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Steffan Lewis

Steffan Lewis

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Steffan Lewis

Fabien Roussel wants a "labour left and not benefits" - Paudal

Lewis speaking during a 2017 campaign rally shortly after the unveiling of "For the Many, Not the Few".

Avatar: Fabien Roussel 
Age: 51 (born April 3rd, 1966)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Welsh
Marital Status: Married since 1991.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Party: Labour
Faction/Subgroup: Socialist Campaign Group, Bennite 
Political Outlook: Old Left, Eurosceptic, fully invested in the Corbyn experiment, fiercely loyal to the post-2015 party leadership.
Constituency: Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Year Elected: 2010

Education: Read History at University of Glasgow (1984-1988)
Career: TGWU Organizer (1988-2000), Director of Organizing TGWU in Wales (2000-2007), Deputy to Len McCluskey in Unite's Industrial Strategy Department (2007-2010)
Political Career: MP for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney (2010-Present), Shadow Minister for International Development (2015-2016), Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (2016-2017). 

Born into a mining family in South Wales, some of Steffan Lewis's earliest memories involve trade unionism and the Labour Movement. Steffan's father, briefly an officer at the local NUM Lodge, would often take Steffan and his siblings to pickets, marches, and the like. But the seed of Steffan's involvement in social movement politics came upon the election of a Labour Government in February 1974 amidst the miners strike. Steffan's father leaned in with a serious look on his face and proclaimed  "those bankers and fat cats, they answer to us now". 

Unfortunately, that Labour Government didn't go far enough. It didn't resolve the crisis on behalf of workers. And here we are, decades later. A deindustrialized, deunionized, decaying country condemned to profound inequality and misery. At least that's how Setffan sees it. 

Steffan attended university in Glasgow during the Thatcher years and became quite involved in student politics, while studying economic history. Upon graduation, Steffan worked as an organizer with the TGWU, keeping the flame of trade unionism alive and ultimately rising to a leadership position, leading organizing efforts in Wales. Upon the founding of Unite, Steffan was selected to work in future General Secretary Len McCluskey's Industrial Strategy team.

Following a retirement in 2010, Red Len encouraged Steffan to contest his childhood constituency of Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney. Lewis ran an unabashedly Left campaign, discussing the need for Labour to return to its roots as an "unabashedly socialist party" committed to "building a society built on empowering workers" and viewing the 2010 Great Recession as a "starting off point to build something better, something more stable -- an order built on economic justice". With Unite and the CLP's alienated grassroots' support, Steffan squeaked by in the selection contest, against the Leadership's interest, before coasting to victory in the May General Election. 

In Parliament, Steffan proudly joined the Socialist Campaign group, but was not forced to endure the isolation and alienation associated with wandering "the Wilderness" that the associated with the parliamentary hard-left for long. In 2015, Steffan nominated Jeremy Corbyn in his long-shot bid for the Leadership, chairing his campaign in Wales. Following Corbyn's victory, Steffan declared in an interview that the new Leader was the "strongest candidate to lead us into a General Election out of anyone in the PLP, period," a statement he was mocked for until June 2017. 

An unyielding Corbyn loyalist, Steffan proudly joined Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet, serving in a junior ministerial role under Diane Abbot from until 2016. In wake of the 2016 chicken coup, Lewis was promoted to Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, where he vigorously made the case for Labour's programme of investment, public ownership, and worker empowerment. 

Steffan Lewis

Labour MP for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney (2010-Present)

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2017-Present)

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