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Nathan James

Nathan James

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Name: Nathan James
Avatar: Rupert Graves
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Party: Conservative Party
Faction/Subgroup: Maybot

Political Outlook:  A Eurosceptic, with interest in pursuing the EFTA/ Norway option. A staunch opponent of the single currency. 

Constituency: Maidstone And The Weald
Year Elected: 2010

Education: University of Kent 

Career: Criminal Lawyer
Political Career: 

Before becoming an MP, Nathan had been a local Councillor, serving in Canterbury City Council for four years before moving to Maidstone. Nathan served two terms before standing for election to replace Anne Widdecombe for the 2010 election.

He voted Leave although felt that Cameron could have pushed for more EU reforms. Felt Cameron bottled it after the referendum result. 

James supported Theresa May although Felt it was wrong for her to call an election.

Having served on the backbenches, he hopes to move into the frontbench scene.

Nathan was spurred to join Party and work hard to get elected after the disappointment of 1997 as he watched as a teenager and the ensuing disaster that was IDS and Michael Howard.

Nathan's Euroscepticism began in his college years where he believed that there should be a trade group with out the parliament and commission. He believed in a Free Trade set up.

Nathan is a lover of several sports and his best moment was taking 6-44 and hitting 54 not out in a local cricket league. Sadly though something he didn't repeat.

He is married to Katie and they have a daughter aged 6 and a son aged 10

Nathan James

MP for Maidstone & The Weald 2010-


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