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“The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country”

The only paper with a majority female readership, the Daily Mail is the paper of the housewife. It has a reputation for campaigning, but also sensationalism. Solidly right-wing, it endorsed the Conservatives at every UK general election since 1945, but has been increasingly supportive of UKIP.

Circulation: c. 1,510,000 per month

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Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. ENEMIES OF BREXIT SURROUND US.

As the socialist government continues its nebulous negotiations with the EU, we're forced to realise a hard reality: ENEMIES OF BREXIT SURROUND US.

The socialist, Labour government is ENEMY NUMBER ONE with numerous Brexit Secretaries unable to commit to even the basics of Brexit. Having no plan or position on leaving the single market just shows how EVERY LAST MINISTER is a REMOANER CLOWN that cannot be trusted with Brexit.

It is clear, after the EUROSUBMISSIVE CBI declared that the government would keep us shackled to the single market, that this is an unserious government that cannot be trusted with Brexit. The piecemeal release of bland negotiating statements and a lax white paper is nothing but an OPIATE FOR THE MASSES to hide the government's own NEFARIOUS DESIGNS TO SUBMIT TO THE EU.

We need the government to come forward and tell us what the future relationship with the EU will look like and, most importantly, that it will absolutely include leaving the single market and taking back control of our laws and our borders. If the government cannot commit to respecting this fundamental component of Brexit, THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR OFFICE AND MUST GO.

The clowns to the left in the government are augmented by jokers to the right.

Disheartening are Sir Dylan Macmillan's plans to keep us SHACKLED to European regulations, rules, and WORST OF ALL MIGRANTS if he can't get the deal he wants. Whilst his Brexit vision is the positive vision this country needs - his hidden plans would see Britain TRAPPED.

A BREXIT HERO in the European Research Group described the plans to us as a "backstop". Though an innocuous sounding legal term, it is actually another example of SOVEREIGNTY GRABBING EU DOUBLESPEAK. The backstop would mean that, if all the technological arrangements are not in place, the UK will REMAIN TRAPPED in the single market and custom's union. We won't be FREE. Not to control our laws. Not to control our borders. And not to negotiate our own trade deals.

Sir Dylan can change this. He must commit to no backstops, no EU doublespeak, and a firm INDEPENDENCE DAY FOR BRITAIN that will see us free of the single market, the ECJ, and the DEVIOUS EUROCRATS who seek to control Britain. His commitment to the UK internal market is historic. His determination to see a Britain make a success of Brexit is unmatched by the government. He is a strong Tory leader and we trust him to make the right choice. Please Sir Dylan: put your PEOPLE'S BREXIT FIRST and end this madness.

When we see Parliament these days there are clowns to the left and jokers to the right. And if the ENEMIES OF BREXIT get their way, we'll be STUCK IN THE EU WITH YOU.

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