questions aren't meant to be limiting--the sky is the limit.

Please note that while we don't have a formal points system this round, the A-Team reserves the right to request you amend your bio to remove anything unrealistic. Sorry, you can't be Admiral of the Fleet, the ex-Husband of Princess Diana, and the richest man or woman in England. You may not create a character with a knighthood or other honour without express permission from the A-Team as this is an honour given to reflect service to the game. If you have any concerns about these rules (or want to plead for an exemption), please contact the A-Team and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Arnold J. Appleby

MP for North Bedfordshire (1979-Present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary

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Name: Tabitha Kinsey
Avatar: Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
Age: 58

Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married to Michael Kinsey
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Party: Labour
Political Outlook: More New Labour/Brown than Socialist, but amenable and agreeable to some far-left arguments. A little more moderate than someone like Elizabeth Warren but more to the left than HRC for a US comparison.
Constituency: City of Durham
Year Elected: 2007

BIO: Tabitha was born into a wealthy family. Her grandfather was the owner of an insurance brokerage that was acquired by Lloyd's of London, which gave the family a small ownership stake in the conglomerate. Her father (Matthew Kinsey) also worked for Lloyd's as a top-level executive. Her mother, Dorothy Hamforth, was the daughter of the UK Ambassador to Sweden. 

Tabitha was educated at the Bruton School of Girls. After graduation, she then attended the University of Durham where she received top marks as a student in finance and international studies, before attending the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Business for her MBA. At Durham, she met her eventual husband Michael, also a finance student who after graduation became the head of the family's business as a leading manufacturer of aerosol components. 

After her stint in America, Tabitha entered the world of investment banking, starting out as an analyst for HSBC. However, she soon grew frustrated working for such a large institution and also felt slighted as a woman in a field very dominated by men. She left her position after five years and became a professor back at Durham. She is well-respected among her peers but has been completely feared by her students. 

Tabitha and Matthew are the proud parents of two children adopted from Romania after the fall of the Ceaucescu Regime. Their children - Matty and Nadia - are both enrolled in university. 

Despite her background in finance and business, and her family's political leanings, Tabitha has always been an ardent Labour supporter. She attributes much of this to going to university in the north and seeing how the Tory economic policies helped destroy many of the struggling parts of the area. As a student, she volunteered at soup kitchens in nearby deprived areas. 

She started exploring the possibility of running for a MP seat in the early 2000s as a fan of Tony Blair and New Labour. However, she has also been critical of the Iraq War. She was elected in the 2007 election. While still a new backbencher, she is quickly becoming known privately for her cutting wit. Staffers tend to fear her like her students. 

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